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  1. You trying to be like VFR800?
  2. Some estimate that there will be massive baby boom in 9 months. The small town I am in still shuts most stuff down on Sunday. Aside from two small stores and gas stations.
  3. The absolute positives to what has happened. Things I have noticed locally. *More Families are walking in the neighborhood together to stay active. (Family cohesion.) *Air quality is amazing. *Traffic on the roads are like it was when I was 16. *People are beginning to get involved with local programs. If the financial risk wasn't a factor for people then this would be an amazing reform. .
  4. No we didn't become any safer now than before 9/11. We just created invasive laws that allowed elected officials and non to intrude on everyone's life. You are looking at the action or event, but not that its a "Crisis". These crisis create opportunity to push more constrictive laws because everyone's cortisol levels are elevated. More of the voter base that is scared the easier it is to pass "Security" into reality. Shit if you even pay attention to what happened with the relief bill then you could have seen a prime example. *Government shuts the Economy down (in the name of safety.) *people start to panic because of finances *A clean Federal House bill is introduced to help people. *One party and a portion of the other want to stall the House Bill to add garbage spending along with "security" laws. *People get stressed and the H-Bill gets put on ice for "Political fighting" 🙄 *Media comes on and starts preaching the world is going to end!!! *More stress and panic from the people so they will accept anything even the garbage added as long as they get a $1200.00 help check. *Political fighting ends, but the original clean H-Bill is 400 pages bigger with pork spending on non epidemic related items. *People are happy and feel a bit better. *News Media immediately starts pushing the items that were cut from the garbage H-bill as good things. Even new LAWS... *House of representatives start saying there needs to be a "Bigger Better House Bill." *This new H-Bill has more "Free" money but in order for us to have it. They need to create new Bureaucracies to manage and investigate, and hard currency needs to be done away with. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonbrett/2020/03/23/new-coronavirus-stimulus-bill-introduces-digital-dollar-and-digital-dollar-wallets/#4258b2d04bea There is plenty more in the works too. art of negotiating with Unions. Union asks for some reasonable items in a contract. The company comes back with their version, and its stripped to the bone of everything. Workers strike. Everyone runs out of money, and they dang near accept even less than the stripped contract just so they can come back to work. 1 step forward to end up 4 steps back.
  5. Actually they didn't. If you pay attention to legal issues and laws. Whole industries were changed and the ability to be held without due process, but that's all a conspiricy 🙄 Maybe anecdotally you didn't experience much, but for usual people who don't pay attention to the letter of the law big changes happen every "Crisis"..
  6. You have another thought? Sure as hell didn't go back to business as usual after 911 or 2007 market crash.
  7. I am afraid our governments wont relinquish the power grabbed up during this viral panic. Job market will reform into more modern and remote systems.
  8. Terminated or temporary delayed return?
  9. Its amazing the amount of villainizing going on. Only in one direction too.
  10. Nutters are starting to play "hero" CCP19 Virus related.
  11. I set my wife on the path of guardianship once Violette is old enough. We are trying to establish a trust with our retirement too. Just have to wait to see if any of her sibs turn out to be good people. So far so good.
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