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  1. Getting ready to install fixed up exhaust manifold so it does not leak at the down pipe.
  2. The one I've had the longest. I'm going to put it back all stock except for the stick shift.
  3. Welcome to the forum and can't wait to see your car, you'll get that pick thing figured out. Good luck with your car.
  4. kids next door had some fun writing on my dirty Goon
  5. Looking great and congrats on the best of show.
  6. Put in the new speedo cable in the 72 Sedan now she has a working speedo. Also cranked and drove the 70 and 71 sedan and 72 Goon. Loving the ride.
  7. I believe I now have what I need except for some flat and lock washers.
  8. Very nice 2door Sedan.
  9. I've been collecting all the dust on me 510's to maybe put up on eBay some day.
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