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  1. ............yikes! Are you sure there isn't anything else down in the bottom of the strut tube?
  2. Yup, that oring will hold it in, so dig that sucka out, then the internal parts should come out! Sounds like you will have parts like what datzenmike posted pics of. All of the "aftermarket" manufacturers of strut inserts (shocks) were self contained units that drop down inside the strut tube. If the strut insert is SHORTER & the big gland nut does not tighten down on it, you will simply need to make a shim to take up the play.......the strut insert MUST be tight inside the strut tube. That shim can go in the bottom OR on the top.
  3. Hainz, is the 521 wired like this "late" style 510 or different? I think DanielC mapped out one of these relays for the 521................I just haven't done it yet! Hoping to get the truck in the shop, now that business has unfortunately slowed down.........
  4. ............ha, haven't even looked at my 521! If it is a SINGLE line master, I will be upgrading that one too!
  5. The 1968 510 was a SINGLE line master cylinder. These are GROSSLY dangerous, cuz if ONE corner of the car loses its brakes, ie split rubber hose, RWC failure etc, you lose ALL of your brakes! You can install a 69-73 DUAL line master cylinder, using all of the original dual line master components, OR you can re-plumb the hard lines as you wish, which splits the front vs rear reservoir, thus at least maintaining either front or rear brakes! It is a great upgrade on a 1968! My 1965 Mustang GT has a factory SINGLE line master................I will be upgrading it with a DUAL line master "kit", available in the aftermarket............but it's a Mustang, so there is a kit available! I would rather be safe than original, even tho it is a GT model!
  6. Full throttle (WideOpenThrottle) is key & pedal COMFORT. We fab custom accelerator set ups in our vintage race Z cars. You should set up a pedal STOP bracket, on the bulkhead, behind the pedal. This bracket should have an adjustable STOP (ie a bolt head) that the pedal would just about touch at WOT. You likely do NOT want the pedal standing straight up & down, should tilt toward the firewall like the factory. My guess is that 45deg angle on the floor might be TOO MUCH TILT toward the firewall, so maybe ~30deg..........?? Hope that helps!
  7. The plug is the very common 6 "slot" that can take up to 6 terminals, male-female push together plug, used on other various components ie the voltage regulator! Of course, you can also fill only 4 or 5 "slots" with terminals, does not matter to the plug! My 1972 521 will use this same 6 terminal plug, but I will only have 4 terminals filled..........2 on each end.
  8. Yup, that's the black box relay I bought a few years ago! Last time that guy listed a small batch of them for sale, stating he doesn't always have them available. crashtd420.........vintageconnections.com has all of the correct Datsun plastic plugs! We use them now in all of our repairs & mods in our shop, especially on a restored/painted car..........NEW plugs look killer cool! If a car is NOT restored/painted, sometimes a good USED plug just looks better to match all the other old plugs! I spent about $150 on a bunch of NEW plugs, terminals & the two "poke" tools to easily disconnect/dislodge the terminals out of the old plugs. Only problem with vintageconnections is that they do NOT offer applications, so you have to visually pick & choose the plugs that you want. I think all of the Datsun's used the simple push together male-female plugs up thru at least the mid 1970's............we are stripping out a 1976 280Z right now & that series car uses the clip together male-female plugs. You will see what I mean if you go on their website!
  9. Button?? Are you referring to the brake light switch at the pedal? I ALWAYS replace them on every Datsun project, cuz even the OEM switch is kinda crappy quality & of course they do wear out! They ARE still available from Nissan. I have a 1972 521, original fuse box was toast, bought an NOS Niles fuse box on eBay from Thailand, was NOT correct, but I was able to easily modify it to match my original fuse box. Haven't installed it yet 🙄 . I also bought the Blue Sea aftermarket fuse box, but won't swap over to that right now. Be careful with the 521 wiring diagrams found online.........I'm not sure they are correct for the USA spec 521's. They show the headlight switch as a 6 wire, but my 72 521 is a 4 wire. The JDM spec headlight switch was a 6 wire, cuz they had factory fog lamps that were switched by the headlight switch!
  10. Yes, but I don't host & post pics!! There was a guy a couple years ago that made the later version, using a late model black plastic relay, with the correct Datsun plug, but I can't find his contact! Same plug for early version, but wires/terminals must be different, cuz it did NOT work on an earlier car. Without having looked at my wiring diagrams, I'm guessing that the early vs late version probably changed somewhere 1971-1972......?? I'm working on finding a USED relay for slim_jimmy7!
  11. yenpit

    My 1970 Dime

    Nice & welcome! W58 cyl head should be a big valve, big port, although considered an emission head (don't worry about that!). What carburetion? If a single downdraft carb, whether OEM Hitachi or a Weber 32/36............wonder which intake manifold is on it? Rear "runner", look for the casting #.......likely W46 or W58. W46 is a small port to the cyl head, so would be smaller than the big port on the cyl head itself...........not ideal, but NOT a bad thing. W58 is a big port to the cyl head, so would be a big port intake, which should match the big port on the cylinder head itself. Hope that makes sense! TJ
  12. yenpit

    71 Dat project

    Thanks for asking, but I love it! There is a guy in Europe looking for one...............I am willing to handle the shipping. What condition? Curious......what color is this one OR what color was your replacement? I'm trying to buy a darker green parts 521 in your neck of the woods, just can't get thru to the guy! PS even without a Datsun on the road, is a fun group to hang out with in May! TJ
  13. yenpit

    71 Dat project

    Wow, nice! We are planning a Datsun meet up in Boulder for Sat May 9th...................well, if we are "allowed to"!! Be a bit of a haul for you, but something fun to do! I'm hoping to have my 72 521 flat bed up & running by then! TJ Arvada
  14. ...........his is likely a SSS RHD layout, so will need a JDM illustration & wiring diagram! Hope that's what rosso sent you! 😎
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