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  1. This looks like the exact setup I was thinking about for my ride. Mind telling me why you're selling? Switching to something better? Could you also tell me what size that wheel is? Cheers and thanks!
  2. Thanks! That's exactly what I needed to know 👍
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! I'll give him a ring and see if he can do what I'm looking for.
  4. Maybe I'm putting this on the wrong board, but does anyone know any engine shops that they trust working on Datsun engines here in the Valley?
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. It looks like I'm going to be sending some goodies back to t3 for the proper parts now lol. They said that "wouldn't be a problem" so we'll see how well they hold up to that. From what you guys have said and looking up some more info I think I'm going to go with 250 or 200lbs. What do you think would be better for a spirited a14? I've decided I'm gonna go EFI so I'm hoping to make something right under 100hps by the time I'm done. So 200lbs?
  6. Makes sense. How much did you have to cut your casings to make the mr2 strut fit? I don't know what the original spring rates off the top of my head are for my 79' 210, but I got 300lbs coilover springs from Hypercoil that came with the t3 kit. I know they're definitely stiffer than stock but I am not sure exactly how much more, I ordered based on the recommendation from the service rep I was dealing with. Stickers on the car say car's "emissions curb weight" is 2,250 pounds or something like that. So if I have stiffer springs how do I know how short a strut I can run?
  7. I was just thinking about this. Might have to send my camber plates and top hats back to t3 if that's the case and I decide going this route. Still want to see if anyone has tried this combination before with their ZX or 510. Looks like someone posted something in classifieds that looks like what I might be trying to make but I am not sure what struts he has in them.
  8. Does having a shorter length affect ride height?
  9. Nice, so Illumina's. Good choice from what I hear. What's the difference between s12 strut casings and 280zx casings? And you shortened how? Like you cut the strut casing shorter? To make the Illumina's fit? Did you tap new threads in the cut casing?
  10. are these mr2 rear struts inside of 280zx casings? If so then I think this is exactly what I might be trying to make right now and I wasn't sure if it was possible. What struts are in there and did you have to change you upper hat / camber plate to match the new strut?
  11. So I got my hands on a set of 280zx front strut assemblies and got them taken apart and almost ready for the T3 kit I got here looking pretty on the shelf. I went with the DIY kit to save money and am now wondering what struts I can consider ordering for the front. I know many people just go with KYB Excel-G and have no complaints, but I would like the added benefit of adjust-ability. So I started scrolling through the parts catalog of KYB AGX's and came across something that looked similar to the struts that I just took out of these 280zx casings, and also what T3 seems to use on
  12. So I went to drivetrain.com That link should take you to exactly the page that has Datsun transmission rebuild kits. I called them to ask about f4w60 rebuild kits and they said they don't have kits with synchros for either f4w60 or the five speed kits. They might have gotten more recently but I haven't called in a while. There was a different website that I found that would let you buy synchros direct from Japan but I forget what that was 🤷‍♂️ 😅 I'll try to get back to you on that one. datsun1200.com also has a page on synchros that shows what their part numbers are depending on wh
  13. This is more or less what I've found from comparing part numbers between the different transmissions. So it seems like I'll have to buy the 4 speed kit w/o synchros in order to get the right bearings, and the 5 speed kit w/synchros in order to get well... the synchros. Little annoying but I guess that's just how it's gotta be then huh?
  14. Hey peoples of the internet, I was trying to find a rebuild kit for my 4 speed tranny, f4w60, but it looks like there are only kits w/o synchros. The only kits w/synchros that I have found available are for the 5 speed FS5W60L (Rally shift). How different is the 5 speed rebuild kit from the 4 speed? Is it the same but w/synchros and one extra one, or does it have different bearings and seals too? Meanwhile I'll continue cross referencing on datsun1200 so I might just answer my own question, but I'm hoping someone else might already have an answer or has
  15. Okay how and where did you get those bumpers!?
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