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  1. I think you are asking about installing the GLASS here? You do NOT need to use any RTV etc, unless you are re-using an old crusty seal that may not seal up properly. The felt glass run channel was not "glued in" from the factory, but a few spots will not hurt.......don't over do it! Once installed, get the glass back in & close the window overnight or so.........this will push the run channel in place & hold it. This new run channel will change your world!! 😎 I bought the eBay run channel out of Thailand/Taiwan for my 521, but I have not installed it yet............
  2. I'll admit......I DID have to google that word!! 🧐🤣
  3. What the hell are you guys up to now!!?? The Chinese charicature looks like it has Peronies Disease!! 🤣
  4. yenpit

    T3 Brake kit

    You can detail the crap out of a good set of ZX strut assemblies & brakes! Buy new ZX brake rotors/discs, have powdercoated your choice of color, have a brake shop buzz off the powdercoating on the pad surface, leaving the rest colored including the vented areas. Yes, most brake shops are willing to "cut" drilled and/or slotted rotors/discs, thus they should be able to buzz off the powdercoating! There are caliper rebuilding services that will powdercoat calipers in your choice of colors, but a good coat of caliper paint works ok too, just doesn't hold up to the brake heat as well. Powdercoat the strut tube assemblies. Install new color coded coilover springs. You can still buy the 280ZX grease caps, which come in yellow zinc. Like Mike says, the ZX brakes on a 510 work very well!
  5. Understand some use that terminology..............was trying to get him to clarify, cuz again, there are no large black wires going thru the firewall individually, from the factory! 😁
  6. .............maybe because the UK reports ACTUAL deaths only, where as it has now been proven (and admitted by the CDC) that here in the USA, they were reporting deaths where the person was carrying/infected with Covid, but did NOT actually die from Covid?? Again, just a big politicized mess here in the USA (and Canada and Australia and ??). Ugh.
  7. Ouch Mike!! There is nobody else like...........Dav 😆 I'm curious what you are struggling with? How the UK regime works or that the UK (and others) are lifting mandates?
  8. I'm wondering the same. I've heard that you will have the antibodies to fend it off, but there is no concrete evidence how LONG the antibodies are active. Like some reports have said, this man made mess is NOT going to go away any time soon..............I bet it lingers among the weaker. I take lots of the suggested supplements, but I'm buying some HCQ & Ivermectin now.............
  9. Electrical "lug" at the end? If you mean a NUT at the end, maybe the car had an aftermarket oil pressure gauge at some point, it might be a capillary tube for the oil from the engine to the gauge (now missing??). There are no large gauge black "wires" going THRU the firewall on its own, on a 1971 510............all of the black GROUND wires were inside the main harness & poked out when used as a ground or to attach to something electrical.
  10. Why is this pos still on here? The funny thing is, nobody "wants to work" with you, dumas 😉 Back to IGNORE..............
  11. I'm not jabbed, nor is my GF. We both got it over Christmas, both had most of the typical symptoms, she had a slight fever, I did not. Same outlook as jbirds510............we are healthy otherwise, so not interested in long term affects of a drug concoction, produced by big pharma & oddly being PUSHED by this joke of an "administration". I respect the decision of those that did get the jab, but I do NOT respect those that try preach to others & listen to what I believe are consistent lies within the CDC FDA NIH & the "administration". I made my decision long before this "administration" politicized it, now it is simply an unconstitutional train wreck, that we all have to deal with........... I have many friends that ARE jabbed & most have gotten sick recently, likely from Omicron (or whatever the hell it is). They too had similar symptoms as we did. My jabbed roommate is sick AS I TYPE THIS & she is miserable right now!
  12. yenpit

    L20b long block

    Best to find regionally, to save truck freight, but I do have an early L20B with the U60 or U67 (??) non emission big valve, big port head here in Denver. Sold as a core, as I never ran it. Would have to be truck freighted on a pallet, which costs these days.................LET'S GO BRANDON! PM me if interested! TJ
  13. I bet same as 510, which I have....................PM me! I think they are all the same on the cars, but which lamp ring do you need...........inner outer right left? I also have a 1972 521, but all the grille work is still in place. I'll see if I can see past the headlight trim panel to see this ring behind & compare to my 510 rings. TJ
  14. https://www.projectveritas.com/news/military-documents-about-gain-of-function-contradict-fauci-testimony-under/
  15. Riley at Lynchburg Nissan............ Something old- possibly 510 521 early 620 B210 / 620 77-79 was a A1681A
  16. Nissan USA still sells, but kinda expensive! There are numerous aftermarket..........I think even Precision (windshield, backglass seal etc mfr). I just bought off eBay for my 521, looks fine, but have not installed. Bottom line, being a B210, you might have to measure your car, but buy application that is longer? It always simply comes in a roll, so if a 510 2dr is longer, buy for the 510 2dr & trim to fit! Looks like Kelmo's pic shows the length for the B210.........?? The multiple pics/drawings are showing you where to "notch" or cut per car, which is helpful, but you can just mock it up, trim notches, then glue in place...........again, as long as what you buy is LONGER than what you need 😁
  17. So I'm curious............with NO PAPERWORK, could this car be imported to the USA? It's not a bad looking car & looks like dual Solex carbs. I would venture a GUESS that the right side fender did not damage the inner upper fender rail. If the car was originally black, it would have been sold to somebody with money........but the engine compartment looks like it might have originally been that silver color from that JDM era..........?? USA dollar $1300
  18. Always thought that would work!! Nice!! Are there two terminals on the 240Z? If so, one is a ground, whereas the 510 must simply ground thru the unit!
  19. Cuz if you MUTE her in the video clips, she's not too bad to look at, HOWEVER, imagine having a woman like that in your life!! Ugh 🤣
  20. I don't have for sale, but I'll see if I can see the part # tag on my 1972 dash harness, so you have a better chance of finding the exact one! If you can't find another harness, but you think you can repair yours, I WILL have a couple 1970-1972 510 dash harnesses, that you MIGHT be able to use as a donor harness to repair yours, as they are from the same era, so might be same color codes etc.......?? Check out vintageconnections for new plastic plugs & the correct terminals! They do NOT offer by application, but go on their webpage & you can choose VISUALLY.............you just need your old plugs to compare.
  21. The black Jensen Healey Huffacker is still running in vintage & has given us a battle or two in our Z cars! That 1964 Midget I had, had a Huffacker 1098cc 😎
  22. We had a couple other Spridgets in the group, but Trent was by far the fastest! Flare idea sounds cool! 😎
  23. Hmmmmmmm I bet we need to know if 68-71 column shift or 72-73 floor shift............?? 🙄
  24. Just buy them from Winners Circle!!!! 😁 I crewed for Terry's Jaguar Parts back in the 90's, Trent ran one of the fastest Midget's in the country! I remember one race at Road America, he miss shifted during practice, sheared the flywheel bolts! We yanked the engine, found new bolts, I was bolting down the passenger side engine mount while Trent warmed the car back up, my boss was holding the fiberglass hood behind me, I dive out of the way, hood dropped on, Trent was backing out of the paddock spot while we were stuffing the hood pins in place!! Ahhhhhh the good ol' days of mostly British stuff..............now it's mostly Datsun stuff!! 😎
  25. YES! One of our drivers spun & backed into the wall at Road America a few years ago. The PanelBond held up perfectly & the fiberglass tore off. Yes, all fixed now! 😁
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