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  1. You gonna run a wiper motor.................I see it's not installed? I have done a couple of the Integra swaps, only slight issue has been the wipers park a little higher on the glass. Stu Spencer on Facebook (maybe on here?) did some more mods & I think he figured out how to get them to park properly! Looking GREAT! TJ
  2. As Mike said, only the bottom one is a 5speed. See the 6bolt plate on top of the tail housing on the other three? That indicates 4speed. I pull the 4speed bellhousings off (pull front plate, then the big C clip, then the bolts holding it to the thick steel center plate) ONLY if it is an earlier L series, NOT the later NAPZ series! I then simply scrap the 4speed gearbox, unless you have room to keep them. I think I have only sold 2 or 3 4speeds in 20++ years! I sell the L series 4speed bellhousings WITH the front plate, big C clip & the shim, for around $100-125 each + shipping. You
  3. My understanding is that there is one rebuild kit available from www.cobratransmission.com, for the three variations of the common 280Z/280ZX 5speeds. You will see this in their listing of all the Nissan (Datsun) 5speeds..............same kit part #. This kit comes with qty 5 brass synchro's. The early .864 280Z/280ZX uses only qty 4 of the brass synchro's, as it uses a phenolic (fiber) 5th synchro, long NLA NLS.................but you can FLIP IT AROUND, as it is ambidextrous! Both of the mid & late year 5speeds use the brass synchro on all five gears. A quick VISUAL of th
  4. ......just remember, the old Datsun's are "switch to GROUND", unlike most everything else being switch to power! Sounds like yer an old dog, so WOOF!! (can't teach an old dog new tricks........get it? Well, I thought it was funny........πŸ™„)
  5. Yup! "Rebuilding" a harness takes time & patience, but finding a really clean ENGINE COMPARTMENT harness (dash harness is often clean, tail harness also NOT clean!) might be a real challenge, cuz almost always out in the elements! πŸ˜†
  6. Good read on vaccines & current complications...................... https://noorchashm.medium.com/j-js-covid-19-vaccine-blood-clotting-complications-did-the-adversely-affected-women-have-cdde4bdbb090
  7. Chirp chirp chirp!! πŸ€” I love the sound of tucking tails. In the last 2mo's, I've only seen one of my left buddy's post something & all I could think was "You poor ignorant boob, that (whatever he stated, I can't remember) has already been proven to have been a big fat lie!" That video about CNN was BRILLIANT!!!!! 😎 CNN will prolly claim he didn't work for them, that he was some dipsh*t, just trying to get in the pants of that chick! πŸ˜‚
  8. I always worked hard at keeping great relations with my parents & it paid off over & over...........I was the "good son"! Older brother is a big softie, so always had a good relation, just had is own issues in life that affected his rational relations with them. Younger sister is an addict, so she was always a rollercoaster of good times & bad times, even right up to both of their deaths. As executor, she made my life hell for over 2 years......I finally gave up on her. Younger brother is/was a little high maintenance, but a good guy, rubbed both Mom & Dad the wrong way on
  9. I have "rebuilt" numerous factory wiring harnesses! I save ALL junk harnesses, so I have plenty of excess wiring with the proper color codes, to repair what I need. Check out www.vintageconnections.com for new repop plugs & correct terminals.............you can NOT look up a vehicle, they do NOT know what fits your vehicle, so all you can do is go online & choose what you want! It is tedious, but you should be able to buy most of the plugs........and they are pristine white, not yellow!! 😎 I spent over $200++ & just bought multiples of all the plugs I recognized as early Datsun!
