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  1. lol I love how she has a universal connection and two drive extensions, and a whole lot of side booby.
  2. More less than destruction, but the officer in this video is the type that should never hold a badge.
  3. Its worn out. I have already expressed myself several times in other threads. Like I said though. I can cherry pick too, but really these people need to be left alone. I am pretty sure they are drowning in their own guilt of irresponsibility and I absolutely detest vulture media for blasting their tragedy out for all the nutters to feel some stupidly false moral authority. Secure your weapons, and be extra vigilant within a house containing littles.
  4. Kicked his legs to the moon. His head took that last step.
  5. I see no issue with it, but we are playing by the woke rules now. 🤷‍♀️
  6. We could start a Bull Shit Guild like the Pulitzer. Then bestow the yearly diarrhea goblet upon the most egregious bull shit story.
  7. Well that super smart corporate attorney is dumber than a box of hair clippings.
  8. Facts are empirical and verifiable. Opinion are rescripts of bias based observation or outright lies. Never can be factual because there is no way to verify the validity of perception. For some reason our populous through entertainment or some form of social media have given more importance to opinion over fact. We have become less resolve as to what is empirical.
  9. For anyone wanting to do the DIY I can make these flanges for less. ($175.00 to be exact) I can also make the rest of the items, but come close to 1000-1200 for everything. https://www.xcessivemanufacturing.com/nissan-intake-ka-n-ka24de-bif-ni.html
  10. HA HA HA. She probably has teeth occupying the south mouth too.
  11. That is how much it would cost per unit. Time + Material. Surface Kellering and sanding take some time. I can make weld up kits too, but you still have the expense of having them welded up.
  12. I can make them but no one wants to pay the $1200.00 it takes to cover my expense and time.
  13. Look like Canada and the USA have the Elite who see no wrong in taking money from Lobbyists. Did the DNC help fund Trudeaus party to prominence?
  14. These fucks literally are in it to sell out the nation.
  15. This just keeps getting deeper and deeper. Kamala too?
  16. Fucken Mittens Romney is involved in the money laundering side of this scandal too... kinda goes to show why he was the only GOP to vote for Trumps removal in the senate.
  17. Biden's are sick fuckers!! Not only is there a massive suspicion of Joe being a molester of children, but his son Hunter had pictures of himself with a naked 14yr old female in sexual positions.. That girl was his niece or cousin...
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