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  1. Hmmmmmm interesting point 👍
  2. There are different caps cuz there were 3-4 different manufactures of the BMC's ie Nabco, Tokico, etc etc. Can you post a few pics and identify the brand? Brand is usually cast on the side. Pics are MUCH easier to post here now! See the lower left of this screen, says "Drag files.............choose files............ 😎
  3. Also can soak the whole fusebox in white vinegar for a few days, cleans the copper terminals up nicely!
  4. yenpit


    FYI my original 1972 521 L16 dipstick is exactly the same as my 510 L16 dipsticks. I do not have any known 620 L16 dipsticks. When I pull a part, I usually write the application on it or on a tag (I'm an old parts guy by trade, so comes naturally!). I think the key is the fact that the L16 sumps are basically in the same "area" & I think all of the dipsticks were in the same spot...........the earliest change that I see is with the L20B & newer. Thoughts?
  5. yenpit


    PM sent! TJ
  6. yenpit

    Steering wheel

    Every hub from various manufacturers could have a different "depth", even for the same application. Are you looking to rectify that gap or maybe you want a deeper hub to move whatever steering wheel you use closer to you or as far away as possible? I have seen thick spacers to push wheel closer to you, goes between the hub & wheel, but you need to identify the hub & wheel bolt patterns first.........there are at least 3-4 different bolt patterns ie Grant, Momo etc!
  7. yenpit

    Steering wheel

    Correct! I had a USED hub & steering wheel from a 510, threw on my 521 to be able to move it. Yes, I have the same gap. I didn't look at t/s cancellation etc, but years ago I installed a Momo on my 1998 240SX. The hub kit was likely for an earlier 240SX WITHOUT an airbag, so it fit, but I had to lengthen the two pins on the backside that "cancelled" the turnsignals. They were simple "split pins", so found the correct diameter & length I needed at the hardware store & it worked great! I will pull the wheel/hub off my 521 & see if it is a similar situation....................I hate having to manually cancel the turnsignals! 😆
  8. ..............wasn't commenting on you Mike, just clarifying for those that don't know! 😁
  9. Those are normal factory welds...........😁
  10. I might have a good USED fuse box. PM sent!
  11. .............and the pic angle makes them look like they are a different length.............these two pans ARE the same length, will bolt bolt up to any 4cyl L-series, for those interested in buying! Great price, good luck with the sale!
  12. yenpit


    OK so for me it complicates, cuz I have a box of dipsticks...........only some are labeled like the 510 L16 (cuz that's what I started out with years ago!) & the L20B side stick (not the later front stick front sump). I will try to correlate with KELMO's part # application list, will let you know what I come up with! TJ Denver CO
  13. yenpit


    I have lots of 510 L16 dipsticks...............might be the same? I have an original 1972 521 L16, but do not know if same as your 1973 620 L16...........?? That's three different L16 applications! I was just reading another thread last night regarding the oil pans being different, so the dipsticks might match the oil pan, which might mean the dipsticks are NOT the same.............?? Kelmo can you cross reference the 1972 510 L16 & the 1972 521 L16 dip stick part #'s, to see if the same?
  14. yenpit

    My 1971 521

    Yes, but I'm pretty sure that the 78-79 510 A10 L20B was a FRONT SUMP oil pan. The oil dipstick was also relocated on the block.........pretty sure to the passenger side front. I've only had one front sump L series pan over the years & there are guys looking for them..........
  15. yenpit

    My 1971 521

    Correct! 510 L16 oil pans are getting harder to find, but they MUST have the correct matching oil pick up tube to be the most valuable. I will not sell a 510 L16 oil pick up tube without the oil pan & vice versa............one without the other is much harder to sell. Just like with the trucks, the oil pan matches the chassis, not the engine........in other words you must have a 510 L16 oil pan & pick up tube to install an L20B in a 510 chassis! You must have a 521 oil pan & pick up to install an L20B in a 521 chassis. I have a 1972 521 with the L16 still in it, so I'm not sure that a pic would help here with it still in the chassis...........pans really need to be off & on the bench for the best pics. I will crawl under the truck (up on jack stands!) to take a look. I have 510 L16 pans & likely a 620 pan (but have no idea if early 620 or late 620). Let me know if you still need some info, but again, it's still in my truck, so I don't know how detailed I can be! TJ
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