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  1. Here's powernation doing some fender metal work on some 6" axle misalignment.
  2. I'm following a lot of everyone's Instagram's, but if you have a YT channel please post them here so everyone can sub them. Even if I don't like you I will help support you.
  3. Its no obligation, but lets support our community members by following their video content on YouTube or Rumble if they're uploading to those outlets.
  4. This was the intent of the establishment the whole time. Dan Bongino opined on this right as the commission was established. Dem and Rhino alike needed an excuse to lock out the uninvited from power positions. What better way than to coordinate an "insurrection" with the help of intelligences, and claim Trump needs to be indicted on fomenting an "insurrection." FBI, CIA, NSA, are all domestic power tools for the Invited. They create crimes and conspire to frame, but never solve it. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/jan-6-panel-member-floats-14th-amendment-as-way-to-bar-trump-from-holding-office
  5. This woman is going to choke herself to death. https://neonnettle.com/news/18037-ghislaine-maxwell-to-expose-names-of-8-powerful-men-linked-to-epstein-s-crimes
  6. She does wield that power. The disagreement wasn't about if she "Uses" the power in some boastful outward display. The queen very much has an enormous amount of power and the "Titular" title is an illusion of sovereignty for the people. PM Boris just recently had to go ask her to dissolve the parliament at which she granted.. All laws are decided by HER with the house of Commons each year. The remainder of the family is just an image of pageantry, but the queen is very much a powerful Matriarch. She is the one who approves, but choses to stay clear of political spats between parties. They like to call themselves a Constitutional Monarchy but she can suspend all roles of governance should be be so despotic. That type of power will never be forfeited completely unless wrested from that family. Anytime media or governments say something is "powerless" generally is a pile of fly crowded shit. She isnt in "Name Only". She IS the queen, and the Monarch in "Constitutional Monarch"
  7. She still has the power to dissolve the government body. This power has never been seceded from the royal family No bill can become law without the consent of the queen. She still has a massive share of power within the UK and has legal control of the UK war machine should she use the power. She is also the sole individual who has the power to make war or approve war.
  8. What blew me away is how the outward media claims the Royals are just symbols of a bygone era, Yet the queen has enormous decision power legislatively, economically, and internationally. The PM is allowed to work within the legal frame works of laws established, but has to ask permission from to introduce new laws outside the traditional frame work. Autonomous legality living inside the property lines. The life of a free range kid until they do something out of bounds.
  9. Ok so you you agreed with my comment on a higher number of people with advance IQ's come with a population boom, but then said booms don't increase the percentage of people with higher IQ's?? More people of higher IQ is a greater percentage than before.... The larger the population begets the larger percentage that a higher IQ person is among them. With each population boom among humans, has come more and more advanced people. WAR is a result of population BOOMS. Thucydides Trap. Most of if not all the aerospace tech for WW2 was invented or pre-engineered between WW1 and WW2.
  10. Arrogant hubris. What should be a proper reaction to when people don't follow a dictate, "Extreme Measures." A violent pendulum swing from one extreme reaction to the next. Then stand around pondering why.
  11. agreed, but the boom in population give rise to higher chances of IQ within the human race and that IQ translates to such revolutions. Nuclear Revolution gave rise to our fastest advancement in tech in every STEM art.
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