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  1. edekalil

    Super sonic grill remake

    That sounds great I really didn't want to cut up my car. Thanks for the info.
  2. edekalil

    Project 5Teeezy.........A Pharaoh's 510.....

    Sorry for the tag issue,Glade to here from you, hope all is well.
  3. edekalil

    4 Door 510 from Finland

    I got to get the layout on that rotisserie set up you got there. That would be just right for my sedan I have all apart I plan to redo. Loving your build.
  4. edekalil

    Mr Big Tanker's watermelon wagon.

    I need a set of thouse.
  5. edekalil

    2 door Sedan all apart

    Yeah it will. The good thing is it is all apart now. I'm not giving up on her by no means. My big issue is working out of town but retirement will happen in the not so far off future. I plan to keep the two sedans I have going and do some needed work on them such as getting the front end rebuilt and get that Goon going motorwise. That way I can get them road Worthy for trips to the coast or New Orleans. I have all the parts for the car that's all apart, I'll get a list and oics of it all here soon.
  6. edekalil

    GOONS check in

    I'm off this next week so I plan to get the Goon back to the building and put a Sedan back at the house. I checked the valve lash and it seemed to be fine. I believe while it was in use after the rebuild at some point I did end up with a burnt valve,I'll try to locate it to post an oic. I had it fixed ( now having several 510's and a lot of time passed I'm not exactly sure whitch motor it may have been but I believe it was this one). I will check the compression and valve lash again before I remove the head. Al least I found all the tools I need to get the head off. My guess is maybe I have anouther burnt valve because for some reason I did take it out for some reason. Next week the fun begins. I'm not getting any water or oil mixing up anywhere.
  7. edekalil

    Mr Big Tanker's watermelon wagon.

    One sweet Goon.
  8. edekalil

    Paradise Datsun

    Sorry to see that man, I always wonder what things get wasted due to desasters. Glad you have anouther one for a project. Good luck with her.
  9. edekalil

    What did you do to your dime today?

    Any time sorry for the delay.
  10. edekalil

    2 door Sedan all apart

    Well this is the first project I have posted so hear we go. This is a 72 2 door Sedan I bought way back in the around 90. I got it in Bolixi MS. The first thing I did way back was to take the auto trans out and make it a stick shift car. In the later 90s I took her all apart to re do her up. I will add to her story as time goes on here but now I have to get ready to go to work in New Orleans.
  11. edekalil

    Super sonic grill remake

    Yeah I think your right about the taillights looking better on a coupe.
  12. edekalil

    What did you do to your dime today?

    Well I found and rounded up all the tools or most to pull the head off the Goon maybe next week. As well found the original gas cap or the one it had when I got her in 88. So I reunited it with her.
  13. edekalil

    Super sonic grill remake

    From what I understand they are gonna make the bluebird tail lights I just hope I can afford them they ought to be cool on a 510 Sedan.
  14. edekalil

    Super sonic grill remake

    I believe they where to be made like the original so I guess they hit it on the head. It looks very nice and I'm digging it. More oics. This is the 72 510 Sedan I plan to put it on with an L20 B motor and have it lowerd down some with 280Z struts and brakes in front and the aluminum finned drums in back. And hopefully a bigger bolt in rear end R180 lsd. Gotta save some money now for it.
  15. edekalil

    Super sonic grill remake

    They may very well be I'm not familiar with them. Way back I had no info on them that I knew and even that they existed.Never saw one in person, But I love it and am Soo tempted to put it on one of my cars. I had planned to use it on the repainted blue car I have all apart. I want to get back on that car a little at a time since I have no time.

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