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  1. 6spd_monte

    810 Idler Arm Refresh

    Well now that the 810 is running right I've been driving it more often and I can't help but notice there's a crazy knocking from the right front corner when driving over uneven pavement. I took a look under the car the other night to see if anything was obviously wrong. It didn't take long to find the culprit.... So I got busy researching the idler arm. As I'm sure you know, these arms are somewhat unique (at least in my experience) in that they use replaceable bushings on the pivot shaft. Good news: I found the Nissan part number (48544-H1000)! Bad news: I called my local dealer and they told me it's discontinued. Good news: They also gave me the phone number of the next closest dealer that shows some in stock! Bad news: They're 450 miles away. Good news: I called them anyway and they were happy to ship the bushings to me! The part number is for a single bushing and two are required. A pair with tax and shipping cost me just under $24, vs roughly $130 (plus tax and shipping) for a complete new arm from several online retailers. I removed the arm and took it apart, cleaned it, painted it and reassembled with the new bushings. I also replaced the threaded plug with a grease fitting. I'm not sure why they wouldn't have done that in the first place. Pictures! That pile of crumbs is all that was left of the old bushings, shown with the new ones for comparison. All back together, no more noise and the steering is a bit more responsive :thumbup: I did read somewhere that the replacement bushings only fit if you have a Nissan arm to start with. If it's already been replaced with an aftermarket arm either the pin or the bore is a different diameter. All I can confirm is that my arm had a Nissan logo on it and the bushings fit perfectly.
  2. Is the show parking just for show quality cars? Can I park my 810 in there even if it's not a show car? If I park in the show area, am I committed to stay there till the end of the event or can I leave whenever I want? Do I need to contact Jose and register ahead of time or do I just show up and pay at the gate? Sorry for all the questions, this is my first Datsun get-together.
  3. 6spd_monte

    Crashed 620 :(

    I went through this with my van about 6 years ago. I got t-boned by someone coming out of a parking lot. It was at the time a 24 year old Chevy and of course it was totaled. The van still drove straight and all the doors opened and closed ok (it was hit on the left side behind the B-pillar where there's no sliding door), and none of the windows were broken so I decided it was worth fixing (at least to me). I don't remember the exact numbers but I think it was something like $1200 compensation for the vehicle loss, and then $400 for me to get it back. I think I netted around $800. What's important is that I was able to haggle them up to a higher value. I pointed out that I was not injured and therefore not filing any medical claims for them to pay out. I also reminded them that they offered me a rental vehicle while the claim was being processed and I declined that because I had another car to drive. They only came up about $200 or so, but that's $200 I wouldn't have had if I didn't push for it. Best of luck, and sorry about your truck.
  4. 6spd_monte

    L28 Fuel Injector Replacement

    Ok guys it's all back together and I must say, it runs like a champ! @Crashtd420 I was able to send the injectors out to a place called Witch Hunter Performance (http://witchhunter.com/). They came back with a report card showing before and after testing, turns out they were in pretty good shape to begin with but there was some room for improvement. I was unsuccessful in locating a new intake duct, I guess they've been NLA for quite some time. I looked into building one out of tubing and silicone couplers but the available silicone elbows don't have a tight enough radius to work in the space available. I thought about fabricating one out of tubing using the "pie cut" method to make my own tight radius bends, but I decided that much fabrication is over my head right now and the time it would take me to learn it would mean the 810 would be out of action for too long. So, here's what I did; I bought this thing: http://www.siliconeintakes.com/holset-turbocharger/-p-500.html It's for adding a vacuum port, gauge fitting, blow off valve, etc to your custom silicone intake plumbing. Here's what I did with it: I cut off the damaged port on the original duct, and enlarged the hole in the tube. I didn't use the thick rubber gasket that came in the kit because it was kind of stiff and I felt it would have required a lot of clamping force to seal. I cut some thinner, softer gaskets from an old bicycle tube and used one on the inside and one on the outside of the fitting. You can see both here. Then I bought a 1/2 NPT 90 degree fitting. I really needed one that was a 5/8 hose barb on the other side, but nobody in town had one and I was too impatient to order one. So, I made this rig so I could chuck it up in my cordless drill. Then I made it spin really fast and removed the threads with a coarse file. At this point, I was really wishing I had a lathe... So now it looks like this. Here's the assembled port system. Outside And inside And with the fitting installed There were still some small cracks around the hole. I remember reading this really good article http://hiperformancestore.com/Ljetronic.htm where the guy talked about sealing up cracked air ducts with a product called "Shoe Goo". I know, I was skeptical too but with a lack of other options I decided to give it a try. I think the stuff is basically rubber cement. It seems to be sealing up fine for now, I'll obviously be keeping an eye on it. Of course all the fuel hoses in the engine bay got replaced along with a new fuel filter. When I activated the fuel pump to check for leaks before starting the engine I caught a pretty good leak out back at the fuel pump. I'm sure is wasn't there before, and I know I didn't touch anything back there but whatever. It ended up being just a couple of loose hose clamps. And, I finally finished cleaning up the engine bay and I'm quite pleased with how it came out. Before: After So that's where she's at right now. I'm happy and the car is happy. On to the next project....
  5. I'm in the market for a round headlight conversion for an 810...
  6. 6spd_monte

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    '78 810 wagon, still $1300 but now added "or best offer". https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/cto/d/1978-datsun-810-runs-good/6336290024.html I kinda want it to take some parts off of but I've got nowhere to put it. Anyone else want to grab it and sell stuff to me?
  7. 6spd_monte

    Found it!

