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  1. White 1968 1300DX Bluebird 4dr 2,000,000 Yen https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/s1012583017 S43 Bluebird 510 comment Early 510 1300DX base Engine L16 mission 5 speed, harmonic drive SOLEX, etc., outer panel finished. I was thinking of interior decoration, but I decided to put it up because I had a car I wanted . Since it is an old item, it is not perfect, so please check the current car. (Added at 20:15 on October 15, 2021) If you have any questions, please contact yorosikudouzo65 attomark aol.com.
  2. Silver 1971 1600GL Bluebird 4dr 3,800,000 Yen https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/p1011780535 1971 Nissan Bluebird P510 Motor L16 with vehicle inspection Reiwa October 5 Actual vehicle restore Rare vehicle with documents Bluebird Reiwa 5 years 10 with vehicle inspection  [Exterior] Since it is an old car, the paint color may peel off or deteriorate. As you can see in the image, the color peeling of the roof is noticeable. I think that there is less body rust. There seems to be no major scratches or dents that can be repaired. Since it is an old vehicle, there are deterioration of the lens system and rubber, so I can not describe the details, so please be sure to check the current vehicle before bidding. As for the exterior, there are individual differences, so I think the degree is different. Since it is not possible to describe the exterior in detail, please be sure to check the current car if you are concerned about the degree of exterior or if you are looking for a beautiful car. It looks beautiful in the image. There are scratches and dents that cannot be seen. [Engine] There is also a vehicle inspection, and since it is a working vehicle, we can confirm the operation of running, stopping, and turning at the moment. I don't think there are any major breakdowns, but since it is an old vehicle, please think that there is backlash and pain. As for the engine side, since it is an old vehicle, we do not know when a failure or repair will occur, so we cannot guarantee the condition of the engine. The undercarriage, chassis, etc. had rust depending on the model year, but they did not rot or have holes. [Interior] Regarding the interior , there is a feeling of use due to deterioration and use. (Around the handlebar, shift knob, shift cover, etc.) It's not that the degree is very bad. I think he is a relatively beautiful person. If you are interested, we recommend checking the current car. [Transaction details / Notes] Since this is a proxy listing, please strictly observe the following payment methods. Those who cannot adhere to it should refrain from bidding. Payment method Please do not make simple payments. We will only accept the transfer specified by us. Please bid only for those who can strictly adhere to it. In addition to the winning bid amount, a recycling fee of 20610 yen will be required. Since it is currently handed over, please make no claim. Please be sure to check the current car because the current car has the highest priority. We cannot arrange land transportation, so please make arrangements by the highest bidder. Please bid only for those who can pick up directly with the loaded vehicle or those who can arrange land transportation. We will contact you within 48 hours after it makes a successful bid, and make thorough arrangements for pick-up, payment, and land transportation within 2 weeks. Please tender after understanding the above. To prevent mischief bidding, those who wish to bid with a new ID can bid by letting us know the contact information first from the question column. If you do not contact us, we will cancel the bid. Please understand. .. ..
  3. Silver 1971 Bluebird DX 4dr 2,500,000 Yen https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e1011834692 Bluebird 510 2L official approval I will put it up to fix the rag AE86. This is the Bluebird 510. I searched for a good body and bought it. The grade is deluxe. I bought and installed an engine with L18 set to 2L. The mission is 5th speed of DR30. The car body was almost unpainted with sheet metal, but the left and right steps were rusted, so I repaired the steps at a famous restore shop in the north of Saitama prefecture for 600,000 yen. (Cut about 10 x 10 cm) It was expensive because it was in a proper place ... The exterior was ugly 15 years ago, so I am wearing an all-pen. (There are about 4 places where the putty is put, and other than that, the paint is reprocessed when the car is new.) After that, it is stored in the garage to prevent it from getting wet in the rain. However, there are scratches on the exterior. Small-sized paint floats appeared on the underside of the left and right rear fenders. I rode it before the Great East Japan Earthquake, but due to lack of gasoline at that time, I haven't moved it since I pulled it out. Maintenance is required for riding from now on. I went to the event from Saitama to Hamamatsu once, but it ran well. Since it is an old car, only those who can understand it are requested. Since we are busy with checking the current car, we may not be able to meet your request, but we will do our best. We are not considering prompt decisions, so please stay with us until the end. Looks like a nice car with possibly a better than normal paint/restore job. Would love to see better pics of the interior and the engine swap, and what wheels are dangling from the suspension?!
