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  1. Have a safe road trip!! 😎
  2. Are you flying in to DIA? Are you driving the redeye up to Aspen or staying in Denver overnight? If staying in Denver, you will drive across 70 west, right past our shop......you should stop in.....you would get a kick out of a visit (I've seen your builds online....killer!). I get in around 10am if you have the time. PM sent!! Have another DAtsun buddy & family up at Copper Mountain now..............I think Summit County is red, so plan meals ahead, cuz I hate to say........you might not be able to eat in restaurants! YES, plenty to do otherwise!! 😎 TJ Ignite Performance www.igniteperformanceusa.com
  3. I lived in Norwalk CT in 1989, worked for Nisonger Corp selling new Jaguar MG Triumph AH car parts! What area was she from? Unfortunately, at least here in Colorado, the state has requested no large Thanksgiving celebrations (except within an existing household), in more attempts to curb the spread of COVID, which is currently being described as the "second wave" of spreading for this crazy ass year 2020. We will simply cook extra this year, for our 88 year old neighbor πŸ₯΄
  4. Here in Jefferson County (Denver) Colorado, we JUST went back on no restaurant dining again......take out only! I am sick & tired of this............ πŸ€”
  5. Did you make these? Are these chrome plated or a more "brushed look".....can't quite tell from the pic? The reason I ask is because somebody needs to reproduce the early 1970-1973 240Z "Datsun" script for the rear hatch! The originals were shiny chrome plated & I don't think anybody repops them yet! We have been installing the later 1974-1978 260Z 280Z "Datsun" script emblems, which are exactly the same EXCEPT they are "brushed look", not shiny chrome. These brushed look emblems ARE still available NEW from Nissan, but they simply are not correct for the earlier 240Z.
  6. yenpit

    Just wondering

    So do what datzenmike says..............install the cam towers, install the cam ONLY (no rockers etc) with lube/oil & torque down the cam towers. The cam MUST rotate easily in the cam towers. If it does not rotate easily, you need to figure out why............likely the replaced tower is machined differently from new. You can try to modify the replaced cam tower OR find another one (each tower only fits in one spot!), try again, find another one if it doesn't work etc etc. Keep in mind that the 6cyl Z cars had the same forward towers, so you can match up & try one of those too, if easier to find. I'm lucky......I have a box full of USED cam towers for this reason! Also, the L20B cam is simply the exact same cam spec as the JDM SSS L16 cam, so it is a great cam to install in an L16 or L18!
  7. yenpit

    Wiper parts

    I just soaked a couple of wiper linkage set ups for 2 weeks in a BIG drum of parts cleaner solution. I think ONE loosened up. They SUCK, once seized up..........very difficult to get apart! For those parting out any 2dr 4dr or Wagon, the 69-73's are all the same (68 of course is 68 only!), pull every linkage set up out to save. ALWAYS use propane/MAP heat on the tiny 8mm nuts................it helps tremendously! The only thing around it to possibly burn, is the thin paper "gasket" between the wheelbox & the underside of the cowl mounting point......there are no wires or anything else to burn under there, unless there is a mouse nest etc under the cowl πŸ˜†
  8. yenpit

