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  1. Yea I never got to run these they sat in a draw since I got them some time way back but I was surprised that my mom never tossed my original track and cars I had when I was a kid back in the late 60's. I have the track plus the cars in a box in another room. At the time I got the track the real 510 car was just made so I have cars like a camaro, Willis, and a variety of others. I used to set the track up like a drag strip and we would race down it I put a towel at the end to catch them. They had a lot of 14 mile drag strips around back then.
  2. Ah Mike thank you for getting it right, I haven't ever put my stuff back where it went since I took it loose. I'll have to find all my jacks and goodies for the cars and put it back where it came from. Thank you again.
  3. I may have posted some of this way back but. How about these , I got to get out the ho scale track out and set it up and get ready for track day. I cannot figure where I got this article but I figure someone gave it to me. And before I got the Goon when I was looking for a 510 in the classified adds 32 years ago.
  4. Still got mine from way back I wanted to get several to use as place mats cause they where laminated.
  5. I know it's not a 510 but it is my friends 240z him and me way back.
  6. Here ya go BigTanker me and my 510 2 door I had just got it not long before this oic. The hub cap was probably in the boot.
  7. I'm not sure but I believe so I have several sedans and a couple of Goons and I think they are all the same. Post a pic of your Jack and it goes under the back set I believe with the pouch of tools the lug wrench and a couple of yellow chauks for the tires there is also a rid and handle to lower the spaire it goes in a hole in the lower area when you open the rear hatch.
  8. Got this 5/6 hole hub and now to check the fit of the splines to a 510 but I think it will be good.
  9. Shop will have the head finished this week but being on vacation I will have to get it next week while back at work. I figured not worth the gas money and ride to get it, all that extra expense so I'll wate.
  10. Any suggestions on a upgraded front swaybar for a lowered Goon, and I see there are rear ones as well these days.
  11. I saw a program on pbs about a lady and a gorilla named BoBo I think it was , she taught it how to sign language. Way back in the 70's she had a red Goon she and the gorilla would ride in. If it comes on again I'll try to get some shots of the Goon.
  12. Got a 5/6 hole steering wheel hub to use the steering wheel I have. It needs some cleaning up.
  13. Needed gaskets got for the Goon, just waiting the head. http://
  14. Found most if not all of the new parts for the L20B build for the 2 door all apart. The timing chain components and oil pump and bearings. All look good. Compleat gasket set,rings set,and tower shims all look good. The tower shims may need a slight cleaning other everything looks good. Plus a L16 exhaust/intake gasket I believe can be used on a u67 head.
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