  4. Red & White 197? Bluebird 2dr racecar 100,000 Yen https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m1011293285 510 Bluebird L14 comment Thank you very much for seeing it! It was! An unexpected ambush ... It seems that it takes a lot of time and a steel core to raise the chassis ... There are more or less holes in the lower mainframe ... But, but Look at the engine room! How is it? Dreams and romance are packed! !! With this body color, this masculine dual side tube! Inside the engine Did you mean? No way? Perhaps if you are an expert, you can get closer to the truth by disassembling the cab! Currently, if you put Scrunchie and Kure 556 on the funnel part of the cab There was the first explosion! Probably there is a problem with the fuel system! Please check the current car NCNR Well then We are waiting for your bid with dreams and romance! (Added at 13:10 on October 10, 2021) Mission is F5 The cab comes with Solex! At the moment, the carbs and dash pad are worth the price!
  5. Contact Craig "Tokyo-2U" on facebook. I'm sure he has a bucket full of them.
  6. Cool 'drone" lap of The Ridge Raceway
  7. We got together a couple weeks after the race to investigate the fuel problem and look the car over. We didn't even notice this at the track. Pretty good bash in the left rear 1/4 and the tail panel is bashed in a bit as well. Was that from the mini? I don't see green - just white. ??? THIS is from the mini Bashed our wheel pretty good! (this was a brand new one too!!!) No wonder I jumped up in the air! Looking back at the video - It actually jerked the steering wheel out of my hands. This is what we were really looking for though: of course in the driveway, the low pressure fuel pump had no problem what-so-ever draining the tank dry. And the flow appeared to be per spec. So all we can assume is that once again, something was sucked into the pick-up to block flow - but once the pump was shut off - it floated away and was no longer an issue... Ugh! Frustrating! We need a permanent fix. I'm starting to wonder about Jeff's committment - he's started prepping his "drift car" Do you have a build thread for that one yet Jeff? Check out this sweet wagon he'll be working on this winter! The off-season is in full swing - with talk about K24 swaps, lower rear end gears, and paint jobs... All talk or??? Stay tuned!
  8. After the race, we line back up and do it all over again! Turn 1 (and 2-5) can get pretty hairy on lap 1!!! Seatbelt tail didn't get tucked in... This is the run from 12 to 13 - the top of the corkscrew Traffic!
  9. Jeff's Official Fanclub was there to see it happen!
  10. But Jeff still got by! Turning around from atop the bleachers I can see the end of the straight away headed towards turn 1 Here is the Thunderbird!!! Next time you talk to Jeff, asking how THAT race went! : ) Thunderbird - 510 - RX7... Stayed like that for 30-40 minutes! headed to turn 6 Next race I'm going to replace the rear view mirror with a picture of the nose of an RX7. Jeff won't know the difference! When you are racing hard - this kind of stuff happens Finally, the Thunderbird went wide in 6 and Jeff ran up the inside, passing him by 8a. The RX7 followed! Both cars stayed in front of the Thunderbird who, probably frustrated, tried to pass them at the end of the straight by taking to the dirt on the inside and eventually paid the price for being over aggressive and flew off between T1 and T2 and never troubled them again. Awesome racing!
  11. I brought the DSLR and took a number of photos during Jeff's 1st stint on Sunday morning Jeff ahead of one of our favorite cars to race with Why yes, that IS a lot of cars! GREEN GREEN GREEN!!!! The Ridge has a couple sets of bleachers now in the infield. You can really see so much of the track now it is amazing! Jeff going through 8a-8b up the hill through turn 9 Chasing the black RX7 through turn 6 (carousel) - the blue Neon is pretty fast with the right driver Get 'em Jeff Get 'em!!! Got 'em! That Celica was pretty fast too!
