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  1. Sucks. Well, I learned something today too! I've got some 69 Goon rear doors, will check those!
  2. I have a 1972 Goon here, has rear ashtrays. Do you have OEM ashtray's to install? The 68-69 Goon must not have had ashtrays......??
  3. First thought was "Look it up!", but I see Pertronix doesn't list much Datsun! I have a part #1741, so maybe research a little more to make sure that's it! Apparently it is Datsun 4cyl with SINGLE points (not dual!), so hope that's the correct part # for YOU!
  4. There are a couple guys on here & on the 521 Facebook page repop'ing some 521 parts. A guy named Jake (??) is 3d printing tail lamp housing (looks like you are handled) & glovebox cubby (you might have figured that out already?). There is also a guy stamping out the "skin" for the rocker panel..............sorry don't know his name, maybe somebody else will chime in! Good lookin' truck!
  5. Yes 68-71 had square pattern & 71-73 had this rounded pattern. Did the REAR door panels not fit, not line up with your inner door handle mechanism? If you look at your inner door SHELL, I bet you will see that you can unscrew the inner door handle mechanism from the door shell & rotate it to the other position, thus perhaps matching these panels.........??
  6. 4everdatsun unfortunately no. Do you need the outer rubber strip that wipes the door glass? If so, it is VERY LIKELY the same rubber strip cross section as a 70's Z car. The Z car rubber strip is long, so buy those & trim to fit your car.........?? If you are looking for a big thick C channel rubber seal for maybe the side 1/4 window (??), you will likely have to make it from another Datsun seal that is still available.
  7. Seen it advertised! I've got a 1980 720 2WD parts truck (on CL Denver now) if you need anything! PS my roommate works with Alpaca's with an Alpaca rescue lady named Pamela Popp up in Conifer.........your sig says alpacadan.........? TJ Arvada
  8. yenpit

    L16 Manifold

    ...........and the stock cast iron manifolds flow just fine for up to mild street, probably even a hot street engine.
  9. Sounds like he went to work for a JDM guy that has a shop & does youtube videos........?? They must have big plans............
  10. If anybody is interested, one issue when doing a CA SR or KA swap in a 510 is that some installations push these engines far back enough to hinder the ability to hook up the stock heater hoses! We just did a CA18DET swap with this problem, so I pulled off the stock heater valve (most don't work anyway) & the two brass heater pipes that poke thru the firewall, bought a couple of Dayco #80407 heater hoses with a 90deg pre-formed bend at one end, ran them from the heater core over to the passenger side, looped thru the firewall (like the dealer installed AC hoses!) & then back to the engine. I installed the hoses on the engine BEFORE installing the engine, cuz the inlet & outlet are difficult to get to with the engine stuffed in the 510! I also installed a simple universal heater valve in the correct hose under the dash, made a new LONGER heater cable from a lawnmower solid core throttle cable & was able to use the stock ON-OFF heater slide control! Should work great for our random weather changes here in the Spring & Fall!
  11. What is your text or email, so I can send pics?
  12. Ouch! DanielC, have you successfully wired a USA spec 521 to use the JDM switch. If so, please elaborate. We wire up all sorts of cars here at our shop.............not sure why you would poke like that! 😝
  13. I will have the correct 510 L16 fan blade & metal fan shroud. PM sent!
  14. I have a 1975-1976 280Z 2+2 parts car AND a dash out of a 1976! I will see what I have! So if I start at the hazard switch, that is the harness that you need? TJ Denver CO
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