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  1. FWIW i had a buddy install those plugs in a vq35 and rave about them. He then installed a set in a built up chevy 350 and hated them badly. Same guy but two very different experiences with those plugs.
  2. I've never flocked a dash, only watched a bunch of youtube vidoes on it. I used blow foam to fill cracks on my 510 dash, then sanded and upholstered it. You can find that in my "Half Pint" thread, which is linked in my signature. If nothing else, you can at least look at that and see if it provides you anything useful.
  3. There are a few EV makes choosing to use 2 speed transmissions in certain applications (porsche taycan for example). The T100 transfer case Hi/Lo idea is quite clever to do the same thing. I'm not sure how the motor would respond to direct connecting it and letting it freewheel without a clutch. That would turn the rotors inside, which I would imagine would energize the motor? Would you have a contactor disconnect the motor power whenever the throttle pedal was at 0% throttle? Then the motor just free spins without resistance? Would re-engaging the motor be smooth or a hard jerk at that point? Thinking out loud here. I'm fairly confident I will eventually do an EV swap on something, so its a fun brain exercise when the opportunity arises, but also a topic i don't really know anything about.
  4. Oh is that just plastic? Well carry on ๐Ÿ˜
  5. Lame. Glad the damage to your truck wasnt much.
  6. The solution is to depin and repin the plugs or to install a bulkhead. Both are suck amounts of work but both solve the problem. Madkaw, you have a grommet for that?
  7. Lockleaf


    So does it not have the stock fuel Y at the carb? That is the only regulator these ever had. Also the stutter and loss of power sounds exactly like what happens on mine when my fuel filter needs to be replaced. Even if you've done that recently it a good cheap place to start.
  8. I set mine basically to match the factory RPM as best I could. I don't recall what I did with choke and idle though. It's been a while and I'm no carb expert. I abuse a friends knowledge when I need to be particular.
  9. Easy there tiger. Noll keeps his thread family friendly here ๐Ÿ˜„
  10. Took me a second on the pic of your compressors and tank mounts. My brain first wanted to see it as all mounted to the trunk lid, but I finally realized the pic just loaded upside down ๐Ÿ˜„
  11. Even if you weld that nut cherry red, you aren't going to cause any head gasket issues. The head is a huge aluminum heat sink and will spread that heat very quickly. I'm not familiar with even one instance where someone welded a nut to a bolt and the heat caused warpage to a cylinder head. Do as mike suggested and hit it with a penetrating lube after you weld it. You will remove a great deal of heat in addition to shocking the bolt.
  12. Carbureted and VG aren't usually paired together with easy in the same sentence. Do you have access to the elusive Saudi carb manifold, or will you modify an FI manifold for the carb?
  13. You are on the correct datsun path right now. I too started with 720s and then got myself a 510 wagon. Which 510 wagon has a 1982 720 wiring harness, z22, and 5 speed ๐Ÿ˜„. I even have a set of 720 AC parts laying around I want to shove in to it.
  14. That's a rough story man. Glad you were able to get all the important stuff out of the path of danger though. Nothing like a fire to get you motivated to put in some hours on a project ๐Ÿ˜„.
  15. So did you just remove the reservoir from the 720 pump and plumb lines, or did you switch to a different pump? I know the 240sx pump (and other nissan pumps with remote reservoirs) are the same as a bunch of subaru pumps, so there might be some parts out there to help you clean up what you have if you don't switch to electric anytime soon. Are you looking at electric steering column (prius etc), or electric pump for hydraulic system (volvo, MB)?
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