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  1. Mattndew76

    Engine Porn (beyond ... saturation)

    Capri V6 has some power. Salvadorian friend of mine has one and it has amazing power for such an ugly item.
  2. Mattndew76

    Draker's 1972 1200 Sedan - "The Pickle"

    Put it under the sprinkler
  3. Mattndew76

    Engine Porn (beyond ... saturation)

    So much nice work done on this
  4. Mattndew76

    Source for a 1200 Steering Box

    Icehouse has his beautiful front cross-member that can accommodate a newer steering setup so you can eliminate the old box.
  5. Mattndew76

    Truck Porn

    That ute was done sooooo right
  6. Mattndew76

    1961 Uni Hauler

    Picked up the Uni a few weeks back and want to post some progress as I go. This rig will be a fix up as I Drive type setup, but currently isnt driving... Items bought and need to install. -Power Disc Brake Kit -Power Steering System -Wood Bed kit -Fancy Red seat. -New Marker lights -FiTech 600 EFI kit Bout it so far. Rats nest wiring installed by the last owner.... Getting links set BRB
  7. Mattndew76

    1961 Uni Hauler

    Just organizing the right bundles bout sent me over the edge. Wife kept interrupting so it took far longer to restring than it should have.
  8. Mattndew76

    1961 Uni Hauler

    Agree its only slight degree better
  9. Mattndew76

    1961 Uni Hauler

  10. Mattndew76

    Ignition coil mounting?

    I haven't seen oil filled coils fail either vertical or horizontal, But I have seen them fail when subjected to lots of unnecessary vibration.
  11. Mattndew76

    Draker's 1972 1200 Sedan - "The Pickle"

  12. Mattndew76

    Draker's 1972 1200 Sedan - "The Pickle"

    I have a factory manifold with injector bungs. Want it? Adapter plate for a Throttle body too. It can be setup to look like a Carburetor setup.
  13. Mattndew76

    Datsun Billet Group buy interest?

    I am placing this on the floor to kick around. I have some spare time and material to knock out some production runs of Datsun Billet items. What I am offering is a 25% discount off any of the single item price of any Billet part I make for Datsun. Its the same discount I give to any of my manufacturing clients when 10+ items have been purchased. I am also offering this discount on any item I could produce but have not already. Such as Camber Plates for various makes in the Datsun family. This would have a longer wait time for delivery and a thread for development purposes, but the offer would still carry 25% discount if enough people wanted in. I make: (510): RCA's, R160-R180 Diff Covers, CV adapters 930 / Type II, Interior C Pillar Vents, and 2 Door B Pillar Trim. (B110-1200): RCA's, Billet Control arms, Billet windshield vent plates (Not the cowl scoops). Anything Datsun can be made within reason. Please comment if you as a group have any interest with other Datsun makes. 10+ buyers would be required to get the large lot order discount. If this materializes into a manufacturing purchase I would need a Ratsun member of good reputation ;) to champion the organization of the buy so I can focus on the production. Thank you for interest. Matthew D. 541-510-3417 mattndew02@yahoo.com https://instagram.com/md_machine/
  14. Mattndew76

    Car Porn

  15. Mattndew76

    Datsun Billet Group buy interest?

    As of this week I will no longer be making Datsun parts or orders. I'm going to put away all my Datsun items along with my production contracts. I really want to pursue my hobbies. The home business along with the daily 40-50 hour grind has really gotten OLD. Sorry guys. No more Datsun stuff from this guy.
  16. Mattndew76

    What have you done to your 1200 lately

    Build the budget and watch the Mrs. find other things to spend it on?
  17. Mattndew76

    Car Porn

  18. Mattndew76

    Car Porn

  19. Mattndew76

    Datsun 510 2 door sedan "SHAKOTN"

    Clean. Very clean. :thumbup:
  20. Mattndew76

    S10 Blazer Build

    Good Job cleaning that up! I used to have one of these and loved every minute of it.
  21. Mattndew76

    Mr Big Tanker's watermelon wagon.

    MAGA!! Moddin A Goon Again
  22. Mattndew76

    Truck Porn

    Beautiful string of patina ladies.
  23. I just woke up. WTf happened?
  24. Mattndew76

    1961 Uni Hauler

    Got the o2 bung welded up by Kyle. He built the inzanity 240Z
  25. Mattndew76

    18volt Power wheels Jeep


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