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  1. I’ve used that same machine before when working for Stetson Ross in cottage grove. although on lumber milling parts and not cylinder heads.
  2. V belt wouldn't stop squealing no matter the amount of tension I put on the system. So I went with a 1.5" wide Gilmer belt. No slipping and no squealing.
  3. Nope. I have a Novi 1500 but until my wife agrees not to drive the truck I’m not going to install it.,
  4. It was a mandate that had no upward benefit to anyone. It created unnecessary costs, and created bureaucratic positions that produce nothing.
  5. It cannot ever be regular and can only be random, and among ALL staff. One lab I worked in only put the labor talent into the pool of random selection when the office had the worst drug issues. CEO literally was buying drugs from one of the Machinists, yet he was exempt from the drug testing...
  6. It doesn't though. its a speed bump at most. I've worked in a rocket lab and aerospace labs from AZ to OR. Every lab had a drug problem among the machinist's and the engineers. Drug tests were only the boogie-men that come after a fuck up, and it only appeared in the shop. People with the talent and brains only passed one test to be employed and then began their habits after the initial bump in the road. Drugs and drug dealing proliferated in every shop I was associated with. It never weeded out anyone. Never stopped people from being employed, and in places that were doing government contracted work on systems that you wouldn't want being responsible for fucking up. It was an absolute exercise of futility.
  7. It was just a long term exercise of control. Did people accept it? Yes even though it was an absolute failure of policy. There doesn't need to be a mandate any longer.
  8. Drugs continued to proliferate in the work space regardless of piss testing. Just like the "war" on drugs this policy didn't have an impact on stopping anything. Well i suppose denying a person unemployment after they had an accident, but that was about it.
  9. None of that was even happening. Also we have a largely Marijuana free society now and drug tests are becoming rare in the work place so its almost come full circle how this policy had ZERO impacts on anything other than an exercise of control.
  10. Did you watch the clip? Holy fuck talk about some spineless old boomers trying to uphold the same garbage hole ridden system.
  11. I rallied against this too. I was a teen holding a sign in a small town. I and a few other people never made an impact.
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