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  1. those territories will have no congressional or senatorial representation. aside from that I guess My family is due some financial reparations too.
  2. expand your sphere. That’s all I gotta say. https://hiddentribes.us/quiz/
  3. Already said you won dude. what else do you want?
  4. it’s cool dude. You know what you know. Isn’t any amount of reasoning that will help you think otherwise. You are concrete. You seem like the type of guy that can’t ever ask themselves “Am I wrong?” You have proven over and over you get your information from a very narrow spectrum. heck you are Arguing with Dguy about virology and he is an actual Virologist and his spouse is a micro biologist as well who quite literally worked with SARS. Dunning Kruger effect much? The internet is your pearl buddy. Try to balance out where you get your information. Try to open your mind a little and read information from the right on occasion. It’s painful but you can grow from it. otherwise you are just a record stuck on repeat. http://rationallythinkingoutloud.com/cognitive-dissonance-the-reason-why-people-to-dig-in-their-heels-and-hold-on-to-their-beliefs/ So you win. BrothersGarage: 1 - Mattndew: 0
  5. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Muller report was part of the hit job, I suggest you keep reading all the FBI fallout from the IG report. https://oig.justice.gov/press/2019/2019-12-09.pdf https://theintercept.com/2019/04/18/robert-mueller-did-not-merely-reject-the-trumprussia-conspiracy-theories-he-obliterated-them/ https://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/stop-saying-donald-trump-colluded-russia Here is a little article as to what you might be suffering from. https://thehill.com/hilltv/rising/435839-journalist-says-scandals-like-russia-investigation-get-conflated-into Hackers were never convicted. Their indictments were tossed out as soon as they lawyered up. https://www.businessinsider.com/doj-moves-to-drop-charges-ira-russians-indicted-mueller-2020-3 Obama didn't warn the Trump campaign of Flynn. Flynn was deliberately setup by the Obama office and lots of hard factual evidence from the people working for Muller's team left notes of their actions. Thus triggering the Durham investigation soon to be completed. The Obama office used the Flynn "Russian" connection to spy within the Trump campaign several times using the FISA court. At which was discovered several blatant fabrications were used to extend the illegal warrants. https://justthenews.com/accountability/russia-and-ukraine-scandals/strzoks-newly-discovered-fbi-notes-deliver-sensational Your assertion that Barr "let" Flynn off is an absolute reach.. Do you know about laws that require the DOJ to produce exculpatory evidence if available? Well the team tasked with prosecuting Flynn withheld a massive amount of this. A Felony crime within the judicial system BTW. This shit must make your head explode.. You are defending a group of people that abused the power of their positions to try and overturn a legal election through overt crimes, but since you HATE Trump I couldn't imagine this type of circumstance triggering your brain to unlock and learn something new. You are on the wrong side of this.
  6. Nothing coming from the Media is truthful. Its all slanted in favor of the narrative or running cover for like minded positions. Reason why I chose the position I did is because I can read actual FBI briefs / notes substantiating the illegal use of the FBI and Intel community as a political weapon. There was so much hubris from the democrat party that they expected to cruise into another administration. So the use of these institutions as weapons was to never have been uncovered. You can be told a story, but not THE story. It takes some effort to read the information that surprisingly has been released now and not 40 years from now. I have been a Democrat since High School.... I cant be any longer. They left the real people behind in favor of corporate money and centralized power. I chose the Orange blowhard over communism and BLM/ANTIFA
  7. If it was a troll muh dude then I missed the nuance.
  8. Dude you do know that the Russia narrative was a hoax to de-legitimize the election? The narrative was the illegal use of the USA foreign intelligence agencies, and along with the FBI set to spying on a political campaign. Several high standing politicians were outwardly claiming to know that this "Collusion" was real and they had material facts to support it.. When in actual fact and under oath they had a totally different story. There was NO Russian collusion... There was an actual political hit job put in place by the former administration. You've been had Mike.
  9. I think this has more to say about how stupid the press core is in our nation. I know there are better people for the job. They have moral integrity though. That limits how far they can ascend into office.
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