  10. Arrogance & BLATANT stupidity...................hope he & CNN go down in flames!! 😎 Hope to see much much more of this coming to light............🧐
  11. Lost Mom in 2017, Dad a year later in 2018. Still hard, but they still visit often!! 😊
  12. So here is my best attempt at posting a link to something..............let's hope it works! If somebody wants to post the video clip that is on here another way (like you guys have been doing it), go for it..........you won't offend me! https://www.projectveritas.com/news/part-1-cnn-director-admits-network-engaged-in-propaganda-to-remove-trump/
  13. I mentioned Mike Huckabee's show on TBN here before, this might be interesting to a number of you...................Trump will be his guest on this weekend's program, mentioned in the text below................ "The obvious one is what you are reading right nowβ€”the twice daily newsletter from www.mikehuckabee.com that I hope you pass on to your friends and urge them to sign up to receive. If you aren’t already listening to my podcast, β€œThe People’s Podcast” please subscribe at www.quakemedia.com/mike where you will hear extended interviews with newsmakers, policy experts, and other
  14. Sorry to hear that, but I'm sure she is in a better place & at peace 😊 I know others that have lost loved ones to Covid, but like you said, there are often underlying reasons like bad health (I think obesity is one of the big factors.....??). I've been lucky to not have lost anyone close to me. I personally have chosen NOT to get the vaccine, as it is simply not tested. Those that are getting the vaccine are the living human guinea pigs.......it is an ongoing study. The pharma's are pushing HARD for everyone to get it, so they can make there money. Yup, I drink, I smoke that legal stu
  15. As banzai said, the 280ZX (not 280Z) front strut upgrade offers a NARROWER track width than the stock 510 strut, by I think around 1in.......1/2in per side?? That is a GAIN of potential clearance out at the fender, depending on what offset wheel & what size tire, but by narrowing the track width, moving the wheel/tire in, you may very well lose some turning radius, as the tires can rub the inner fender areas on full lock (left or right). You give & take in numerous areas, especially the larger wheel/tire you go with! πŸ™„
  16. The aftermarket hub must have two small dowel pins sticking straight back towards the turnsignal switch 180deg apart from each other, to make contact with the cancellation arms, to cancel the turnsignal switch mechanically. Many aftermarket hubs either don't place these pins correctly or don't have them at all. I mod'd an earlier Nissan hub to fit my 1998 240SX that HAD an air bag. I remember that I had to buy two split dowel pins of the correct length, locate them properly on the back of the hub so they made contact with the cancellation arms, drill holes & press them in...........work
  17. Any FULL DIAMETER hub cap for a 14in steel wheel will fit, just like the 240Z-280Z, which is what that wheel looks like. You can not fit a small diameter "dog dish" hub cap, as there are no tabs for it to snap over. FYI look for a stamped "date code" on the FRONT lip (check all four!!), between the hub center with the slots & the outer hoop. The 1970 240Z "Series 1" steelies are worth $200-300 to the guy that needs a particular date code! Those would all have a 1969 or 1970 date code. Later 1971-1978 simply aren't in demand like the early ones.
  18. Unless Mike can tell you, give you a part # that he knows will work, your other option is to do the necessary research (my previous post ^^^^) using whatever measurements you can come up with here or own your own. You will struggle with parts on your 1976 710, cuz those cars kinda got lost in space..........nowhere near the parts support as the 68-73 510's, Z cars or trucks! But THAT'S what makes your car unique! 😎
  19. What would REALLY help him is a part # off of the old strut insert in that strut...........well, unless it is still oil filled like datzenmike said! The needed measurement is the length of the strut insert body (not overall) OR stick a tape measure down INSIDE the strut tube to the bottom & measure up to the bottom of the gland nut threads. This will offer a MAXIMUM length of the strut body that you can use. The other measurement needed is the tube diameter..........the early Z cars strut tubes were a smaller diameter than the 75-78 280Z/79-83 280ZX. If I was to GUESS, your 710 strut t
  20. I don't know......I've heard Latino women can be a handful!! πŸ™„ Or did you mean the car.....?? πŸ˜…
  21. You either need to have somebody like darzenmike measure a known 710 strut, or you pull yours to measure, so you know the largest insert you can fit. OR find the old part # for the 710 strut insert & hopefully find the measurements of that insert & compare to others. Like he said, you can retrofit a smaller insert, not a larger one! The MR2 inserts are short, as I have used them in ZX struts 😬
  22. I had MG Midget's back in high school in the early 80's, with mod'd 1275's. A buddy had a Datsun 1200 fastback, with a mod'd 1200.........I remember mostly Clifford Research parts. We raced home from school every other day. His older brothers had a couple 510's & a 2L Roadster over the years. One of the 510's was a beautiful Cactus Green 2dr, lowered on Mulhouland (sp?) suspension, dual carbs, wide silver steel wheels (maybe 240Z?). All I remember was getting that first ride in it, thinking how bad ass cool it was! That car got T boned sitting in his driveway by a drunk driver. I th
  23. X75 there is a new way to post pics! At the bottom left corner of YOUR response window here, it says "Drag files here or choose files". The pics must be less than 4MB, so you might have to compress them to post. This site had always required hosting pics on a website like Photobucket (everyone here says don't use that one!), but I simply don't host pics to post, so I can't help beyond this! You CAN also post pics in a TOPIC thread...................I sent you a Private Message (PM) explaining how. Hope that helps! Again, I have a box full of various knobs that I haven't tried to identify...........I buy & sell mostly 510 & Z car! I will look this weekend............. You won't ever find a Datsun specific junkyard these days, only goofballs like me that "collect" parts & parts cars, but again, I rarely have any known-to-be 411 parts! We go to COTA in Austin, for the big vintage race end of October/early November & run a couple of 240Z's! Pic below is at Road America in Wisconsin!
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