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  1. All your rides look and are badass Mr Bigtanker.
  2. Thanks I'm trying to get on it everything keeps getting in my way now the city sent me a letter wanting me to cover my windows on the front corner of the building so no one can see in at my mess. I'll have to talk to the fella on Monday. Having only 2 days off to be here doesn't help but that's life.
  3. Thanks for the input on the welding helmet.
  4. There is a fella that has a thread I think Pot metal repair on this site. This may help not sure of the cost.
  5. very good work .... it is seen that the datsun is going to shred anyone ... my respects and good work ... congratulations Ah now I can understand. And this build is crazy wacked out in a good way, so when you get finished let's do mine up too.
  6. So glad they made a replaca of your Goon.
  7. So glad they made a replaca of your Goon.
  8. Nice, very nice.
  9. Thank you Baz and Tracy. Got most of the undercoat off.
  10. Cranked and drove the 72 And the 70
  11. Had to do something to keep the antenna from breaking off in time on the 72,so JB Weld. I did put wax on the antenna so when I take it off the antenna should not be stuck to it, it's just for now to keep the antenna from breaking. And did some more cleaning of the underneath the 72 on the rotisserie.
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