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  1. So the back of my car hops like no other. Any ideas on a fix?
  2. That's way out of my price rang but I'm sure it runs well at that price. I'll keep looking into it. I'm excited to get back to my place next week and drive this thing to the beach!
  3. I was wondering if anyone has ever created a harness bar for a 510 wagon? I don’t want a full cage because I’d like my rear to still be usable but I’d like a harness bar to properly run a four point
  4. Thank you so much man!!!
  5. yup just height and width. thanks!
  6. anyone know the measurements of a 510 windshield?
  7. Feels nice to drive the car again. Got a super tiny coolant leak but whatever. Gotta run a switch to my fogs and a hazard. I’ve also gotta get rubbers for the windows. Roll fenders cuz I’m rubbing like crazy with 4 people in the car. I got my hydro ebrake in and it looks great. Super stoked about all of that. Video to come :)
  8. Selling my entire dual carb setup :) pm me!
  9. This is awesome. You HAVE to keep it up.
  10. someone buy my carbs :)

  11. I’m thinking to use the copper hardline because it’s so maluable and cheap! Plus I work at Oreileys so it's even cheaper. Thank you so much man! I’m stoked ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) All I’ve got to do now is get that carb leak fixed, install this ebrake and it’ll be good. I’m gonna need to burp my car. Think my thermostat COULD be stuck but also my sensor isn’t working at times lmao
  12. Yes, the one I ordered looks identical to that. I understand a bit more now. So im sorry to rephrase but I just don't want to fuck this up. So since there's two ports on the master cylinder for the e-brake, it acts as a midpoint for the break lines. So the brake lines for the rear coming from the engine bay enter into the cylinder. then the other port on the cylinder connect where I cut off initially. Which port on the cylinder is for which? or it doesnt matter? master cylinder ---> rear brake lines --> one of the ebrake ports ----> THE OTHER ebrake port ----> to the
  13. I'm a little confused. when you said you took the line from the rear brake. I was thinking all i had to do was literally put a t into the brake line right before it splits, then bleed my brakes?
  14. Gonna do a hydro parking brake. Just to confirm because the photobucket pictures are down, all you do is tap into the rear brake like right before it splits and then bleed the brakes normally or from that new ebrake?
  15. Just welded a piece of metal to the arm. Works fine
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