  12. After comparing notes - Jeff and I felt like the car felt a little down on power compared to our April outing. Looking over the motor for anything obvious, we found that the air cleaner was pretty badly choked by a layer of dirt/dust. Brenda and I found a replacement at O'Reillys in town that night and we installed it in the morning - expecting the best. The best is what we got. Jeff started us out Sunday morning and was driving as good as I've ever seen him. He was in a battle for probably 30-40 minutes with a black RX7 and a red Thunderbird (a way faster car) and eventually came out on top. He handed me the car in 1st or 2nd place (I hate it when he does that! So much pressure) and I was able to stay on top and bring the car across the line 1st in class! YES!!! During the 2nd race only a few laps into my stint the car started feeling out of sorts. So many things go through your mind as you try to feel the car and how it responds to your inputs to determine what might be wrong. I suspected the left rear tire was going low but I wasn't sure as the car still felt pretty solid, after passing the pit entrance and continuing down the straight my suspicion was confirmed though while going through turns 2-4. Something was DEFINITELY wrong. After turn 5 is was actually quite a handful getting it back to the pits. Unfortunately Jeff and Brenda had hiked up to the infield grandstands so when I radioed in that I had a flat, they were quite a ways away from the pits! I pulled in to an empty pit stall and who should come over to help guide me back to the wall? The driver of the Mini that punted me off track the previous day. Cool how everyone helps each-other out in this series. By the time I was out of the car and started jacking up the rear to swap the tire, Jeff and Brenda returned and soon I was back on the ground and back in the race with no further issue. Another top 10 finish - even with the mishap. And I'm sure I lost at least 3 laps with the flat! I ran the last sprint by myself and although I didn't feel I was driving my best - due to attrition and a couple cars in front of me taking each-other out I was running in 2nd place with 15 minutes to go when I started to fuel starve - with a 1/2 tank of gas! The gremlin that plagued us the last two races had returned!!! ARGH!!! WHY?! With only 15 minutes left and nothing to prove and our pit mostly disassembled and packed up by then I just peeled off and called it a day so as not to risk running the engine lean. We still finished in the top 10! Not many cars running by this time on a Sunday evening! : ) Disappointing note to end on but what a great day of racing! Finish class finish total time dif laps best lap best lap no. Sunday 2.5hr 16th of 59 cars 1st 2:31:16 4 laps 62 2:00.912 34 Sunday 3.5hr 22nd of 54 cars 9th 3:29:28 7 laps 68 2:01.698 64 Sunday 1hr 32nd of 39 cars 10th 45:20 9 laps 20 2:03.394 19 Go get 'em Jeff! Can we get a refund on this tire? Tread still looks good. Packed up and ready to head home
  13. I don't think we said anything about our new cage and seating position... It is AWESOME! So glad we made that long overdue modification. What a difference! The car was such a joy to drive on Friday. But now it's Saturday! Time to get serious. : ) This weekend was a little different than the typical Luckydog race. It was "tournament style" So they had 5 races total. Saturday 6hr Saturday 2hr Sunday 2.5hr Sunday 3.5hr Sunday 1hr All races required at least one driver change but the final 1hr sprint on Sunday evening. Racing Saturday was just awesome and we ran the whole day trouble free. Well almost trouble free... On the first lap of the 2nd race on Saturday, a Mini attempted to pull up along side me on the way to the carousel but when he ran out of track, instead of hitting the brakes, he hit me instead. It lifted the back of the car up and pitched me sideways and I immediately went exit stage left and into the infield. We were in a pack all going straight down the road. We were still a long way from the corner so I wasn't expecting anything like that and had no idea what happened at first. I thought maybe I'd lost a rear wheel or ran over some debris (or maybe a bear?) so I cut across the dirt to see if the car was still underneath me and when I felt I was still rolling and still under power, I rejoined the track in last place. When I got to the corkscrew I could look down and see the pit entrance and no cars were pitting (which you are obliged to do if you hit another car) so at that point I assumed I must of run over something. It was only after the race when the other driver came up and apologized in the pits that I actually knew I'd been hit by a car and who it was. Anyway, starting from the back turned out to be kind of fun as I was then able to work my way back up through the field before turning the car over to Jeff who continued our upward trajectory. We didn't finish as high as the first race but it was still a pair of top 10's for the day! Finish class finish total time dif laps best lap best lap no. Saturday 6hr 23rd of 69 cars. 6th 6:01:08 13 laps 145 2.02.887 41 Saturday 2hr 29th of 56 cars 9th 2:01:27 6 laps 50 2:03.117 43 Jeff and crew chief Brenda Jeff taking the checker in one of the races (weather was on and off all day - much like many of the cars we raced against) Short video https://datsun510.com/index.php?/gallery/image/53149-211528616_09112021theridge1mov/ Frosting for dessert after the Saturday night spaghetti feed Beautiful night! And a first for me - a sunset rainbow! Then it was time to get the car ready for the next day - under the influence of DeWalt flashlights, we swapped brake pads and checked over the car Not the prettiest 510 on the track but it sure gets the job done!
