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  1. Welcome to the forum, Very nice 510 definitely enjoy the ride.
  2. Well I should have the other side somewhere. Thanks for the info.
  3. Got the motor (L20B) stuff together over on the bench and put several things on the shelves, now there's nothing where it may get dirty. Not sure what this tail light was from.
  4. Now with the machines in the other room I put most of a cheep ass bench I had got way back together. So now to move all the L20 B motor parts over away from the work aera the masonry people are coming to do tommorow. Now that the rear cross member is up on some sawhorses I'll have to move forward with some work on it.
  5. Haven't had much time but got the arcade machine's moved to the next room over and now have to get this shelving tightened up and attached to the wall. Then move some motors and transmission's and have room for an 8 foot bench I've had put together and have it along the wall with some peg board along the back.then get a floor room around tool box and clean up and get my tools in one place. Trying to get the shop easier to work in.
  6. Well after getting a second letter about my windows I figured well let em have it. So off to get 8 eye screws and 4 tarps and strip some old copper wire and Wala! Now I should not have to hear anymore from the mayor, because I am helping move McComb forward and keeping it looking alive as he stated in his letter. Like the Special Man said in the old Frankie and Johnnie's Commercial Let Em Have It.
  7. Here's mine it had a connection on the side facing the head.
  8. Here are two I found today in the garage and an automatic one the middle one is from a 240 z it will need some work.
  9. Found these consols, one is for an automatic 510 thine is from a 240 z and the other ? They will need some work. Also my brother came up and got his stuff he left after Katrina so now I have a small bit of space to move these arcade machines out of the garage to the room next door.
  10. Thank you Mardi Gras for the window shade. And glade to run the 72 2door.
  11. Man im feeling good, i know for sure I have one around. Having something Tanker treasurs that just makes me feel great. I'll look for it when I'm on vacation in a week tring to get some thing done on the 2door all apart. That part is for sure cool though. And that water pump is wacked. Cant wate to see this coupe back in great Tanker shape. The Goon is realy looking great.
  12. Looks good and welcome, enjoy the ride!
  13. Took off the back plate and caliper mount from a spare set of 510 struts to clean and paint and put on to the shortened struts to lower my goon.
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