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  1. Gotta agree with Mike...........that later generation 510 simply doesn't command that kind of money, however it IS a great car & it IS in excellent condition! Problem is, finding necessary trim parts & some "hard parts" like your struts on the 710 will be hard to find. This later generation just never gained the following like the 68-73 510's 🤔 Now we know what to get Mike for his birthday! 😁
  2. So this is another similar situation.............the auto flex plate for your 1976 710 with the L20B engine is NOT listed (again, a bit of an oddball Datsun, so kinda "forgotten"), but it is the same flex plate as a 1978 280Z. Go to rockauto.com, look up "NISSAN (they do not list Datsun!) 1978 280Z, transmission-automatic, flex plate". It is the same part! https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/nissan,1978,280z,2.8l+l6,1209260,transmission-automatic,flexplate,8608
  3. Toyota MR2! So this is what we mean about thinking outside the box to use a part off another car, if your part is not available! I have used the MR2 strut inserts (shocks), but was few years ago....maybe someone else can tell you exactly what YEAR Toyota MR2.........or try googling something like "datsun mr2 stuts" etc.
  4. I have a 1980 2WD parts truck. I have the brake booster & the NON power steering box. Both still in a pretty clean 77k mile truck that was wrecked, so pretty good chance they are good parts! PM if interested! You will want to figure out a seat or seats regionally, cuz would need to ship via truck freight otherwise 😆. A KC has more room for the seat(s) to go back further, so you should be able to fit just about any mini truck bench (narrower than mid size) & just about any pair of buckets! We us lots of Honda Acura buckets in 510's. You will likely need to fabricate ho
  5. Surprising that ZcarDepot lists it as fitting "all 5speeds"............no mention of the early difference. To recap, the early 1977-1978 280Z/1979-1980 280ZX 5speed has a phenolic 5th synchro, not brass. This discontinued NLA NLS phenolic synchro can be flipped around to utilize the other side that was never used.....unless somebody already did that! The complete rebuild kit from Cobra Transmissions, comes with 5 brass synchro's, you simply don't use the 5th one in the early trans.
  6. I will have if you can't find regionally! 😁
  7. You obviously saw my eBay listing, so there ya go! FYI it is a tapered hole, so you can't simply ream earlier arms 😁 Mike, we had 1973 2dr only 510 with L16 (had valve relief pistons!!), then 1974 610. I think all our 610's were L18, but rarely see, so maybe later L20B..........??
  8. Yup OP was incorrect if he wants 14mm.....hope he doesn't buy 70-71!! Did Canada get a 1974 510? We did not. The 610 came out here in 1974........... Actually, maybe he just needs steering arms, regardless of 68-71 11mm or 72-73 14mm.........?? OP if you just need a pair of the earlier 11mm, I have plenty of those much cheaper, as most want upgrade to the 72-73 14mm ball joint. Let me know!
  9. You can start here.......... www.americasfrontlinedoctors.org 😁 You can get on this EMAIL newsletter.............. www.mikehuckabee.com 😉 I don't preach, but if I'm asked, I answer. I try not to be imposing & I ALWAYS listen to other ideas, theories & thoughts. I do, however, have my beliefs & they very well may not be the same as even family & friends, let alone others. Covid is real, it is a dangerous strain, but it is not what main stream news & social media has made it out to be. The survival rate is documented at around 97%, which
  10. 1974 what model Mike?
  11. Thanks for stealing my pic off eBay...............🙄 PS they are 1972-1973 510, not 68-71 😉
  12. I agree on a lower revving street car, the upper seals may not need replacing, however that rubber boot won't hold residual fluid in if they do leak! That boot is a "dust boot" to keep dirt out. We tried that the first time, even with a tight zip tie........did not hold fluid in! The welch plug is easily "popped" out, once you have the upper shift shaft removed. Hold the cast iron shifter coupler in hand & gently tap the other end of the shaft on a piece of wood, the shaft will slip thru the coupler towards the backside of the welch plug & POP! out it comes. We typicall
  13. We replace the upper shift shaft oring & seal on every rebuild, as most rebuilds go into our vintage race builds, where the consistent RPM's are higher, thus a much higher chance of throwing gear oil up into that upper area of the gearbox, thus pushing fluid out thru the shifter area. A street car may not have an issue! The oring & seal are still available from Nissan. What other parts weren't? Most "hard parts" ie gears, shafts, forks, hardware etc are long gone NLS NLA. I have never searched for a replacement taper pin, so maybe that's one of the parts you mean?
  14. The mess that Maxine Waters created with her big ugly mouth, some are saying it might give the cop a fighting chance at an appeal.............🤞 That poor guy won't last long in prison 😒
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