  14. White 1971 1600SSS Bluebird Coupe $36,138 https://www.tc-v.com/used_car/nissan/bluebird/28601123/?isNew=1
  15. Safari Gold 1971 1800SSS Bluebird Coupe $37,276 https://www.tc-v.com/used_car/nissan/bluebird/28458338/?isNew=1
  16. 1971 Datsun 510 2dr on BAT https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-datsun-510-40/
  17. Orange 1970 1600SSS Bluebird 4dr 2,980,000 Yen https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/s1009732173 S.45 Year 510 Bluebird SSS 5-speed MT comment Please understand that there are scratches, dents, repair marks, dirt, etc. that are not shown in the exterior and interior photos of the old car. Please give me a no claim no return after it makes a successful bid. New bids and bids with bad evaluations may be canceled, so please use the current car confirmation / question. Please bid only for those who have an understanding of old cars. Current status of sales. Current status of sales. Since the meter is a 5-digit meter, the exact mileage is unknown. If you are serious about it, please check the current car and ask questions. Those who are looking for vehicle inspection and maintenance will be charged an additional fee. After it makes a successful bid, please pick it up within 3 days. If you have any questions regarding land transportation arrangements, we will respond. Because of the stock car arrangement, it will be an exhibition at a cheap price! The popular 510 Bluebird! 1600SSS, rare 5-speed MT! !! !! The engine will start. Watanabe wheel installed. Cobra type bucket seat. It is also good to carry out maintenance and vehicle inspection at present! You can restore it and finish it like a new car! If you would like to check the current car, please make a reservation in advance! !! (Added at 18:48 on October 3, 2021) * The door visor is attached at the time of photography, but it will be handed over in the removed state.
  18. The cowl... So glad we cut down our pine tree!
  19. Red 1971 1600GL bluebird 4dr 2,290,000 Yen https://www.goo-net.com/usedcar/spread/goo/11/700090408430210926001.html NissanBluebird  All-painted harmonic drive External muffler Rare at that time Volk Racing AW External handle (Falcon type 2) Since it is an old car, it is currently on sale. All-painted harmonic drive External muffler External steering External AW
  20. Jeff beat me to it! That never happens (well, maybe to the finish line, but not to posting on HIS website) As he mentioned. We went down early Friday morning to participate in the Turn 2 track day. You don't need a race car to do this ladies and gentlemen. Turn 2's webiste is here: http://www.turn2lapping.com/ They are hosting dozens of track days at The Ridge next year. Go drive in one! If you've never done it before, go to one of their classroom sessions. Most tracks have opportunities like this. Pacific Raceways has a permanent school on site for instance. Go drive your car fast on a racetrack. You will be glad you did! Anyway, it was unexpectedly wet Friday morning but we didn't care, we just wanted to drive! (And make sure our fuel starvation problem was gone) I'm happy to say we made it through the day with no issues. So happy to have that behind us - and ready for the race ahead!!! Here is Jeff taking to the track in one of the later dry sessions https://datsun510.com/uploads/monthly_2021_10/1805743328_09102021theridge(1).MOV.edc3aba3258655cbc20ea26a401836a5.MOV As a bonus, one of our customers (Jeff and I work for www.electroimpact.com) is Boeing. When we were registering in the morning I recognized one of the guys in line as one of the Boeing engineers we work with in Renton. He was there with his BMW M3. After a couple runs in the wet he was going to call it a day but we convinced him to hang out with us for a while and wait it out. He did, and ran the last session. Not only that, he offered my wife Brenda the passenger seat! She was stoked!!!! Doesn't look like much but the BMW was hitting 130mph at the end of the straight https://datsun510.com/uploads/monthly_2021_10/1607094845_09102021theridge(2).MOV.04601eec1e4f75d418903dc03bf5ceef.MOV We barely hit 110 in the 510. : )
  21. 1971 Datsun 510 2dr - Meant to list this a while ago - auction now ended. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284410382824?hash=item42382e09e8:g:fykAAOSwOTthGHn6
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