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  1. I'm curious, why the floor pan mod?
  2. Apparently i don't know what I'm taking about... My buddies car copied this cars wheels/tires (bangshifts project buford) Which it turns out is a 275/40R17. Maybe he had 235 R15 before this setup. Regardless, carry on.
  3. I love vintage American on super fat meat like that. My buddy has a late 70s caprice (both sedan and wagon versions) lowered like 3 inches and sitting on 235s with a 15 inch rim. Looks mean. I know that's not quite a 295 (well because Dayum!) but just trying to say I'm a fan.
  4. Very nicely done. I'm a huge fan of tackling projects headfirst like that. I would guess (correct me if I'm wrong) that there are no points where the upholstery is hog-ringed to the middle area of the seat? If not, then crafting those connections could tighten your fit significantly, without having to rebuild the whole thing.
  5. That motor, while not the prettiest is incredibly evenly worn/ugly/crudified across all the cylinders. That's a really good sign.
  6. There's a LOT to be said for doing the "wrong" thing (rattle can) the right way (proper prep etc.) It can still last years and the skills are basically the same for doing it "right".
  7. Sorry to hear about your work shutting down. That's rough. Bracket looks fine and should function awesome. One simple thing I've found turns fabbed brackets like that into much more professional finished looking pieces is to round off the ends. Trace a washer or a coin and grind it around that line. It's amazing how much cleaner it can make that stuff look.
  8. Wow i just realized my question on wood changing tone must have seemed a stupid. I check in here often just to look around but i COMPLETELY missed your conversation with Duncan on that very topic just posts before. Somehow i skipped that entire conversation. Still, really interesting to read about and i will have to check out those 30 seconds of fame.
  9. Mazda put 4 barrel carbs on the rotary. The 4 barrel Nikki carbs are freaking sweet. Maybe look to those.
  10. Maybe this is a stupid question, but does wood or shape of the body change the sound of an electric guitar at all?
  11. I don't recall if it was Duncan or Just Joel who installed a fuel cell in place of the factory fuel tank. I think it might have been Just Joel but Duncan can confirm. I mention that as just an option for doing an intank fuel pump.
  12. While i much want the sunny truck, the proportions of cab to bed seem slightly off to me. Like the bed is too long maybe?
  13. Anybody going to the Portland yard anytime? I would be very interested in a loaded intake manifold if its EFI.
  14. You may want to look in to converting to a modern fuel neck and use the modern gas cap. I believe Mazda and Ford are used for the conversion, but a quick google search for 510 fuel filler neck or some such should net you the info you need.
  15. I love this thread but I'm honestly a little sad to see that car looking a little less ragged.
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