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  1. Found a spot for my mini me Goon at work on my desk. Even has it's own display riser. Maybe I'll figure out how to make it rotate around like at those auto shows.
  2. Wish me luck, I couldn't resist.
  3. Sweet. I want to drive your Bluebird and the Goon.
  4. Dam phone I mean Busta Nut not But, sorry Busta
  5. Got the seats in both driver and passenger. I'll have to take them out to clean up inside the car and doctor up the mount brackets where they bolt to the floor.
  6. Ready for the swap on the Hot Wheels.
  7. Pulled the passenger seat to see about how to put in some cheep seats I bought a ways back.
  8. Thank you Sir and the same back to you.
  9. Merry Christmas just hanging here with Mr BigTanker and the group. Even if it's only in Hot Wheels form.
  10. Pulled out the 70 2 door over at the house and ran her around the block. Got the 72 2 door and Goon out and did some tinkering with the Goon she seemed to run much better. I'll look at the timing on a light tomorrow before it rains and gets cold.
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