    Wiper parts

    Correct, they are splined up at the head. The Z cars of the same era have small machine screws that screw right into the aluminum triangular base. I think there is enough room up under the cowl, to use a bolt & nut....just more effort to install. OR drill out & tap threads like the Z car, use a larger screw? I'm gonna try to press out the studs (be careful.....VERY delicate brittle aluminum wheelbox.....they WILL break!), drill out & try to use a bolt & nut.............. I probably have 10++ of the 510 wheelboxes, with broken studs. I JUST sold my last good wiper linkage set, so now I will need to repair my broken studs too! Don't forget to disassemble the wheelboxes, pull the shaft out, clean, re-grease & re-assemble..........the old grease congeals, collects dirt/grime & the shafts get sticky OR seize up altogether! This is one of the reasons why the wiper motors burn out............sticky shafts, which create too much resistance, thus fry the motor! Even with a Honda/Acura motor upgrade, you must deal with the wheelboxes!
  9. It's a common area to rust, cuz sandwiched metal with no sealer etc on the inside. Once you patch it up, figure out a way to soak the inner cavity with paint or a rust inhibitor! KlassicFab JDM (kfvintagejdm.com) is currently releasing more & more patch panels for the 510's. His website is NOT current, but there is stuff listed. He usually advertises on the various Facebook Datsun pages. He hasn't really considered this particular panel, however he will now. For production, he 3D scans, creates the tooling & STAMPS his panels (go to KlassicFab.......not JDM......to see all of his air cooled VW panels!). Pre-production, he has HAND FORMED a number of Z car panels for us & they are really nicely done. Best example was the 70-78 Z lower front fender patch.............the current Tabco produced panel, sold by all of the Z specialists, is horrible, so he had his guys hand form two pairs for us & they were MILES better than the Tabco crap! He is currently creating the tooling on these, so will have available soon. I believe he has already released the 510 lower front fender panels. Bottom line, he said he could hand make some of these 510 frame rail panels for you if you would like! Give Gerson a call at 561-747-4800 or send him an email sales@klassicfab.com! TJ Denver CO
  10. yenpit

    Weight loss

    The OEM steel fenders are LIGHT to begin with! You can drill large holes in cool patterns, throughout the body shell, like many purpose built race cars, but again, the sheetmetal is already very thin on the Datsun's, so already pretty light. Polycarbonate (Lexan) windows take out alot of weight, but they are MUCH more effort to keep from getting all scratched up, especially on a street car. We use microfiber cloths to clean ours on our vintage race 240Z's & they still eventually get scratched. We run standard GLASS windshields, no door glass, poly 1/4 windows & poly hatch glass. Other way to look at this scenario, is that you are adding MUCH more power to an already light weight car. Don't blast me.......but there is a point where too much power is simply too much!
  11. You do NOT need to host & post any more........they intro'd a new system for posting pics! Click to open a reply window, look lower left of window, see "Drag files here to attach, or choose files.....", pull pics right off of your PC or cell! The only issue I have had is that there is a 4MB maximum per pic, so if that large, you would need to shrink it down & then post. I rarely post here on my iphone...........I almost always use my PC, so hopefully it works the same........??
  12. yenpit

    Is there hope?

    If a 1980, it is NA, not turbo........at least here in the States! The intake layout looks like a typical NA, not turbo. The vin tag states 132hp, which is also NA, not turbo. We buy ZX parts cars, usually pay $350-650 max, when in rough shape, not running etc. Parting one out has never netted a good return. We keep the L28, manual trans, rear diff, wheels & front strut assemblies, then sell other parts cheap for a few weeks, then scrap the rest.
  13. I agree with datzenmike............consumable items are relatively easy, often shared with other models etc, but trim parts are gonna be tough. FYI if you go forward & want to lower, pretty sure the front suspension is basically same as 68-73 510.............you should be able to use the upper camber plates, RCA's, maybe poly bushings etc etc. I do NOT know if the spindle angle is same as 68-73 510 to use 280ZX strut assemblies, but I think they are........?? Is rear suspension IRS or solid axle? Solid axle is EASY....lowering blocks. Hainz posted somewhere to use Belltech #6202 lowering block kit.
  14. Buy a small aftermarket, install on passenger side of speedo cluster where the dummy lights are. Few years ago, I found a name brand aftermarket, small enough to fit the INSIDE circle of the dummy light pod, thus saving the dummy lights. Some careful measuring & cutting, fit great! Sorry, can't remember brand!
  15. Click on the text line as if you wanted to write a response, text window pops open. Near bottom left of window, it says "Drag files here to attach or choose files......". I click on "choose files" which opens a link to pull pics out of your PC or iphone photo file (if PC, of course you need to download from iphone or digital camera). Hope that helps with pics!
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