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  1. Mattndew76

    Mattndew76 - 1200

    Got my crossflow head design started but not close to complete.
  2. Mattndew76

    1961 Uni Hauler

    Might be the same kit. Seems several companies rebrand this kit at different prices. im mostly meh about it. I still haven’t gotten my replacement parts yet. I’ll give it until Monday before I call them back.
  3. Mattndew76

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Nice work on the headliner
  4. Mattndew76

    pic's of your 1200

    Yeah Auto Tragic i want to swap for the 4 speed sequential kit I’m trying to build.
  5. Mattndew76

    pic's of your 1200

    Adding this to my Drive.
  6. Metric Threaded. Measure the ID of the two threaded holes with a caliper. Then check it to the Starrett Drill & Tap chart Found on a google search. Or Measure the ID and go to your local ACE hardware / Hardware store and in the hardware section there is thread samples at the end of each row of bins. Match the size to any of the Metric samples displayed. Buy the matching allen socket stud and a jam nut with tension washer. Or ZINC plated bolt of matching thread.
  7. Mattndew76

    1961 Uni Hauler

    POL just called back and they are sending out New items. Longer Driver side inner tie-rod and shorter Pass side inner tie-rod. Along with the correct mount bracket and push rod for my brake booster. Now the steering rack mount won’t be right under my oil pan and I will be able to adjust my alignment. 👍🏻
  8. Mattndew76

    1961 Uni Hauler

    I thought about that. i think I can make a couple narrow jam nuts on the lathe that would allow the toe to = 0°
  9. Mattndew76

    1961 Uni Hauler

    added a power Rack to the I-Beam. Problem though. The inner tie-rods are too long. The wheels are toe in 3-5° and I’m adjusted all the way in on the ball joints. im thinking I will have to machine a set of billet knuckles that will allow the proper alignment. More problems with PerformanceOnline products......
  10. Mattndew76

    Justice for the 69 datto (pics)

    Scope it. Look for metal in the oil pan, and do a compression test. Also don't do drugs.
  11. Mattndew76

    Justice for the 69 datto (pics)

    Previous owner of the S13 live in a trailer park and appear to have a meth habit?
  12. Mattndew76

    1961 Uni Hauler

    The ability to stop was a scary thing. Braking had to be planned 500 meters in advance.
  13. Mattndew76

    KPGC10 GTR Hakosuka Conversion Kit

    I'm going to put a 55 Buick front clip on a geo storm.... I have seen it in person back in 1990 :D
  14. Mattndew76

    Car Porn

    This already been posted?
  15. Mattndew76

    1961 Uni Hauler

    updated my ability to stop.

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