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  1. Lockleaf

    610 street demon resurection

    I have long been a fan of many stock GM colors. They have number of nice blues. Looking forward seeing in color.
  2. Lockleaf

    these rims

    Do some looking to try and confirm the stock application of the "ugly" rims. Stuff tends to sell better when you list original application. You never know who loves one and wants stock parts. I want to say those are 80s Toyota. Possibly Previa? Not sure though. If you were closer, you'd have a PM about those snowflakes. I love those rims. But alas Texas is too far to pay for shipping. You could start the snowflake set at $150 if the only damage is cosmetic. Unsure about the uglies.
  3. Lockleaf

    Hamiltonstövare, the 122 hot rod

    I do enjoy watching what comes rolling out of y'alls shop. And i like an old Volvo.
  4. Lockleaf

    Uncommon Z car rim?

    How uncommon are these rims? This guy says not sold in US? I found a set locally, trying to decide if they are worth anything. https://zparts.com/index.php/product/nissan-oem-14x6-wheel-set-40303-n3200/
  5. Lockleaf

    Rims...post what you have & had

    Watanabe various things , panasport minilites
  6. Lockleaf

    Converting auto to manual locking hubs

    I've done it as well. The auto are momentum lock, the whole unit come off and you install the manual set. Take one apart and look it over before buying anything if you want to reassure yourself.
  7. Lockleaf

    Just another(LOOK AT ME!!!) 69 DIME build thread.

    First step, know what you are looking for from a relay or flasher. Flashers should have constant voltage on one side and intermittent voltage on other. Relays are actually 2 circuits in one box, so you need to know which pins create each circuit. Datsuns are built using ground switching. One power wire, multiple paths ground to choose your options, like blower fan speed for example. When trying diagnose a circuit, i find best to understand it from start to finish. I draw the whole circuit out on paper, reading it from the diagram then sketching just that circuit. Then start from one end and work the other until you find the point where power goes to something on One end but doesn't come out other. That's your bad component.
  8. Lockleaf


    My 720s usually are 1 to 2 needle widths above center
  9. Lockleaf

    Charlie69's 66 520 Build

    Haven't been in your thread for a while Charlie. I've always liked those factory isuzu rims, glad it looks like they will work out for you. Replacing that fusible link setup with a block is the single best mod you can make to a 720 harness. Nice work Hope you're doing ok physically.
  10. Lockleaf

    Project Ecoboost 62.0 by bory

    Lots of guys using imgur or flikr now. Interested to see what new toy you're building.
  11. Lockleaf

    My 1967 RL411 Station Wagon - Canby or Bust!

    Check out Chevy Astros. They have that type sideways master cylinder in all of them. That would at least net you hardware.
  12. Lockleaf

    pic's of your 1200

    Can't help the wheels but that center console is one of my absolute favorite Datsun pieces. Is that 720 volt and oil gauges i see on the side the clock? Those are a couple other of my favorite pieces.
  13. Lockleaf

    1985 720 Engine Swap - which late model motors will fit?

    Contact redeye for his mounts. ONLY "bolt in" motor swap there is for the 720.
  14. Lockleaf

    A Bird of Prey - Brandon's Bluebird Build

    Is that an aftermarket dead pedal installed by center console?
  15. Lockleaf

    What hard-to-find parts should I stash?

    You are missing Mazda. They have a company goal of offering "sporty" sedans and continue offer the manual trans in both the 3 and 6 i believe

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