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  1. Made the Ford a custom union for the brakes. couldn’t find the correct combo I needed.
  2. I am condemning myself to hell for how much I hate and loath these people in office.
  3. I made more stuff, but for an L-Series.
  4. https://www.thesun.ie/tvandshowbiz/7793101/alec-baldwin-hayla-hutchins-accident-shooting/
  5. It was an actual bullet. The film takes place in the 1880's so its likely a .45 long colt revolver. The bullet passed through the woman and into the director.
  6. Live rounds are what you use in firearms. They have a primer, powder, and projectile. Blanks have a primer, powder, and crimped end. No projectile.
  7. Brandon was killed from a stuck projectile left behind in the barrel of the revolver. The blank then provided the concussive force to make the stuck dummy lead round lethal. Alec had a weapon that was loaded with LIVE rounds. Information coming out also pins Alec for using the weapons on set unsafely in several instances and caused a walk off from the staff. regardless of him being an absolutely abhorrent human. This deserves a manslaughter investigation. Many people are at fault, but the one who pulls the trigger holds the most amount of fault.
  8. Just speculation but I am sure they were filming in slow motion and deliberately were using a live round to capture the exit of the round from the barrel, but the hang fire is what killed. Click..............30-40 seconds and people are now standing in the fire line of the barrel. Who knows though. We have to wait for more details.
  9. Anyone watching the defense of this Turd Burger? "Poor Alec, imagine what he is going through." Anyone who thinks this shit bag deserves sympathy is a vapidly stupid cunt. Always treat your weapons with the utmost respect and follow all safety protocol. Check your rounds in a safe manner before use!!! I hope this fucker gets raped in a civil case for this. The whole dang movie production deserves to be taken to civil proceedings, and since Alec has had extensive experience with movies guns... He deserves to be brought up on manslaughter charges.
  10. I'm fucking tired. Open the fucking gates and let this shit run. All who live then welcome, and all who die.....RIP
  11. I think I’m going to watch that movie now.
  12. been playing in your toilette?
  13. 80% of infections and deaths reported by the UK in the UK are of vaccinated people. Does the jab prevent death? NO The goal post is now semantically changed to "Will prevent death in SOME." Best measure against the DEATH is to have been leading a healthy life with a good diet and exercise. At this point the jab does jack shit, and even the "Prevents death in SOME." is just the latest goal post made of BULL SHIT. https://stuartbramhall.wordpress.com/2021/09/28/uk-hospital-data-shocks-the-world-80-of-covid-deaths-are-among-the-vaccinated-covid-deaths-up-3000-after-vaccine-wave/
  14. Four months ago my wife was instructed by her employer AmTrak to get the Pfizer jab. As of this morning she tested positive for Covid-19 and her symptoms are parallel to my own when infected. So no mitigation of symptoms come from the vaccine either. Does the the "vaccines" work? In my anecdotal experience. NO
  15. No argument from me. I’m on board for all of this.
  16. what vax did you get? J&J single shot only gives you protection for 2 months. Then drops to 3% efficacy. Modern and Pfizer drops to 30% efficacy in the same time frame and dips 10% each concurrent month. it’s why they claim boosting will help… Yet it will only do the same as the first 2. Its why the FDA said it isn’t recommended that anyone below 67 without an adjacent risk get a booster. Of the people 67 and bolder only people with medical conditions are approved. people are getting their 3rd jabs without FDA or CDC panel approval.
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