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  1. yenpit

    240z Seat Covers on 510 Seat?

    Yes, I have heard that the 510 upholstery material isn't available! No big deal for us restomod people, but a pain for those looking to do an original restoration!
  2. yenpit

    240z Seat Covers on 510 Seat?

    Hey Jon! No the 510 vs the 240Z seats are VERY different in shape etc, so the 240Z upholstery kit will NOT fit the 510 seat. If you have 240Z seats already in the car (was a common seat swap back in the day), then just buy the 240Z upholstery kit from MSA or ?? I think there are 3 or 4 different Z car seats, thus different upholstery kits to fit the Z car seat. Nobody makes a 510 seat upholstery kit, but any good upholstery shop can recover a 510 seat. Do you have pics of the seats that you have? TJ
  3. yenpit

    Oil Pump Replacement

    Orange City? Jon? :confused: TJ Denver
  4. yenpit

    Low tail lamp 720 DATSUN

    So what I saw could have been a factory 1982 truck? Cool!! :thumbup:
  5. yenpit

    Low tail lamp 720 DATSUN

    Must have been a "factory look" custom done back in the day, cuz it WAS a low tail lamp truck! Really good lookin truck as he went the other direction! Hopefully track him down one of these days.......... :thumbup:
  6. yenpit

    Low tail lamp 720 DATSUN

    Heading to work this AM, saw a beautiful 720 going other way, could not manage to chase him down! Help with some questions about it? This truck was a low tail lamp........so 80-82? Truck was 4WD, wheels were chrome w/ tall skinny tires, wheels looked like later Hardbody.........?? Truck was BLACK...............factory color? Truck had big ST vinyl stickers on sides, might have started on cab, ran to front of rear 1/4..........did they offer an ST package on early 720? Had big DATSUN on tail gate..........so 80-82? My understanding was in 83 went to big NISSAN, small DATSUN in lower corner........?? I'm curious, cuz I thought the ST model was available on the l'il later 720 with tail lamps up higher on the sides.....?? If I see him again, I will NOT let him get away!! :thumbup: TJ Arvada CO
  7. yenpit

    New Wagon Owner

    Welcome! For lowering the front, I'm pretty sure you can use the 280ZX (not 280Z!!) front struts, 68-73 510 coilovers, RCA spacers & upper camber plates. Had a local guy with a late HL 510, we compared his stock struts to ZX & we looked at my 68-73 510 parts, looked like it would all work! TJ Denver
  8. yenpit


    I'm in Denver, can likely come up with something! I've got a 4speed & numerous 5speeds plus bin boxes full of switches, plugs etc. The only switch you might want to function would be reverse lights, the other 4speed switches or sensors are likely for the dual point switchover etc............highly doubt you need to use those! Best to call or text me, as I don't get Ratsun posting notifications! :sneaky: TJ Arvada cell 269-598-5836
  9. yenpit

    Rear Retractable Seatbelts

    If you are intent on hiding the retractor unit, you will need to fabricate a mounting captive nut UNDER the parcel tray, right? You need to take into consideration the angle of how the belt passes up thru the parcel tray, with that black plastic oval shaped trim piece (in your pic), cuz that will be the pressure point if in an accident (God forbid!). The belt MUST move in & out without any issues. Good luck with the project! TJ
  10. yenpit

    Rear Retractable Seatbelts

    You are on the right track! I'm pretty sure the countries that had optional or mandatory 3pt rear shoulder belts (not the USA) had the retractor unit bolted up to the lower C pillar captive nut, as you illustrate. Maybe search for pics on JDM cars......?? The USA had 2pt lower lap belts only, utilizing those captive nuts under the seat bottom. TJ Denver
  11. yenpit

    72 510 Sedan SR20DET build photos

    Nice build! Where is that......another 510, a 620 buried in back.....???? TJ
  12. yenpit

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    This car is a 1968..........small tail lamps & suicide wipers. I messaged him, he then put it on NY craigslist as a 1968. Yup, asked him about the carbs on the shelf, apparently went with it. Even the CL ad was vague. Not a 510 guy! Wonder if it sold.......?? TJ
  13. yenpit

    Muffler with slanted tip

    That muffler set up is custom. For best exhaust tone AWAY from the ricer fart cans (I like some of them!), buy a good quality "turbo style" muffler without exhaust tip, cuz you have indicated that you want to turn the muffler like in the pic (like a Z car), buy a chrome or stainless tip, and cut & weld to suit your needs! That muffler looks like an offset INLET, and has a centered OUTLET, with a slant cut exhaust tip welded on. Hope that helps! TJ
  14. yenpit

    Accurate US-Market Datsun 510 Paint Codes?

    The HUGE problem with the paint code stickers of the 70's Datsun's, is that the actual # printed on the stickers typically fades and cant be read. I bet 75% of the 25++ 510's that I have had, the # is faded & gone! I believe that the new car brochures of the 70's had a paint color chart in them, maybe with the code..........??
  15. yenpit

    A Bird of Prey - Brandon's Bluebird Build

    Wow, killer clean Coupe & welcome to the forum! There are two different R160 pinion gear bolt sizes, so if different, you will need some professional fab'ing done. ALL of the stock 510 pinion gear bolt sizes were the same.......I think the change came between the early Subbie vs the late Subbie. Good luck with the project! TJ

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