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  1. Bled the brakes on the Goon now I have way more pedal.
  2. While looking at the Goon I was also looking at the 70 sedan and look what I found. Some mouse nest from the past, the mouse had chewed the insulation off a couple of wires. It was probably there when I got the car it was kept in a barn for the 20 or so years that I used to see it before I got it.
  3. Today is cold outside, where the hell is global warming? So I figured I'd look at the Goon break lights that where not working. So after looking at the sedan wiring schematic lamanent I had from way back I figured the issue had to be at the fuse box. So the fuse box was in some bad shape so I had another in need of cleaning up and did some minor cleaning up on the connections and hooked it up turned on the lights to make sure they where working, jammed the brake pedal and moved the fuses side to side and Wala break lights. Next that low or no compression on #3 cylinder.
  4. Next two days are supposed to be real nice so I'll crank up the sedan and give them a run. And clean up some more in the garage.
  5. Welcome and good luck on it, that's a nice 2 door.
  6. Very nice 2door. I love it.
  7. Cleaned up around the saw to move it forward to make room for a rotisserie I will have delivered in a month to put the blue Sedan shell on to begin working on. Found a bunch of parts for the blue Sedan as well as the L20B motor that will be put in her. Still have to make room for everything so I can keep track of it all. I posted some pics in the project area of the forum. Tons of more cleaning up to do in the shop to make room for the project.
  8. Well all around the saw is cleaned up or clear to move the saw to make room. As well there is a 273 Camando motor original with carb from the gold 64 Cuda next to the saw that will have to be eased forward as well. Then there should be room to get the rotisserie set up and still be able to pull out the Sedan or Goon. Any way i took a bunch of photos of parts for the blue sedan that have been posted in other places on the forum. Anyway i know the place is a mess but im gonna get to working on that as well. I have two old arcade machines ill get moved into the corner room of the building to make room for some shelfing and maybe a bench. Here is a lot of all that goes with the car or will go on the car. Motor stuff L20B all ready to be assembled, after some slight cleaning and painting. Head U67 and crank Pistons Cam supposed to be a mild one Duel carb set ups Makuni 44, flattop su type Al kinds of poly bushings and front end parts and other stuff, side quarter windows. 280zx Front strut strut cartridges and newer style camber plates. 280zx front struts and disk breaks Rear finned aluminum drums Old school front and rear lower springs Front and rear sway bars Some adjustable coil overs and springs I'll add some more pics here later. Gotta run.
  9. I dream of having one of these.
  10. It's wild when you have to clean up things to make room and find more stuff you bought 20 years ago. Not sure the make but there in fine shape. Gotta move the saw closer to the wall to make room to use the rotisserie I'm getting.
  11. I like thouse brackets, where might they be available?
  12. That is one wacked out Goon. I like the idea of a panel truck type look with the back side window area closed in.
  13. edekalil

    Seat Belts

    Here is a shot of my 2door that is all apart. here is my goon. Hope that helps and sorry for the delay.
  14. Drove her. To get rid of this. It sucks when you wate way to long to long to dispose of used oil. Now all the old oil is gone, next to clean up around the blue car shell. Then I put her back in her she shed.
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