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  1. Haven't been able to work on mine, so finally finished up the mini me version. Not the best job. First time doing a design, so I have a LOT to learn, but still fun. Not an exact match to mine (mine isn't shiny, wheels are different and I don't have flares), but it's close enough for fun.
  2. Time Left: 10 days and 2 hours

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    Need a set of rear control arms for my '72 510. Even better if they are reconditioned and a HUGE plus if they already have disc brakes. I'm in the Tacoma, WA area.


  3. This going to be a one time item or you plan to keep making them? Would love to have one, just need to get the cash.
  4. Thanks, and always appreciate constructive criticism and ideas. I was thinking about doing that. Was looking at out router bits when I was grabbing the flush cut bit for the top piece. It will eventually get wrapped in some sort of fabric (once my wife helps me find a good one), but think your right the rounded edges would help smooth it out.
  5. Worked on a center console. Still needs cup holders, but got the gauges mounted.
  6. Changed oil, as my son changed his oil, and after I changed the oil in the 66
  7. That was my thought, now does it actually work or make things worse. I'll never know lol.
  8. In my life, they never really want it. They just put up with it. lol. Oh the truck. yeah I'll blast the plugs with some PB blaster and let them sit for a while. Then go back at it. Can't drive anyways since I need to fix the brakes again. They are stuck engaged. Feels like the master cylinder isn't releasing. It's nice having both. I love the creature comforts of my 16 Nissan Murano, but I love the simplicity of my Dime and Truck.
  9. No, just one fuel pump. The setup is from a twin turbo 300zx. It had the fuel pump and a level sending unit that had a hose running to the fuel pump. Not exactly sure what it was doing, but it was on the other side of the hump in the gas tank from the fuel pump. So I figured it couldn't hurt to have it, though maybe it was working as sort of a secondary pickup, but could be totally wrong. And figured if I was already cutting one hole in the top of my tank, it can't hurt to cut two and put them both in my stock tank. I'm hoping the coating is good, seems like I shouldn't have any more leaking problems. but car is just a KA powered dime. See answer above lol.
  10. Washington, only have to worry about it being over 25 years old, or 2009+ with CA emissions. If it fits in one of those two categories, don't have to worry about smog checks or anything like that. Sorry, it was just the plug wire that wasn't fully seated on the plug, not the plug that was loose. Hell, I tried undoing two plugs and they were on pretty really good. I'm hoping I can remove them with out breaking them.
  11. Quick adjustment on drums and now doesn't violently pull to the left when braking. And on a V8 aren't all 8 spark plugs supposed to be plugged in? Two came right off in my hand without a fight. Still needs a good tune.
  12. Picked up my gas tank after being cleaned and sealed. Just needs a new fuel pump. before after
  13. shit lol. It happens. If you get bored and unbury them, let me know. :rofl:
  14. Eh they have their place. Had a 2013 Nissan Frontier and loved it. Didn't have to work on it, it just worked. Come over and check it out and bring those 510 rear a-arms with you :-) Don't know, filled out the online stuff and talked to my insurance agent and got setup. Didn't physically talk to anybody at hagerty.
  15. We saw some flatbed trucks, but with wanting to be able to carry dirt or mulch, we wanted a full bed. What do you mean? yeah I didn't want a too large of truck. Honestly would have preferred a frontier or tacoma for their smaller size. But I'm not complaining with what we ended up with.
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