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  1. You can easily make that steel tube...........buy a long straight FUEL line at NAPA etc, bend to suit using a proper tube bending tool (cheap at NAPA), use a P clip to locate it off of one of the front cylinder head access plate bolts, short piece of rubber hose at each end, hose clamp tight! Grab a measurement of the breather hole in the block, I might have a tube. Unfortunately, I do not know which tube you need, so I would need a measurement. You can run a rubber hose from the OEM tube, up to the OEM PCV on the intake OR just install a small PCV vent filter on the tube & plug the PCV hole on the intake. You likely know this, but DO NOT BLOCK THAT PCV HOLE IN THE BLOCK! If you are getting more blow by/crank case pressure than normal, run that hose to a catch can, cuz you will likely have some additional oil vapors, which can & will need to go somewhere! Hope that helps! TJ
  2. The 79-83 280ZX front strut assemblies will eventually bolt in with your typical coilover upgrade. If you are looking for additional ground clearance, cranking the coilovers UP to raise it should work out just fine, I suppose! The 68-73 510 upper adjustable camber plates will bolt up, using whatever strut you use. FYI the Subaru & Honda RT4WD guys build spacers to fit on TOP of the strut assemblies to raise up. I think the A10 Wagon will have conventional leaf springs in the rear with the axle on the TOP of the spring, so consider flipping the axle to the BOTTOM of the spring to raise up..............you will need to fab the spring mounting plates! Cool idea to potentially raise it! Once raised up, you should be able to find a cool OEM Datsun/Nissan or aftermarket wheel combo.........the bolt pattern is a relatively common 4x114.3 mm, same as 4x4.5 inches. TJ Denver CO
  3. Do you want the coolant bypass steel tube or the short bypass rubber hose? If steel tube, do you have an old damaged one to see WHICH style tube you need or is it missing? I have a few different L series styles, but they always seemed difficult to figure out! Happy to try to help! Are you running a completely stock crankcase breather system with the OEM PCV hose? If not, I've seen many breather tubes cut short to make clearance for headers & other intake & exhaust mods, then just run a rubber hose or a small vent filter. Either way, I might have a breather tube that works for you. Yes, I believe that the diameter of the L16 breather tube is different from the L20B, but I haven't seen enough L18's to know, but it should be the same as one of them. Do you have a measurement of the hole in the block? TJ Denver CO
  4. Installing a NEW aftermarket Weber 32/36 is a great option. Don't know of any REBUILT stock Hitachi carbs available any more. I will have a USED stock Hitachi carb that would be a good CORE to rebuild, but I do not have any carbs that I have actually run. PM if interested! TJ
  5. Just looked at both Sedan & Goon. The Goon bracket is completely different............it "looks" like a pair of Sedan brackets per side, backed up against each other & welded together, but they are not.......... }={ .......kinda like this. Unfortunately the bolt hole spacings are different at the body. The bolt hole spacings at the back of the bumper look the same & I have heard that you can mount a Sedan bumper on a Goon, but you will need Goon brackets or be a good fabricator! Wish I had a set of Goon brackets for ya, but I'm pretty sure my buddy would notice if I stole them off his Goon!! TJ
  6. If you are going to shop for a dual Weber/Mikuni heat shield, keep in mind that although the dual carb throat spacings are the same (one carb, dual throat) between Weber, Mikuni, SK, Dellorto etc, the spacings IN BETWEEN the pair of dual carbs varied between the INTAKE MANIFOLD manufacturers! T3 made one heatshield a few years ago & came to find out that there were different spacings between the pair of carbs................problem was that I think the heatshield mounted between the carbs & the intake, so it fit only ONE version intake manifold, didn't work on all versions! We build our own heatshields on our vintage race Z's, mounting on the air filter face, down & then BACK under the carbs. Just remember to "support" the heatshield at the opposite end & it's a good idea to bend a "lip" on the sides for rigidity! Hope that helps! TJ
  7. By kick panels do you mean outer footwell panels where somebody might mount speakers or do you mean the plastic tread plates at the bottom of the door jamb (some people call them kick panels). I have the tread plates! TJ
  8. Thanks Mike! Nightsfire I can get a measurement of mine if you are interested............ TJ
  9. I have a really clean replacement radiator out of a 720..............do you know if it would fit your 620?? I do not......... TJ Denver CO
  10. Can you clarify exactly what parts you need from the Datsun 510? I should have it all & can ship overseas! TJ Denver CO
  11. yenpit

    My Little Goon...

    I typically use the 87-up Acura Integra & 88-98 Honda Prelude. Personally I don't like the Accord or Civic, except for the kinda RARE 88-91 Civic Si's......those are nice! I think many of the Subaru seats will fit, but never had any. I always use the slide rails that come on the seats, not the 510 rails. Most will require some trimming & bending of the rail ends/feet & sometimes a spacer or three on one or two of the rail ends/feet. Once trimmed, you really should weld in some small gussets to re-strengthen the rail ends/feet. The fronts are usually even with each other cuz they mount on a raised sub-floor/sub-frame (just like the 510!), the rears are often staggered cuz they mount on the floor pan. I usually don't use the original 510 stamped steel seat risers, cuz the later seat slide rails look pretty stout to me! Hope that helps! TJ
  12. If it doesn't pop out of reverse & doesn't make to nasty of a noise.....leave it! At Pittsburgh, go say hello to John Ross.......he bought his blue/yellow Z from a local friend & his silver Z from us! Grattan is an AWESOME small track! I lived in Kalamazoo & Holland for 22 years, went to all of the Grattan & Gingerman vintage events! I know Dean! He always has nice cars! If you get to Road America, maybe ask Dean what rear end gear ratio you should run.........it is a FAST HIGH SPEED track! Last year our driver hit 148mph in his L28 powered 240Z (Ninja green & Subie blue). We are aiming to break 150mph this year............. Check us out online & on Facebook (FB much more active!)! TJ Ignite Performance Arvada CO 80002
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