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  1. Time Left: 29 days and 3 hours

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    New Billet motorcycle carburetor manifolds for 34-mm OD cylinder head side. 6061-T6 flange and runner bodies. O-ring style assembly for additional runner length if needed. Free shipping within the USA, $55-$100 shipping depending on destination of international shipping. Product price: $600.00


  2. Is there a place that sells billet shift forks instead of the cast?
  3. Local Electrical help needed for my truck. I need help figuring out the the brake and blinker systems. 541-510-3417
  4. i can imagine freight to Europe would cost a fortune.
  5. Finished up my front wires and now it’s time to wire the tail lights. Once complete I will try to start her back up
  6. I bought the wrong FiTech for that or the Paxton was going on.
  7. Gilmer drive belt for no belt slipping.
  8. just have a few things left to do and I can turn it over.
  9. anyone want to photoshop this a little lower please?
  10. Brake lines are all connected now. Little frustration with some mislabeled lines I bought. Spent $50.00 on new lines and bent them to fit, but couldn’t get them to thread into my fittings.....They were metric threads labeled as standard imperial. So I have to cut the ends off and add imperial thread fittings. After using a shit flare tool I ordered a professional flare tool. I’m not going to fight flare ends on my Datsun builds. I plan to build cars and don’t want to use crap tools anymore. So instead of doing my electric setup with the usual back yard shade tree tools, I went to a local electric supply and bought proper strippers and crimp tools. Next up is paying for classes on how to mil-spec wire looms with mil-spec plugs. The truck won’t get this treatment since the loom is minimal, but the Dattos will get grandiose setups.
  11. I am having trouble getting my 3/16 line connector threads to work with these braided lines. Later today I will go buy a couple versions of fittings and see what adapters I may need to install.
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