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  1. yenpit

    521 with G35X AWD

    Sorry, not good at computer crap! There is a link for the 521 G35 in his CL ad...........!! Yup, that's Bob3's Miata powered truck!! Got a ride in it just like that! He is a madman!!
  2. yenpit

    521 with G35X AWD

    HA! Watching his youtube video just now, looked down at the time.......5:21pm!! 😎
  3. yenpit

    521 with G35X AWD

    Yeah, Bob3 is in Colorado Springs! I got a ride in his Cactus Green 521 with the Miata drivetrain & suspension, have not been in the red 411! He LOVES spanking the Porsche drivers in vintage, cuz they all hate that 411...............but he can only run in the exhibition class, cuz the car is not vintage legal! Crazy man!
  4. yenpit

    521 with G35X AWD

    Wow........local guy, never heard about this beast!! https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/broomfield-datsun-521-pickup-with-g35/6996912043.html
  5. Hmmmmmm........the pick up tube must be for a 510 rear sump oil pan..........aren't some of these mid sump & rear sump pans, thus use a different pick up tube? TJ
  6. yenpit

    4spd L series

    Well, I guess I'd better pay more attention to WHAT generation 4speed bellhousing I'm selling! Mike, what do you consider "early" 4speed? Of course, the very early 70-71 240Z 3pc case 4speed is off the table, cuz I am talking about the later 71-78 240Z-280Z 4speed. The ONLY 4speed bellhousing that I have ever sold, would have come out of a 71-78 Z car with the ~4inch long 6 bolt steel plate, on the top of the tail housing, right in front of the shift lever. I have NOT messed with any other 4cyl or 6cyl 4speed gearboxes. Thoughts? TJ
  7. yenpit

    4spd L series

    Mike, does that affect the use of this bellhousing on a later NAPZ 5speed? I can see why if so, cuz the rev switch might not line up to the NAPZ internal lug that activates the switch! Yikes!
  8. yenpit

    4spd L series

    FYI if not for the need of a good 4speed, this is the front half bellhousing needed to adapt a later NAPZ 5 speed to an L-series 4 or 6cyl block bolt clocking pattern. Yes, this 4speed bellhousing BOLTS up to the NAPZ 5peed, the BOLTS up to an L-series. I sell these bellhousings regularly for that purpose! Good luck with the sale! TJ Denver CO
  9. Wait it out, find an L20B. The L20B came out around 1975 thru 1980, most commonly in the 620 pick ups & the 1980 only 720, but also the later HL510. From 1981, the engine range changed from the Z20 (NAPZ), to the Z22, then the Z24. Bottom line, locate an engine, but ALWAYS check the engine designation on the block, cuz lots were swapped & retrofitted over the years! I've got two L20B's available, but would have to ship truck freight, which gets expensive! Good luck! TJ
  10. Fuel fouled or oil fouled? Fuel fouled, likely a carb issue like datzenmike says, but relatively easy fix, depending on what carbs you have. Oil fouled would be much worse news, but valve stem seals would be your first hope, broken piston rings would NOT!
  11. I've got a 280Z Hitachi AM FM..............PM sent! TJ
  12. Wow, killer cool! Can you SHIP these via common carrier, or only via truck freight? TJ Denver CO
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