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    Lil red/lil b**ch

    Fyi,fond CHEAP source for fuel pumps. 86 ford ranger in-line pump. 30-60.00 on ebay and the like,great for spare emergency pump. Walbro works good,louder when hot out tho.
  2. kelowg

    521 gearbox

    Yes, fine without nut. On two.piece dl,carrier bearing keeps yoke in place. The whole nut on flange was nissan overthink shit. Didnt use it past 521 production at least in usa.
  3. Pretty sure speedhut can set the odometer to match old speedo number. Using the gps speedo and quad gauge, no issues after 6-7 yrs except shitty oem fuel sender.
  4. Yes we r back at again at pep boys. With their permission to park in front of store. Second sat's 6-???pm
  5. Sorry, dont get on here much after new layout. But yeah,we need to start this back.
  6. Good hear u got fixed. But if u do eventally buy a weber,BUY A REAL WEBER FOR THE REAL PRICE!! i had a knockoff weber,fell aparts. Real dgv elec choke version,choke house is whiteish in color. Black is chinese crap,so is empi.
  7. So gettin to 104 here in the valley, 84 over ur way, soooo headin on out northbound.
  8. Still trying to figure out work bs
  9. Id try pulling plug wire one at a time. One that doesnt change how it runs is a dead cylinder. So then check spark plug gap/condition and if firing with it out of head. Next ck valves on that cyl. Might try(for diag purposes) disconnecting exh coil. Then see how runs.
  10. Tightening up nuts will likely break a stud off. Pull it apart wire wheel pipe and collector. Replace the hardware too. Make sure flange/ring isnt warped or bent,otherwise may not clamp right
  11. Ka's bit easier to find parts and work on. But i well say sr is lighter, which might help with cornering. Ka'd the 521 and now corners like shit. Wieght only diff i can think of. 300hp if u can get it to hook up would a monster. My swap ran close to 2k with rebuilding the ka24e. its was wore the fuck out. Cheap ka's r always out there,but id always find them when i was broke
  12. Havent ck'd my on call sched. So hopefully
  13. Ka pump, if not from dealer. Not always the actual ka pump. Aftermarkets just sell up stock Lseries pumps for everything.
  14. Looks like maybe a piece of gusset/rib. Doesnt look machined,but not in itself ur issue. Did i miss it,but what oil and weight r u using?
  15. I well say,using turn by turn gps just makes u stupid. I use google maps,just i did with paper ones. This way helps u learn the area ur in. My wife uses turn by turn and makes wrong turns. She cant go anywhere out of town without,even places she has been several times
  16. Well my reason for aftermarket gauges was more bout being able to them at night. Gps speedo just took out all the guess work. 521's with zx trans in them dont have much room to connect the cable it. Cable worn out every couple yrs.
  17. Just get a gps speedo gauge,lol. No more guessing,broken cable or pinion gear. Or just use phone with gps app and leave stock setup be.
  18. Shaved head may up compression ratio to a degree. Higher octane helps reduce pinging. Too advanced timing adds to pinging. Verify running temp with temp gun or other quality device. Do this before any thing else, Oem gauge could b off. As they say,check the stupid shit first. Otherwise you well just make things worse,ie "melted head"
  19. To remove inner cable,u have to disconnect at trans. U spray lube down cable housing but likely get all the way down it.
  20. Or go with the wilwood setup,it on ebay right now
  21. Have u ohm'd out fuses when removed from fuse box? Glass fuses can melt internally,but still look good.
  22. Traffic is always heavy,depending on where exactly ur goin. There is always more than one route u can take.
  23. 3.89 gears .075 od on 16's with stock l20b works great for my truck. 18-22 mpg at 70-80 mph at 3300-3400 rpms
  24. Dont think thats a seal,but 40 odd yrs old grease. The grease in my wiper motor was more like epoxy than grease. Oem i thought was like felt washers?
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