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  1. Check out pellet or lead shot balancing. Might provide you with a solution for your balancing concerns.
  2. I really like the interior matched steelie with caps and rings idea. I haven't really considered creating that kind of accent with steelies, but there is now a high likelihood that I will be stealing that idea.
  3. Have you pulled up a wiring diagram for your vehicle? We can help you learn to read it if you aren't familiar with them. That will give you the best starting point for figuring out what is going with your system. The important thing that can be confusing with Datsuns is that they are ground switched. The power goes through the light socket THEN to the switches, which will ground the system. That is backward to what most people are used to.
  4. Anything under 13.7V or so (13.5 at the lowest) with fans and headlights on I would consider an undercharging alternator. Anything about 15.2V or higher I would consider an overcharging alternator. Either way, you are looking at rebuild or replace, should you find your alternator is outside of that range.
  5. Thats cool. I haven't seen that one before. For what its worth, these guys install one building a motorcycle powered 4x4 "power wheels" kart. And they hook it a 100hp engine. This is linked to where he explains the "chaincase" function, then in the further videos, you can see how they integrate and use it. https://youtu.be/1XJc4d6LRAY?list=PLL5hF_waT6s63niyJ_4b5DftgGvEsQyNO&t=844 Just trying to provide useful info, not instruct you two on how to do your build.
  6. Dorman also sells a steel stud and brass nut manifold set at auto parts stores like Oreillys. I think it is listed as "VW" but the important factor is that it has the correct thread which I think is M8. At least, that is what I used on my Z24 engine. I realize that this could be different for an L series.
  7. Following up on thisismatt's suggestion, also check that there isn't corrosion or other grunge between any ground cable and what its bolted to.
  8. Many snowmobiles have durable and simple reverse gearboxes built in to them since the 90s. Those would be a good option to pair with a bike motor in a small car. Yamaha specifically I know has them.
  9. Excellent. Now you can order some sweet switch covers to label them.
  10. Lockleaf

    first datsun!

    ghetto Leak down test will tell you where the loss of compression is. Turn engine so you know the dead cylinder valves are all closed. remove air filter lid and oil cap and spark plugs from other cylinders. Inject air in to cylinder and listen. If you hear hissing through oil cap, then your rings are bad. If through Intake, then intake valve is not sealing. If through exhaust , then exhaust valve not sealing. If air comes out of next cylinder, you have a head gasket failure. If you hear air everywhere, then you haven't really learned anything, but you haven't lost anything. But it might tell you if your head is what you need to work about.
  11. Whilst dealing with my sob story of a Saabaru, I've also continued working on my wife's horse trailer. I got the wall totally framed up and installed in the trailer. You can't tell in these pics but I even folded a flange on the outer edges so it follows the shape of the framing rails I installed. I used the sheet metal brake I made a couple years ago, which I haven't touched since the start of the quad cab project. So that was cool 😄. Next up, I took an existing saddle rack in my garage and converted it in to a hinged unit mounted in the tack room. They swing in and out. I used pin and barrel type hinges so that the rack can be removed from the tack room if useful to do so. And I made 3 hinges, so it should be plenty strong enough. Building this actually went better than I expected. The hinges all align and swing pretty smoothly and I was able to figure out the angles for the pins to hold the rack itself so it swings right where I want it to. However, the top saddle rack ended up being about 1/2 an inch too high for the saddle horns to clear the door, so I have to move that down just a bit. But it even works under full load! I've also filled in the "window" I had created next to the tack door.
  12. I was also about to suggest 303. I've used it on vinyl and on plastics and been very impressed with the results.
  13. No I have not tested the sensor, but I'm inclined to trust it. At all other times but climbing that canyon in the heat, the gauge registers the same temperature it always has.
  14. I gambled yesterday on my commute home that my buddy was right about me over reacting. So I let the car get hot. noticeably hotter than I have allowed it to any time previous. It did finally level off. It got up to about 80% of the gauge, but then it stopped climbing. This was at the top of the canyon, which is also the top of the very steepest part of the canyon. It had leveled off and was no longer climbing in temp. However, that still seems risky high for a Subie. High enough that I wonder if I would have overheated it with just the stock radiator still in it. Though truth be told, it could be that this solid aluminum radiator I bought is just cheap junk and no better than the stock one, so there is that as well. I'm going to give water wetter a try, see if that is just hokem and snake oil, or actually helps a bit. If that isn't enough, perhaps I will install an oil/air front mounted cooler and try to draw more heat out that way? I just want to be sure that as we go in to the hottest and dryest part of summer, I can avoid blowing this thing up, but also have AC so I'm not exhausted and dickish by the time I get home from work.
  15. There are two lengths of 71c. D21 is shorter than 720 trans, 240sx is longer than 720 trans.
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