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  1. yenpit

    521 with Air

    FrigiKing was one of the aftermarket companies that built kits for Datsun, ARA being another. All were "dealer installed", was NOT technically considered factory installed option, until as datzenmike says, 1979 620! Matt.............the 521 flatbed I just bought has an underdash AC unit.........couldn't believe it!! I didn't see any components out in the engine compartment, but those parts are easy to deal with. We used all current production aftermarket universal parts on a 240Z, including a small highly efficient Sanden compressor (we retained the dealer installed ARA underdash unit). We used the 280ZX aluminum mounting bracket that located the compressor to the lower left. Unfortunately, I think I mocked up that ZX bracket on a 4cyl & it did not line up.......was a couple years ago! TJ
  2. I found some for my buddy's 510 that fit, did not bottom out, really lit up nice! I'll try to find the supplier & part #...........
  3. Plastic chrome has been around since the 60's, used by many car manufacturers, including the British, so you might be able to find someone in the UK to do it......?? The process was not for the DIY'er, until recently, and looks like MattSheldon just nailed it above ^^^^^^^^^! My suggestion is do what those guys say...........buy their superior product, cuz yes, most aerosol spray paint is just silver, NOT chrome silver! TJ
  4. I have stock L16 pulleys that are "raw" & dirty...........I would of course clean the crank seal surface to make sure no damage or scoring. PM sent! TJ
  5. Well, I just sold a PAIR of regulators for a 1969 510 on eBay, thru the Global Shipping Program..............I shipped to a forwarding carrier in FL, think it was going that direction! Might be same guy, so maybe he is asking HOW to install............?? TJ
  6. Yup 1969 only, 2dr 4dr & Wagon! Make sure they both have two studs each on the back...........go thru 1/4 panel, clipped inside trunk. Good chrome & lens are a big plus! I buy lots of USED parts loads, often a mish mash of parts from various years!
  7. WD 40 the edges of the red lens before trying to unscrew! If stuck & brittle, the red plastic lens will crack! PS those are 1969 only rear sidemarkers, so kinda rare! Upper right is 70-73 510 dash filler cap, right above the steering column shroud. Should have three small "hooked tabs" on the back to snap in place. If one or more are broken, very common reason why most cars are missing this piece. Middle left with phillips screw, pretty sure 2 per side screw to REAR of front floor, in front of seat mounting subframe, the OEM rubber mats (not optional carpet) had s/s metal grommets that hooked on to these. If you go carpet, you can still use these, along with s/s grommets in the carpet, but most glue the carpet down. Middle right are seat mounting hardware parts. The four curved go on the FRONT seat studs, 2 per side, with a split lock washer & 12mm nut, these go under the lip of the front seat mounting subframe. You should have four of the flat plates with turned edges, these go on the REAR seat studs, under the car floor with a split lock washer & 12mm nut. TJ Denver
  8. yenpit

    23T Idler Gear

    Hey Rick, TJ here in Denver, Jeff Winter sent ya to me via phone! I do have two "parts" 5speeds, but most have a chewed up reverse gear.......they are hard to find good clean, cuz none were synchronized & most people just slammed them into reverse! I will let you know this weekend! PS we run a Winters Racing full tilt L28 in our green/blue vintage race Z & we WILL be running his engine in another Z that is done, but the "other guys" engine off the west coast has been very problematic, so I don't think we will go to him again...........sucks. Would love to hear what you are building! TJ Denver CO
  9. I get asked relatively often, but scrapped many over the years & haven't been able to buy a parts car in a few years! The 2dr seats flip forward, the 4dr & Goon don't, but they do interchange/bolt in. Alot of guys want the OEM style seat, and just reupholster to their liking. I'm pretty sure seat foam is NOT available, but any good upholstery shop can simply build the foam cushion! PS shipping seats is a pain, so hopefully you will find a local buyer! Good luck with the sale! TJ Denver CO
  10. Go to vintageconnections.com (??). You will have to identify the plug VISUALLY on their website, as they do NOT have applications. Good luck! TJ
  11. I will have USED 510 calipers that MIGHT be good as is, but will be good as CORES. I also have really nice USED brake rotors. PM if interested! TJ Denver CO
  12. CAR IS GONE! I found the car a good home with a Maxima enthusiast!
  13. yenpit

    Oil Pan Swap

    Still need a 280Z oil pan? Let me know! TJ Denver CO
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