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  1. yenpit

    My Little Goon...

    I typically use the 87-up Acura Integra & 88-98 Honda Prelude. Personally I don't like the Accord or Civic, except for the kinda RARE 88-91 Civic Si's......those are nice! I think many of the Subaru seats will fit, but never had any. I always use the slide rails that come on the seats, not the 510 rails. Most will require some trimming & bending of the rail ends/feet & sometimes a spacer or three on one or two of the rail ends/feet. Once trimmed, you really should weld in some small gussets to re-strengthen the rail ends/feet. The fronts are usually even with each other cuz they mount on a raised sub-floor/sub-frame (just like the 510!), the rears are often staggered cuz they mount on the floor pan. I usually don't use the original 510 stamped steel seat risers, cuz the later seat slide rails look pretty stout to me! Hope that helps! TJ
  2. If it doesn't pop out of reverse & doesn't make to nasty of a noise.....leave it! At Pittsburgh, go say hello to John Ross.......he bought his blue/yellow Z from a local friend & his silver Z from us! Grattan is an AWESOME small track! I lived in Kalamazoo & Holland for 22 years, went to all of the Grattan & Gingerman vintage events! I know Dean! He always has nice cars! If you get to Road America, maybe ask Dean what rear end gear ratio you should run.........it is a FAST HIGH SPEED track! Last year our driver hit 148mph in his L28 powered 240Z (Ninja green & Subie blue). We are aiming to break 150mph this year............. Check us out online & on Facebook (FB much more active!)! TJ Ignite Performance Arvada CO 80002
  3. yenpit

    F/S: Various Parts

    Berlin MD baby! Grew up in Silver Spring, Mom & Dad retired to OP in 1997, gone now, I'm the executor of the estate (ugh!). Hey, wanna buy a waterfront house in Ocean Pines? I will be back in OP in 6-8 weeks, would like to come look at the parts. I will be loading up a truck/trailer to haul personal stuff back here to Colorado, so might be great for both of us...........no shipping! I would be interested in knowing what you would want for ALL of it..................let's talk via messaging...........I'll send you a PM. TJ Denver CO
  4. Nice project! My 4dr was that same yellow. You would be surprised how clean sandblasting will get "hard parts" like the suspension stuff! If metal is pitted (but clean) from the oxidation, just painting it will likely show the pitting. POR15 or equivalent is much thicker, so hides pitting better. Powdercoating is much thicker yet & will hide alot of the pitting. Things like the sway bar hole being worn & oval'd out can be welded up & re-drilled. There's always a way!
  5. Saw SteveE on the510realm says he has for you! I DO have two, but both are typically obviously worn......they WOULD work, but they would have a level of noise/hum that scares people. If Steve can't help, let me know! TJ
  6. Is yours destroyed OR just kinda chewed up? Almost ALL reverse gears will have obvious wear cuz no synchro & so many people jamb into reverse without making a complete stop and/or double clutching or going from a forward gear TO reverse etc etc. We will use an obviously worn gear in a rebuild............biggest drawback is it can be a little noisy, but only in reverse. I will look, as I have two Z/ZX parts tranny's, but neither will be perfect by any means! Are you going to The Hawk at Road America? We will be there with two 240Z's! TJ Ignite Performance Denver CO
  7. yenpit

    My Little Goon...

    The L18's are in demand by the SCCA & some vintage race guys to conform to displacement rules, so if you sell, aim for them! Most street car guys are going L20B or some variation of a later NIssan twin cam swap! Nice project! TJ
  8. I should have! Is the LID a 2 bolt or the later 3 bolt? TJ
  9. The WAGON rear seat is ultimately completely different....not worth considering cuz VERY heavy, cuz has a steel frame & backing! If you are looking for seating, I usually use Honda Prelude..........I like the 1st & 3rd generations. Although I haven't done it yet, I pulled both the front & rear seating out of a 98 Prelude, figured a good upholstery guy could cut up the REAR seat & modify to fit the 510, thus matching the front seats! Good luck! TJ
  10. Yes the 280ZX front struts are a GREAT option. Yes, the 68-73 510 upper adjustable camber plates will fit if you decide to go with coilover springs up front. Keep in mind there are ALWAYS smaller fabrication issues, but these ^^^^ are the BIG ones to tackle, to get you started! TJ
  11. We heard he blew the engine in 2017 or early 2018 & the builder wouldn't back up his work.............😑 No reason to go into that here! If you make it to The Hawk in July, we are the Ninja green & Subbie blue 240Z! TJ Ignite Performance Denver CO
  12. We met the Blaha brothers racing at Road America..............they are FAST! Did Mike's brother get his vintage race Z back together? TJ Ignite Performance Denver CO
  13. Who is your buddy.........might know him! I was in SW MI for 22 years, so knew lots of the midwestern Datsun people! TJ
  14. You ever get out to Road America, just north of Milwaukee? We always race at least one 240Z at The Hawk Vintage Race in mid July. If you do, you BETTER bring this Goon, so I can see it! Wow, killer cool!! 😎 TJ Ignite Performance Arvada CO
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