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  1. That's absolutely terrifying sounding.
  2. My best advice, don't install your main bearings upside down and thereby cover the oil galleys for all the bearings. I most definitely did not destroy the first engine i ever rebuilt by doing exactly that...
  3. Nice. I have very similar cheap sides on mine. I just recently busted a leaf spring, so i ended up doing a conversion to an eye-to-eye type spring instead of a slipper spring.
  4. Well it would be a shame to drive that car in flip flops and NOT have toes as well manicured as the car.
  5. I hadnt heard of that calyx stuff until it was mentioned to you here but I'm sold. Going to have to buy some for sure. And that is a sweet looking car.
  6. Sounds about right for CL. Glad the machine shop seems good though.
  7. I've been rockin a lowered 05 saabaru noon turbo for like 5 years as my daily. I just picked up an 06 turbo that was front end wrecked. Got some work to do, but I'm a big Subaru fan. Back a few years i manual swapped an svx and drove that around for a while. I would love to find a 70s gl/dl wagon with the round headlights to play with one day too. I also can't stop playing with my daily drivers. Need better focus.
  8. Weld through primer does affect the weld. If you didn't adjust your settings from bare metal at all, that could do it. Visually i would have guessed you were welding too cold possibly a little slow on wire speed too. Also if there is weld through primer under the ground clamp that could also be part of your bad starts and wierd sparks. Make sure the ground clamp is on clean bare metal regardless. Still, you got it done and learned something. That is what most of us are doing. Just keep going. It will improve.
  9. I have a drive shaft tone that sheared off a driveshaft for this purpose. It's easy to just shove a yoke in to seal everything 😁
  10. I've done both ways. I will pull the engine every time now. If you don't have an engine hoist it can definitely be done through the bottom but my opinion takes hours longer and is way more of a fight than just pulling the motor and trans together.
  11. You can find the factory ac parts to do it and its bolt in. Only custom you would need is ac hoses and maybe modify wires to compressor.
  12. Impressive turn around time fellas. Very nice.
  13. I would never have suspected this. I've only owned 1 620 though and i flipped it pretty fast after fixing all previous owners "repairing while drinking" issues. That's surprising.
  14. Crank might be in good shape but that doesn't mean you can see thousandths of inch difference in diameters per journal. Or identify a mismanufactured new bearing. Plasigage tells you if things are in spec so you don't have to assume. For $5 and a little extra work there is no good reason not to use and verify every bearing in its respective journal. Torque values do not define bearing clearences. You can't safely just change fastener torque to try to fix a clearance issue.
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