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Going on Safari, DIY grill mods...


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I like the look of the "safari" grills, but not the price tag, so I decided to try and make my own...





Found some similar lights at a rummage sale of all places...





Wanted them to be a flush fit, so it's time to get crafty...





Marked off where to cut the ribs of the grill...





Much better. Now the chrome ring of the lights fits flush to the grill face...






Polished the stainless and repainted the ribs and brackets black...





Installed rivnuts in the light backs, made some little brackets to hold them in tight, and lengthened and routed the wires...





Finished product...








For about an hour's work and roughly $30 in materials, I think it looks pretty good. Will look better on the car I think.   :thumbup:

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But what are the odds of finding those lights now?




There are a number of aftermarket rectangular fog lights that i think would look just as good still available. Just googling rectangular fog light have a bunch of decent choices


Looking around I saw quite a few, so they are out there...


I started doing this a couple years ago and just never finished it. Glad to see it done and it looks good. Waitin to see it on thr car.


Terrible pic, because it's parked too close to another car, but I couldn't resist a test fit. 






Make sure your grille mounting points are strong cuz of the added weight!


Yes sir. Thankfully 510 grill mounts are overbuilt for how light the grill is. 

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