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  1. We cannot pretend to be outraged knowing very well that it don't matter what R or D is in the office with advantages that they wont seize them currently. The R's have long tried to play ball with the D's and are seen as tail tucking pussies. Now that the precedence set by the D's is being exploited against themselves they're feigning as victim and howling righteous indignation.
  2. Then people have no clue how the system works. He has a set duration that was handed to him by the voters to serve. If the opportunity comes to place a new justice and he has the legal power and supporting branch to do so....Well regardless of how you (feel) He is doing it well within the voter consent given to him. Had Obama had the power of the senate then I would say the same stuff begrudgingly. This election doesn't take effect until January 2021.
  3. Well no.. The reason Obama didn't get his vote in his last year is because the American people gave the senate control to the republicans. The power to confirm is placed in that portion of the government. Its not a given that you automatically get to place a justice just because you have the chief office. The American people have put a Republican in the Chief office and voted to uphold the majority in the senate for the control of the SCOTUS confirmations. Ethical is not a word that is to be bestowed upon a majority of people in the branches of government. Don't delude yourself.
  4. Absolutly. This is something even the Trump admin says is what should be federally funded, and more education. Not fake education and promotion of abortions as "Body rights"
  5. They want to push it through in the event the re-election doesn't come through.
  6. Well the Federal funding of the Abortion is going away once the new justice is confirmed. The Truth of the Rowe V wade argument is to give the states the power to set their policy and funding. The FED just wont contribute to it.
  7. Her death is already overshadowed by the outrage and record pace to confirm a new justice. I cannot say she was evil. I didn't know her. I didn't agree with her judgements 100% either.
  8. I think that is a safe wager to be wrong in the right direction. Its the action of deliberate fear mongering and hyperbole knowing the data was false to begin with though. That is the shit ass part of this. Politicians will politic. VOTE FOR BETTER PEOPLE.
  9. I have been making them but not for sale. Been making sight rails for the Ruger P89 too. So I can mount a Leupold Delta Point on it.
  10. I have been approached so many times about producing 80% lowers.
  11. Lefty heads are going to explode!!! A new Justice will be confirmed before the end of the year. Regardless of how the election goes. 😆🤣😂 https://www.foxnews.com/politics/mcconnell-supreme-court-nominee-vote-floor
  12. Encrypted software within a chip, but that still isnt a mark as defined as a visual mark.
  13. in your search bar at the bottom of your screen. Type in : Magnifier this will bring up a visual assist app. I have to use this on occasion, but man it sure beats spending more on a bigger screen.
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