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  1. I have my fingers crossed the 5 counties vote to join Idaho. I can sell my home, and move to Roseburg Idaho.
  2. I am so sick of people in the PNW. Today I was sent on an errand to drop off my sons cleats for his viral paranoid football practice, and then to stop at the store for a few food items the wife requested. After feeling a small bit of rage bubble within myself at the sight of my son running drills with a required mask to be worn.. I set off for the store instead of becoming more angry at that sight. I arrived at the local Grocery Outlet and noticed the faint sound of Toto crackling through the store audio. I began to gather my items well aloof of other people doing the same. I grab
  3. Pretty sure that's not a racist comment. If he had said "He got what he asked for. Because he was black." That's a racist comment and proof to support your attempt at a qualification. You also make some assertions to intent that you cannot qualify as more than just opinion only. Not sure why you seem so emotionally bent over what he said too ( I could be wrong)....Gather your evidence and lay it out in a compelling way instead of showing your emotional investment.
  4. Trump will run again. I am not voting for either Biden or Trump. Tulsi is going to run again so she has my vote still.
  5. Just isnt going to happen. The SCOTUS seen the folly of not addressing the unconstitutional rule changes in several states, and has decided to abstain once again from adjudicating for clarification. So half the populous once again has no concrete confidence in the election system. Yet on the other side the precedence has been set that you can alter the rules or "Cheat" the election in your favor up to and after the ballots have been cast. Its a fucking popularity contest for them (SCOTUS). https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/02/22/clarence-thomas-dissent-election-c
  6. Show proof of fraudulent addresses and voters attached to those addresses is some solid work, and the Twitters will freak out banning you in return. Seems pretty status quo for anyone on the left or supportive of the left. Don't talk about this anymore because "they" said it was settled. If you do then you're radical and obsessed. Critical thought is now considered a radical concept as well.
  7. More of this needs to happen country wide. https://thepostmillennial.com/missouri-county-legalizes-the-arrest-of-feds-who-try-to-violate-citizens-second-amendment-rights/
  8. "Racist Nazi conservative!!" "Trumpism is EVIL!!!!" My two quoted examples are the hyperbole versions of things that people have defended as reasonable point of position on here even. Or here is the most complex version in defense of this type of escalation. "They're fighting for good... Its in their name Anti Fascists..."
  9. NPC will always NPC. it’s too hard to actually research but easy to pretend like he did. H is pretty entertaining isn’t he?
  10. lol cold isnt my favorite.
  11. pretty sure politics and pressure from the unspoken didn’t allow a pardon. Trump was never quoted as saying anything nice about Assange or Snowden. So it may have also been a favored position by him that he wouldn’t either.
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