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  1. I bet I have a set for my Goon I still have to put them on.
  2. Still chipping and scraping away at it. I look at at it as exercise and cardio work out. Just gotta take a break hear and there.
  3. Will do I’ll pm you here in the next day for some advice, thank you.
  4. I got to get back on my Goon! Now I have the blue 2 door on the rotisserie and working a little at a time I have to make some time to figure out the Goons loss of compression in cyl 3.
  5. He is now selling his sss grill on Ebay. I bought one when they where being made. They are very nice, the headlight parts are plastttic I believe but the grill and emblem is metal. I haven’t mounted mine yet but I saw one on a car and it looked to fit very well.
  6. Thanks for the info, there is a place in my town that has sold bolts and nuts for as long as I can remember. There also used to be a place in New Orleans called house of threds that sold tuns of studs but not in small quantities. I’ll check out the places you mentioned. Not ready to get any just yet but trying to get things in order for when I do.
  7. Well I did it again, why do I look on Ebay? I read about these on I think this site. I been looking at things I can get to do up the 72 510 all apart so I got these. Hated to spend the money but I’ll probably only do up this car the other 2 doors are gonna be stock. I heard they where of good quality even being reproduce ones. Now if I could only get those fine taillights that go all across the rear. I wish the fella who made the reproduction of the cool front grill would change his mind and make them one day.
  8. Just wondering where’s the best source for new of these for the studs that go in the L series heads and other nuts and bolts that hold on the intake and exhaust. The coated or treated ones for the 510. You know to keep it looking good when it’s fixed up. I have seen people use a tumbler or such to clean them then send them off to be coated. Hope I’m making sense.
  9. One step for man one giant step for MrBigTanker! Love it!
  10. Thanks , the windows have 22 years of dust settled on it, it shoud clean off real easy. I'll pick some up.
  11. Ah thanks for your link I’ll read all of this hear soon today.
  12. Saw this, I would love to have the file to print a small one of these maybe for a keychain or just to sit on a desk.
  13. Looked at the front and rear glass and it looks to be good no cracks or chips from a rock on front it looks clean but I have to clean it to be sure. Also contacted Baz about a full rubber seal kit for the 2 door.
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