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  1. Today's episode - "Too burned out to be clever with a name" The last two weeks have been hard to get out to the garage. Not because I don't have the time, but because I am tired of failing on this door time after time. So it took some real push to get out there and get over this hump. Making the first cuts, tearing apart my "finished" work, was the hardest part. Once I forced myself to make those cuts, I was able to better get back in to the construction groove. So finally I just made myself get out there. Originally I thought I could shim out the issue,
  2. Fitzees 620 videos have been awesome. I keep thinking about starting a thread for those videos here, but never seem to get to it.
  3. When i was new at this hobby, i had similar fears about getting in to something like the doors and making things worse not better. I found going to a pull it yourself junkyard where it didn't matter if i broke it helped me a ton. I realize you won't find your exact car there, but any 80s to early 90s car with manual windows and locks will still be similar enough for you to see how they work, how stuff fits in a door, etc. I suggest spending a few hours breaking someone elses stuff to prepare for fixing yours.
  4. Those are looking awesome. Very cool additions to the project. What kind of rpm does that spinner turn? Obviously slow, by how slow?
  5. I will look but i the main offers is just how he welds on the flange if that proves useful to you. In my quad cab build i stripped 2 doors completely. I made a pair of flange pliers to get the lip raised. You can see those in that thread if you are interested.
  6. Have you watched the Fitzees Fabrication video about reusing door skins?
  7. Z32 work with mild modification. That's what I'm running currently in my 720.
  8. It looks to me like you made an uber bitchin steering wheel. What i didn't expect was the instant Martini livery vibe it gave me. Not a bad thing, just noting it carries that vibe. I would rock that thing as is, so any progress from here is just gravy. I look forward to seeing the two pieces together and also in place.
  9. Try posting this same request in your build thread. You could also try googling 510 rotisserie and look at pics.
  10. Go big or go home 😁. Build one like the guy who printed the Project Binky fender flares. I think 3d printing is extremely cool. But since I'm too cheep to buy one i need to make my brother finish assembling his.
  11. That repair your valve thread also has a number of replacement options listed in it if yours is too far gone.
  12. In the wheels and tires section there is whole thread on truck rims. I've personally run isuzu rodeo 15x8s and western wheel turbines 15x10 on my 4x4. There are some sweet mesh rims from isuzu troopers that charlie69 has. Otherwise check out that wheels thread.
  13. There is a how to on this swap on here. I think it was bottomwatcher who wrote it.
  14. A couple "simple" options come to mind. 1) swap a v pulley on to the pathfinder alternator and run the vg30 bracket. Hope the belt doesn't squeak. 2) Go to ACE hardware and buy a couple of small heim joints and a nice turnbuckle, build one of these. Then use the VG33 bracket and the turnbuckle.
  15. I've done it though i couldn't give you a parts list. I had a parts truck and just took everything in front of the rotor and swapped it all out for the other version. Truck has been that way for years. I used 4wd just a couple days ago, works great.
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