    I replaced all of the 194 dash lights with leds in my Monte Carlo. I don't remember the specific part number, but I got them from http://www.superbrightleds.com and I've been pretty happy with them. They have a good assortment of colors to choose from.
  8. 6spd_monte

    210's UNITE!!!!!!!!!

    That's pretty cool what you did with the antenna! My 810 has one mounted in the fender but I'm thinking I'd like to remove it and I didn't know what to do about radio reception, but now I do, thanks!
  9. 6spd_monte

    L28 Fuel Injector Replacement

    That is a good idea. I'm thinking of how to do it, I would need to have everything connected to it. Extending the fuel and vacuum lines would be easy but extending the wiring would be harder. I'd want have it far enough away that it doesn't spray fuel all over the engine. I don't think it'll reach and I don't want to molest the wiring harness. I think there's a place I can send them to get inspected, I'll look into that. I suppose you're right, Mike. Not too much vacuum on the front side of the throttle. I think the industry term for this would be an "un-metered air leak".
  10. 6spd_monte

    L28 Fuel Injector Replacement

    So, here's the fuel rail all cleaned up. I've decided I want it to stay looking nice so I'm sending it out to get plated. Silver cadmium, nickel or zinc, I'm not sure yet. I think that the original finish was that iridescent gold cadmium, but I like silver better. Also, I've continued my mission to clean up the rest of the engine bay. No pics yet because I want it to be a surprise! While I was going over everything with a rag and wiping the dust & dirt off, I noticed that the air hose running from the intake elbow up to the cold start air valve was really loose. Further inspection revealed this: I'm pretty sure that a new set of injectors isn't going to make it run any better with this massive vacuum leak. I'm going to fix this and put it back together with the old injectors, I'll bet that it runs just fine. Stay tuned...
  11. 6spd_monte

    I'm new and this is my story!

    Here's a look at the dash:
  12. 6spd_monte

    I'm new and this is my story!

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Thank you, and yes it does have a five speed. Any specific requests? I'll see if I can get a decent interior shot tonight.
  13. 6spd_monte

    L28 Fuel Injector Replacement

    First project time on my new-to-me 810! My uncle had described to me that his 810 was hard to start when cold, and wouldn't idle on it's own until it was up to temperature and even then the idle quality was poor. It had been diagnosed as a problem with the injectors and before he died he had purchased a new set. When I went to move the car to my house it ran just as poorly as he had said. So, for my first project I figured I'd get those injectors installed for him! In my introductory post I mentioned that one of the items on my to-do list for the car was to clean up the engine bay, and while the fuel rail is out this is a good time to start. Getting started, labeled the injector leads to make sure I don't mix them up. Harness out of the way. Rail out. And on the bench. Disassembled and cleaning off the oxidation. I'll post more pics as it goes back together.
  14. 6spd_monte

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    1978 810 Wagoon $1300 https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/cto/d/1978-datsun-810-runs-good/6318314967.html
  15. 6spd_monte

    I'm new and this is my story!

    Greetings everyone, my name is James and I'm new to Ratsun. I've been looking around for a month or so, and signed up last week. On the way in to work this morning I saw a 510 wagon, so I figured it was a sign and I should finally introduce myself. What's my Datsun background? Not too much. My dad had a '72 240Z and I have vague memories of helping him work on it one time. My mom had a '79 or '80 810 wagon but I don't remember it at all. Both of those vehicles went away in 1987. The wagon was traded on a brand new Maxima and the Z was given to one of my uncles. At that time I was 7 years old, and we lived on the east coast. My other uncle, who was living in Los Angeles had purchased a '79 810 coupe second hand in 1983. In '88 we moved to San Diego and as I grew up I developed a relationship with the uncle in LA as he would visit frequently. I would help him work on the 810, although he pretty much would only let me hold the flashlight at first. When I was 16 he taught me to drive a manual trans in that car, as it was the only stickshift in the family anymore. Fast forward 20 years or so and we are still great friends, visiting on average twice a month. The 810 is no longer his daily driver, although he has logged over 400,000 miles on it. Sadly, my uncle passed away unexpectedly about two months ago. I have taken over the care of the 810. He had just begun to start a restoration on it, and we had been discussing details of the plan for years so I have a pretty good idea of how he wanted it to turn out. I'll do my best to finish it in a way that he would have liked, while putting my own touches on it as well. How about some pictures? I'm not really sure of the year, but I'd guess early to mid nineties for this one. He would drive the car into the desert on dirt roads (not too far off the highway) for his landscape photography. This one is roughly 2003ish? At the storage facility he rented so the car wouldn't have to be parked on the street in LA all the time. These next ones are current, from two weeks ago when we retrieved it from storage and moved it to my place. Here it is, the tiny Datsun sleeping next to the mid 60's Lincoln Continenlat limousine that also lives at the storage place. My lovely wife revealing the 810 in all it's glory. And now parked at her new home. Of course the obligatory engine shot, because we're all car people here right? Oh did I mention he swapped an L28 into it way back in 1990? So that's it. My plan includes, in no particular order: Lower it a bit, get some Konig Rewinds for it. Clean up the engine bay, because it's super dusty from sitting. Finish the body work that he had started and get it painted. Round headlight swap? Probably yes. Find some better bumpers? Absolutely yes. Sort out the interior. The dash and most of the trim is still good, but it needs the plastic trim for the edge of the carpet, A-pillars and kick panels. I think that's all. Thanks for looking! Questions or comments? -James

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