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Crashed 620 :(

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On sunday some insanely intelligent person decided to pull out in front of me last second and i plowed the back of his car. I was going about 35, and it was rain/snow and so when i pushed the brakes it only did so much.

The driver side fender is crushed all the way into the tire, and the grille til the inside headlight is crushed in, the radiator was leaking antifreeze, and tire was pinned into the fender.

The other persons insurance is covering it, but its going to be a total loss. This is the first time ive had to deal with this sort of scenario, and i f#*&ing love my truck.

I guess im just reaching out because i would like some feedback about what to expect. Or just to hear from someone else who may have experienced similar things.

Is it worth reclaiming my truck?

Should i try and repair it?

I dont even know what theyre going to try and offer as compensation yet. That should be determined today or asap.

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I would get it back if it was me.. I don't know the condition now if you have worth while upgrades or something but engine transmission and drivetrain plus interior parts are all worth getting before it gets lost in the junkyard. You could probably double what the insurance company gives you just selling the parts.... plus if you get another one you have spare parts....

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Should i get mine back as parts? I believe even if i get mine back theyre going to compensate me.


I'm assuming it will be fairly cheap to get back. If it's $500 or less and it was in reasonably good shape to before the accident, I'd buy it back.

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Just went through this with my Bluebird.


PM me if you want to talk but the highlights:


Even though the other company is paying, you will still be out your deductible.  However, this will be refunded to you at a later date.  It's not really out of pocket - just deducted from the settlement.


Be prepared to find comps to support your trucks value if you are unhappy with the settlement.


Insurance companies have no idea how to deal with old cars and trucks.  They will likely declare it a "total loss" because there is no database that the adjuster can use to automatically determine repair costs to compare to the value.  Trucks in general aren't worth much so that doesn't work in your favor regarding repair costs.  Once the repair costs exceed a certain percentage of the truck's value, they will declare it a loss.


If you need a rental while you wait for the settlement, ask your insurance company right away and make sure you are covered.  I was not offered one.


In Washington, when you accept the settlement and the declaration that your vehicle is a total loss, they will send a report to the DOL and you have to turn over your title and registration.  You then have to apply for a new one.  If your truck is over 20 years old, the replacement title won't be "branded".  If it is between 6 and 20 years old, the new title will be "branded" so it shows any potential new owner that it was totaled - regardless of the severity of the damage.  If you are going to use it as a parts truck only, you don't need a new title I suppose.  The price you have to pay to buy it back is also a percentage of the value.  The $100-$500 numbers here are either from other states or because the value was low.  I had to pay almost $3,000 to get mine back.


Ask lots of questions.  Understand that they do this all day long and have lost sight of the fact that just because they know the business, doesn't mean their customers do.


Good luck.  I hope your are treated well.


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I went through this with my van about 6 years ago.  I got t-boned by someone coming out of a parking lot.  It was at the time a 24 year old Chevy and of course it was totaled.  The van still drove straight and all the doors opened and closed ok (it was hit on the left side behind the B-pillar where there's no sliding door), and none of the windows were broken so I decided it was worth fixing (at least to me).


I don't remember the exact numbers but I think it was something like $1200 compensation for the vehicle loss, and then $400 for me to get it back.  I think I netted around $800. 

What's important is that I was able to haggle them up to a higher value.  I pointed out that I was not injured and therefore not filing any medical claims for them to pay out.  I also reminded them that they offered me a rental vehicle while the claim was being processed and I declined that because I had another car to drive.  They only came up about $200 or so, but that's $200 I wouldn't have had if I didn't push for it.


Best of luck, and sorry about your truck.

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OP is also looking for feedback and or advice from other members that may have had similar experiences, and maybe a little guidance about should he repair it and what the insurance company should pay.  Cut him a little slack, he looks like he may be new around here. :thumbup:

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You're in WA ... I would suggest you consider buying Ted's 1979 kingcab parts truck before its too late. It needs a new front end as well, however you'll end up with a fairly nice cab and factory disc brakes.


He is starting to accept offers on parts from this truck. The longer you wait, the more will be missing.



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Hell,im staying in tenino right now.

I havent made it so (or figured out how) to post pics yet... radiator was leaking out, driver side fender and valance is crushed into tire, hood is bent up..

I found the easiest for posting pics now is postimage... sign up... upload a pic.. use the "hot link for forum " button.... paste here.... i only use my phone and this was the easiest.....

Some like imgur...

And flicker.... but using my phone o could figure those out.....


I hope you towed the truck home....

And it may look bad but almost sounds more cosmetic.... anything can be fixed...

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