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  1. Honestly speaking If ANTIFA would stop calling them Nazi's and seeking communist control, they could align with these guys in a very powerful group against the government.
  2. I totally get his message, but he is way too late to the party of opinion. He deserves no credence being a career liar. These guys are supposed to be the law n order supporters but they killed a law man. It is a rich irony in contrast of reputation. The sign that the Q-turds and Trumpers gave up on the Blue line was weeks before at state level protests.
  3. Saying its Dog whistling is self associating. You can call anything you want a silent message for anything you feel deserved. Just like this. Your response is definitely a dog whistle saying its ok to excuse the looting of innocent people in the name of a false narrative. Do you Q too? Instead of kids being stored in a pizza shop basement, Racists are hiding under a donut shop?
  4. This guy has absolute no room to talk about anything to do with hypocrisy. Fucker was caught making up stories and telling them over broadcast TV. He cant even get facts right about this either. Officer was beaned in the head with a fire extinguisher not "beating" by anyone. There is video of it happening.
  5. The 1 death I attribute to the hands of a Q-tard participant in the capitol riot. As are the 30 attributed to active participation in the peaceful riots from the BLM people. The other casualty although very tragic is a consequence of bad action and the officer who shot her will also see some form of consequence. As for the peripheral medical emergency deaths.. Covid-19
  6. Its not an opinion. 12% or the Bernie bros cast votes for the Cheeto. This demo was enough to give the advantage over Hilda Beast Cunton in the key electoral states she lost.
  7. Trump got his biggest amount of voter support from the populist Bernie jump. Not from the GOP.
  8. I want to clarify too. I do not for one moment support what happened in DC. I do not support what BLM morphed into after week 1 of protests for Treyvon. What I do want is for people to stop perpetuating some false ethical tribal stance that any of the things going on are more righteous than the other. They're both radical thrashing stupid violent mobs piggy backing on an actual justified problem. Racism is bad on all levels regardless of what direction it is pointed. Federal power consolidation is also bad no matter the direction its pointed as well. Both of these groups want the government off their backs or necks, but are being told that either side is the one causing their problems. Its fucking nuts and its nuts watching everyone in here attempt to excuse their perceived side being justified to act like assholes. BLM has lost the fight as soon as they killed and looted. Q-Tard's lost the fight when they stormed the capitol, caused a death (murdered a cop), and ruined any real chance of debate within the Rotunda.
  9. This is how I see you Tr8er after seeing some of your positions.
  10. You haven't began to understand the other side then. Trump happened for a reason and until you do the work to understand why he happened. You will continue to be wrong. Also BLM isnt fighting for discrimination. Within the first week when the true protest took place and it very much was about a good protest. After that it was a co-opted shit show that killed people, ruined lives, and morphed into seeking POWER.
  11. I am not even emotional in the retort. I know you are very capable of taking an extended amount of effort to research . You have the moderate tools to do so, and I hold you to a higher regard. What I see odd is that you permit the action for a political activist group who has 30 deaths under their belt and over 1-Billion in property damage as less than, and not equal to the same tactics but coming from the other ideological direction... BLM + 30 people killed + 1 Billion in property damage. = Benevolence (definitely not a picture perfect example of civil rights) Q-Tards + 1 person killed + $25,000 Property damage = EVIL FASCIST NAZIS
  12. Where does it say he partook in the siege of the capitol building? Or are you making the leap for everyone? Earlier you made the assertion that the officials were "Held at gunpoint" Now you are scraping for this to be your validation?? While these riots were going on residents in Virginia had guns!!! He was charged with Threats and possession, and wasn't part of the merry band of Q-Tards.
  13. given the last few weeks it’s been gaining resemblance to the USA though. It’s worth a few posts.
  14. Was the election all on the up and up? I don't think it was, but not in the grandiose conspiricy of the Dominion machines. Just from the defaming conspiricy that company is likely to never be allowed in several states though. If people had been paying attention in 2019 a team of lawyers under the democrat party had been challenging voting rules in several states in an effort to make it easier to unseat Trump through auto registration and mail in voting. The team succeeded at going around the legislation in these states, and went unchallenged. What helped their cause was a new covid-19 virus and I don't think they saw that coming, but sure as hell took advantage of the circumstance. (never let a good opportunity to spread fear go by) The rules were changed to favor one side of the isle, but through court means. Will these changes stand after having been a glaring flaw in this election? Who knows. So far what has been seen is that the rule changes happened in an unconstitutional way. People want to say that "Even Trumps judges threw out his cases.". In a legal sense the cases were all thrown out on procedure or Laches not on the Merit. Even though Trump appointed these judges didn't endear them to him. These judges were all selected by Mitch McConnell not Trump. Trump just facilitated the nomination. So in the world of politics Trump never stood a chance at any of this. Its not a huge secret that the established system and old guard hated his guts. The legal system was used in a very very devious way. No conspiricy but factual.
  15. Terwilliger Hot Springs above cougar is a good soak. Been going to that place since middle school in the 80's. I want to hate Hoodoo for being such strict care takers of it, but they have improved the safety and optics of the pools.
  16. Why wasn't she wearing one if it was concern in the pew being less than 6 feet from another person. I don't go to a lecture or social event and take my pants off. Nanni Pelosi had also said it was "Mandatory" within the rotunda to be masked. Her own panic actions cannot be attributed to others. Did the other people in the room panic, and forget their masks too? Were there any masks readily available in the secure room? I just don't trust any of these fuckers. Rage bait flows from both sides. The current events should have given everyone a consensus about how none of these people truly represent their constituents.
  17. Two groups that had so much in common and could have done so much together. One group fought the Federal Police state, and the other fights the State and City level police state. City and Rural with a common fight.
  18. Did you read my whole comment? Not being snarky but up front. Please read my comment again?
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