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  1. Mattndew76

    noise control

    If you are going to under coat the vehicle be sure to do it over prepped paint and not bare prepped metal. Even Por-15 is not resistant to all rock damage. Once its been compromised the water will get in and reside under the rubberized layer.
  2. Mattndew76

    noise control

    under coating is a good way to rust your panels back up. Stick to sound materials and believe it or not but price does make a difference. Look into D shaped weather seals in the door gaps.
  3. By far my most favorite aircraft that was never reproduced.
  4. Where is this and how do i get one!!
  5. So this must not have been available in Texas.
  6. I will say that if you do not have a battery that is fresh and sustains more than or right at 12V while cranking then the system will not fire. The Sniper will limp the injectors and shut off your fuel pump. Also make sure you are running the correct PSI on the pump or it will just crank but and not fire. I had this issue. The fuel pump I bought said 60-psi on the box but the pump that was in the box was only a 30-psi pump. Double check your PSI as you crank.
  7. Dude..... I feel the pain of these EFI installs. It took me weeks to run down all the issues I had installing my EFI on the F100 I put it on. I installed the FiTech and their customer service was absolute garbage.
  8. So to keep the truck around $39,000 USD sticker they had to just hang flat panels 😂. I'm suspecting this has to be an epic troll from Elon
  9. https://www.familyhandyman.com/woodworking/how-to-sand-woodwork-by-hand/ Step #7 maybe?
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