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  1. There is nothing wrong with using wd40 in the cylinders. The worst thing it will do is cause some smoke. They do make special lubricants for winterizing engines that are specific to putting in cylinder bores. You could find that if it really matters to you.
  2. O2 is not on that list if running efi and turbo. Pretty much all the other emissions stuff can be deleted without affecting overall engine performance.
  3. Can you just make them adjustable length? Then they can be fine tuned in place and changed in the future if you change your setup.
  4. Hahahahaha you are totally right! I just picked that one at random but that is pretty clever
  5. You can always do this sort of shifter relocation deal. Loads of examples on the interwebs.
  6. I'm currently building a house. 95% of everything we own is currently inside one of these containers on my property. My datsuns are stored at various families houses. Haven't turned a wrench for fun in months. It certainly blows. I have been considering buying another and building a roof between them as well. I guess we will see what happens.
  7. That is simply the short 720 console. It came in any 720 with the short trans, so its easily found in most 4x4.
  8. Drill a hole down through the center then run a metal rod through it. Weld a new nut to the bottom of the rod and mount it with that.
  9. Lockleaf

    18 inch Titan rims

    Visually Titan steelies are a nice looking Rim. But without knowing the offset it's hard to tell you if you will have any issues actually mounting them. It's quite possible you will want or need spacers to get the look you want. As for tires you'll need to decide what size sidewall you want to go with what with you need et cetera but regardless I've been pretty happy with the Coopers that I've been running on both of my vehicles for the last year. Roto Grip seems very good for daily driving even in the rain and the price was pretty reasonable getting them from Amazon
  10. No idea what plans you attempted to post, but it failed... As for rims, i can only get to two that everyone uses. Factory steelies and minilites/watanabes... I wouldn't mind some deep dish steelies. Mine is currently wearing some 240sx rims and some 8 hole stamped steel rims. She's ugly. I think using vinyl to make stencils and then painting the letters is cooler than vinyl letters.
  11. Oh you will get plenty of shite over here too. We're mostly an asshole forum that happens to talk a lot about datsuns :D. bring a thick skin, throw whatever comes your way back at people, and do what makes YOU happy. Screw the rest of us. Also, welcome to ratsun. Post pics. We are pic whores. I eager to see someone outside the box on a roadster. I have a craptastic one i want to do all sorts of terrible things to.
  12. I love metal bits like that! For no valid reason, i don't like fiberglass on my old cars. I prefer metal.
  13. There is a member on this forum who professionally rebuilds dizzys. I would suggest PMing him. He's called Distributorguy.
  14. Definitely needs moar lows to rock those rims. Looking forward to where this goes.
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