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  1. Lockleaf

    720 door hinge pin and bushings

    Dorman Chrysler door hinge kit does the trick. Do a search on here for that and it should net you more info.
  2. Lockleaf

    71 2 Door from Atlantic Canada

    I installed a z22 into a 510 by switching the metal mounts on the engine from side to side. I used 510 passenger on driver side and 510 driver on passenger side. Not sure if that will help you but it's something to consider. Looking good!
  3. Lockleaf

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    I wish that transport truck wasnt just a modern truck. But i have been playing with the collection on my desk. I raised my screens to be more comfortable and that left me with garage space underneath. So i got some micro LED strips to illuminate the area underneath. This is my current desk setup. Plus a couple space ships on top.
  4. Lockleaf

    D21 H20 transmission shopping

    Again, hard to process how building a custom blow through turbo system is easier than an OHC head gasket. But you do you man.
  5. Lockleaf

    Datsun 1200 RC cars and Toys

    Seriously loving that first one in particular.
  6. Lockleaf

    D21 H20 transmission shopping

    It would require the exact same amount of work to adapt a ka transmission to an sd an to adapt a muncie 4 speed to an sd. Custom built adapters for bellhousing. Unless you have the proper sd/h20/r16 bellhousing already. The sd transmission is a normal 71b. It just has the odd bellhousing bolt pattern. Put that bell housing on any 71b or 71c and you have a 5 speed. Do you have a line on good used h20s? Because rebuilt are the same price as a z24 rebuilt. I'm afraid your logic just doesn't work for us. None of us have ever seen a swap to a whole other engine go faster than a headgasket, unless you need machining i guess. But then you are still cheaper to get another head, get it prepped, then swap. I put a z22 in place of an L16 which is about as close as 2 engines can be while not being exact. It was definitely not a 2 day experience to get it in and work out the kinks. If you do install an h20 do a build thread. I want to see it. Also. lockerbeef. Heh heh heh. Thanks Hammuck 😁.
  7. Lockleaf

    Another 720 build

    No one I'm aware of has fitted a 620 front clip to a 720. Most guys simply prefer the 620. 720 engine bay seems larger to me, but i never measured when i owned a 620, so i expect the parts will be too small to just bolt on. I love the 720. I've owned something like 6. Building a seriously custom one. I do not think the rounded lines of 620 parts will blend well with sharp squareness of the 720. Aesthetically, there will be no flow. You can check out the mini trucks of the late 80s. Those guys did stuff like swap in Buick rectangle headlight assemblies to customize these trucks. Might be something there you like. Remember, there is different and there is DAMN that's cool. Both are different from stock, but only one of them will anyone appreciate the work you do.
  8. Lockleaf

    1983 720 frame-up project suggestions/advise ?

    71C trans came in all 4 cylinder d21 trucks and also in the 240sx. If DIY spent 5K doing just the work he listed, i would say he over paid on every part. I daily drove my 720 for 3 years and never approached $2500 spent. That included re-ringing the engine, sourcing a transmission, and installing a weber in addition to maintenance. I agree with BW. Get it running good, focus on the other mods you want, then if power remains desirable, look at a KA as the "simplest" engine swap, which offers a decent bump in power.
  9. Lockleaf

    1983 720 4x4 King Cab Build Thread

    Very clean truck. Take a block from one of the yellow ones and fix up that copper beastie too
  10. Lockleaf

    D21 H20 transmission shopping

    R16 head and other bits fit it. WAY cheaper than a U20 rebuild. Since my roadster is already an R16, its basically just building a stroker for it. In fact all you really need is crank and rods. R16 can be used for everything else.
  11. Lockleaf

    D21 H20 transmission shopping

    There is no benefit to what you suggest and for sure will be WAY more money to swap than to fix. Z24 is fairly common and no one likes them so they are cheap. I've bought complete running trucks for less than I've ever seen even an h20 core price. The 5 speed you mention is the one of the most valuable 5 speed for datsuns. H20 and SD engines are the same bell housing bolt pattern as datsun roadsters, so they can bring in a premium to those guys. You could sell the 5 speed for a fair sum. I myself would love an h20 block and 5 speed to put in my roadster. If you insist on engine swap, go KA. But it will NEVER be cheaper than fixing what you have.
  12. Lockleaf

    ParaDime Project

    I've made "d" nuts before also by pressing nuts slightly in a 20 ton press. Doesn't take much to press them a little so they won't back off.
  13. Lockleaf

    One six industries

    Is there a reason a d21 ka distributor wouldn't just be this thing?
  14. Lockleaf

    My '83 4X4: Interior Strip/Tidy/Refresh *Many Questions!*

    Try oven cleaner to remove the black paint. Often it will leave the paint beneath relatively unmolested. That convertible kit is great. Dodge actually sold a Dakota like that in 89
  15. Lockleaf

    510 LED Headlights & Grille swap

    Hows the lighting? Any pics of that? I've looked at the Harley lighting options repeatedly, but never made a move on them.

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