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  1. When you torqued the rod cap bolts to ARP spec did you have the big end honed to round again? I've never used arp stuff but i believe they state you must machine the big end after torquing the bolts down to the new spec. Also i believe there are companies who make some kind of "siamese" rings for tight cylinder spacing
  2. I've found i have a much easier time welding in trap nuts by using a flanged nut and drilling the hole with a uni-bit. It's really easy with the uni-bit to drill the hole the right size then drill a recess for the flange to set in. Cool project. I'm enjoying the work.
  3. I've had the same heat related experience wrinkle black. For me if i didnt follow the temp instructions and wait times, i had garbage. If i was really particular about following instructions i got great results. Regarding painting a bike frame, it will look good but it's a bitch to clean properly. The wrinkles hold dirt something fierce. Just something to consider.
  4. Lockleaf


    The clips that hold upholstery on are called hog rings. You can buy hog ring pliers at harbor freight. You can buy new hog rings online or from most upholstery shops. Hog rings can be reused but it's annoying.
  5. Lockleaf


    S13 seats will need a ton of modification to fit. The manner in which they bolt to the car is not standard and would require some effort to figure out a work around. Not saying they won't work, but they are no where near bolt in. All you really need is a tape measure and a junkyard. Measure length and width of the truck seat bolt pattern, then start measuring at the junkyard.
  6. Lockleaf


    Since these are down draft carbs, that are supposed to suck air through the top, so we don't know what you mean by your concern. Give us more, clear detail and you will get responses.
  7. Damn. That's yellow. And clean
  8. You can back your tow vehicle up onto some oil change ramps when loading. That pushes the front of the trailer higher up in the air and puts the rear lower on a steeper angle. This eases the transition from ramps to trailer and also puts the whole thing lower so less angle. And still awesome
  9. I've owned many a 70s and 80s Honda bike. I love them but man i hate the comstars. Yours is a good looking one.
  10. Silhouette and those rims on it both bitchin. I just picked up the blue matchbox offroad 510 and the xmen skyline van
  11. Often times the temp gauge is as simple as corrosion at the connection to the sender on the engine. Start by checking there.
  12. Looks bitchin! Nicely done sir.
  13. Duncans aussie 510 wagon was all done with eastwood non lead metal filler if you want to read through his thread.
  14. Looks like a great trip. Also looks like your dog is feeling hugely guilty after having killed a man with that knife so he's getting drunk to forget.
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