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  1. I get installing them for now just to keep moving. Have you considered completely switching rails as a future idea? Tucking something like the miata rails previously mentioned up under the seat more? Might mean sacrificing the height adjustment though.
  2. I installed 1996 pathfinder front rotors and calipers on my 1986 720. It took only a little modification. You can look at my thread "lockleafs 720 shenanigans" for everything that was required. So it should work fine on a d21.
  3. Lockleaf


    Chrome bumpers came on 2wd and black on 4wd, just to give you an idea of what to look for
  4. After reading your comments about these seats i decided to check some out. My sister in law has a like 2010 or 2012. Jetta. I was talking with her and my wife in her garage and then just wandered over to her car and jumped in. The look of confusion my wife gave me was pretty great. I wiggled around in the seat some and then got back out. My wife asked me what the hell? I just laughed at her and the look on my sister in laws face and said i wanted to see if they were as comfortable as i had heard and then grinned. They both just shook their heads at me. Not the first time I've done something odd in the name of the hobby.😁
  5. Look up datsun roadster spring plates/ shock mounts. They (i think) are a slightly different design that should offer a little more rear lower clearance. Wayno uses these on his daily driver truck which is decently lowered.
  6. Oh sorry Duncan. I do remember that from Just Joels build.
  7. Gen 1 rx7 is a solid axle. It is a great axle but its not irs. Duncan has one on his 510 wagon. Narrowest irs that would potentially offer an actual upgrade in performance is a miata. Its about 6 inches wider than the roadster. Check out Bob3's Misinformation build. Its a miata swapped 411, which frame and size wise is very similar to the roadster.
  8. I share this with you. I've only ever owned 2 auto trans cars. A 240sx and a subaru svx. I converted both to manual trans. And i don't buy new. My wife drives a saab 97x and I've even done a bunch of research on converting those to manual. That process is similar to what you are doing. They adapt a corvette t56 to the awd transfer case. I would probably just use a truck 5 speed cuz I'm cheap.
  9. To fix a weak fan issue, I've always wondered if booster fans before the vents would help. Bilge fans are 12v and come in 3 inch diameter. Never tried the idea though. Might still be too much real estate to fit them
  10. Well that is just stupid. The auto only thing i mean. What you are attempting is pretty great. Carry on.
  11. Why adapt to the Frontier trans? Why not use the G35 trans? I don't know anything about these. Is there a length difference that makes it worth it?
  12. What's the stock application of those plugs?
  13. I did exactly what aaron datsun and yenpit describe on my 510. I used a stock nissan 720 tachometer (round version) to do so. I also used the 720 gauge bezel lens to make a cover.
  14. Very nice. I'm also a big fan of this mod. My saab 97x (trailblazer) came this way from the factory and removing the radiator has made many repairs much easier
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