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  1. I haven't seen mini trucking like that in 25 years. Nice
  2. Lockleaf

    Egr valve

    The part i think you are referring is the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) pipe. The egr can be deleted. You need to plug the hole in the exhaust manifold and either plug the valve or remove the valve and make a cover plate to install. This is technically illegal in all states. Only some check for this type thing. Be aware of what is required locally before deleting emissions components.
  3. Always entertaining when you turn up around here. Very cool.
  4. Nicely done repair there! Hooray for new toys
  5. Congrats on getting it running solidly and getting to the small stuff! I've followed this entire build and look forward you the next one.
  6. Bad obsession motorsports. Aka project binky. https://www.youtube.com/user/badobsessionmsport Aaroncake's 1976 mazda cosmo restoration https://www.youtube.com/user/aaroncake
  7. That seat does seem to take up a significant amount of cabin space. Pretty though.
  8. This is accurate. This is also why it was recommended he assemble his axle in they junkyard with d21 and wd21 parts to get what he wants. I've heard the same. But if one goes to the effort to disassemble an extra wd21 axle you can take the discs and plates from it and custom tune your axle by changing the number of installed plates.
  9. I paint every engine i rebuild that purple color. I call it statutory grape. I consider it my signature in the engine bay. Looking good
  10. Noice! Sometimes just taking a crack at things is the best option even if it goes wrong. A failure on something like this isnt catastrophic just annoying. But looks like you nailed it.
  11. 1st gen pathfinder is what you are looking for. Something like 87 to 95. Some are disc brake some are drum. I do not believe 4wd matters. The LSD is also from the pathfinder, not the truck.
  12. No one i know of currently makes anything specifically for the 720 to bolt on disc brakes. It could be that a 620 (which i believe beebani makes) kit would work with little to no modification but i can't confirm that. Also, D21 axles are leaf spring and the pathfinder brake kit is bolt on (so long as both are v6 and use the HB233 axle) so for a day at the junkyard you could assemble the desired setup to be nearly bolt in. Again that assumes the spring perches are the same distance apart 720 to D21. Additionally you can get a clutch pack LSD from a D21, which by varying the number of clutches in it can have the breakaway torque value changed.
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