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  1. Fired up the 72 510 Sedan and had a great drive, everyone asking how much I want for her and what year she is. Really dig it!
  2. Well I ant getting any younger so I figured it would be a whole lot easier to do it this way. I'm sure the rotisserie is made in China but what's not these days, I figure it should be good enough for this little car shell. This should be the quickest and easiest way to get back going on the car. Just couldn't stand looking at it on the jack stands. Soon as I can get my friend to get the front mount piece fixed up I'll have to grease up some things on the rotisserie (bearings and screw parts and where it rotates). I hope to get it all mounted here soon. I'll post some pics when it is. I still have to go through the parts in the car and sort out what's what. It will be slow but I have a lot more info than back 20 something years ago as well as a place to do it and some money but most of what I need is all here paid for mostly old school stuff, just need to get it going again and finished.
  3. Glad to know a fellow Luthier, I'm painting a Mexican 62 style strat right now. Took off a lot of bulk and gave it a more 62 feel. Yes it's a life saver when wet sanding a guitar body. An old guitar builder turned me on to NOT using water when wet sanding on a guitar because the water will swell the wood causing crack's in the finish where there are screw holes and the Naptha does not, my guess is it is not drawn into the wood as much and it is constantly evaporating. Best tip I ever got in that use of it. Here is a couple of pics of the body.
  4. If you ever have to clean most any adhesive from tape and such use a chemical you can get at any paint store and even Wall Mart called Naptha. It's the same thing as the lighter fluid you put in Zippo lighters. I use it all the time dealing with guitar paint jobs. It does not hurt the paint at all. Sticky stuff from old stickers no problem. It does a great job.
  5. That's what I like about you, cool calm and collective.
  6. Drove the 72 Sedan around some this week. Put it in a show yesterday, didn't win anything but still everyone enjoyed it.
  7. Good bye Dr. John the night tripper you'll be missed.
  8. Sweet little ol 2 door my favorite.
  9. Picked up a mount I had a welder friend make to mount to the front of the blue 510 to attach to the rotisserie. Put it on and realized I messed up on the angle of the angle iron so I dropped it back off to do a couple of corrections. Hopefully I'll get it back tomorrow
  10. Got the piece from the welder today for getting the blue car mounted on the rotisserie. Put it on the car. Well I messed up the angle of the angle iron, took it off and brought it back to my welder friend to correct a couple of things. Maybe I'll get it back tomorrow.
  11. Not getting as much done as I'd like but I did get some bolts and washer to mount a piece a welder is supposed to call me about a he's gonna make maybe today. The piece will mount to the front bumper brackets mount area on the car and come out and mount to a piece of angle iron with a flat edge across the front the car to mount to the rotisserie. The great thing is I am so glad there is a place that deals with bolts washers and nuts and they have been able to fix me up with anything I have needed. Kinda unusual for Hicksville. (No offense to Hicks I'm one). Anyway that place has been great. Anyway crossing my fingers for a call from the welder.
  12. Some parts I found in the blue sedan. Caliper kits not sure if 510 or 280zx haven't checked out yet Poly bushings Poly sway bar bushings Set of Balljoints And these plus maybe anouther cople sets not sure if it was for half shafts or drive shaft maybe both.
  13. Pulled out the 72 Sedan. And found enough parts out if the blue sedan to do a front end of the 72 Sedan witch probably needs it figuring I haven't done anything to it since I've owned it back in 1979. I have put plenty of miles on it since then. I remember it was like new when I got her ac worked and all.
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