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  1. Karem Concepts I have to remove my intake manifold and M/T valve covers to get them ceramic coated.
  2. I went with powder coat. I want it to last
  3. Here is a finished view of the manifold I machined for Eric Straw http://www.speedhunters.com/2019/05/built-by-straw-eric-straws-500hp-datsun-fairlady/#_presentation-435361 http://www.speedhunters.com/2019/05/built-by-straw-eric-straws-500hp-datsun-fairlady/#_presentation-435360
  4. Spring has sprung and summer is almost here. I really enjoy watching the activity on the car forums and in the neighborhood increase as the weather gets better.
  5. My tail light garnish pieces are on that car. My friend Kyle got credit for making them though 😞
  6. You can spin by and plant your self In it. I was pleasantly surprised at the comfort
  7. It sure does. It’s comfy too
  8. Did a seat mock-up last night. There are a few changes that I will make. currently this position is good for people 5’ - 0” to 5’ - 9” of height to ride very comfortable. I think I need to try and achieve a better range than 9”
  9. well I got this far. Dumped a bunch of cherry stain on them. 2 more corner boards and the kit is completed.
  10. Time to cut wood for a truck bed.
  11. I'm excited to see this thing run. the A series motors are such good turbo motors.
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