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  1. You can, with some work, fit R200 gears into a c200 axle with an R200 shortnose pinion shaft. You could investigate using R50 pathfinder front gears (r200 reverse cut) in the c200 axle. Might work great, all junkyard parts. But they only come in like 4.3 and 4.6 gear ratios i think, so there's that.
  2. One of my lower mounts got bent a while back so my bush bar is just chilling for now. I have the same model you do.
  3. If you remove the bumper brackets you can do most of the bracket building on those. You could even simply weld something to they bumper bracket for the Bush Bar to bolt to.
  4. Inside engine bay looking down on mount. It bolts to the same place as the bumper. It fits inside the bumper bracket.
  5. View through bumper hole along mount.
  6. Drivers side between rad support and bumper. It bolts to the bumper bracket.
  7. Ive done the same conversion and added extra insurance of a couple small tack welds to give extra hold. I don't really think it's needed, more of a belt and suspenders type thing.
  8. Thanks man. Ive got more coming in here. I posted that first comment and then had to focus on other things again. Just gotta get some pics arranged and some details down.
  9. Duncan did his whole 510 using non lead metal body filler. You can look at his thread and probably hit him up for some know how.
  10. The last 1.5 years or more have been intense for my family and has kaiboshed nearly all Datsun fun. Sold my old house, built a new house in a small mountain town, lived with relatives for a while, stores all my cars at various peoples houses, started driving an hour each way to work, then covid started me working from home, bought new dailys for my wife and I etc. But there has been some car fun mixed in a bit.
  11. For the drill press, if you use a different table support method (shorter support, table legs, big damn bracket to replace current support? You could turn the press 90 degrees and use it from the work bench area.
  12. Lockleaf


    Is it possible you were massively pissed and the hissing sound was just coming straight from you? 😀
  13. So this one is statutory grape on the inside 😁 Noice!
  14. I'm more of a second gen lover. Too bad they are getting pretty rare and what's left are usually rotted to the ground. I'm neither rich enough nor cool enough to import expensive rusted to death garbage.
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