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  1. yenpit

    Z22 Crank

    I think I have one! Do you know the casting # on the crank? I also have a set of UNKNOWN manufacturer titanium rods that came with it. I would have to measure the rods to tell you what they are...... PM if interested! TJ Denver CO
  2. yenpit


    I have a few sets.......PM if interested! TJ Denver CO
  3. I have.....PM if interested! TJ Denver CO
  4. yenpit

    Seat Belts

    Yes, the original "captive nut" is up a little higher into the headliner......too high for my liking. What year is your 510? I think the NON adjustable/rigid shoulder harnesses came out 70-71, but iirc the 68-69 DID have that "captive nut" in place for other Euro market requirements. I think the retractable belts came out 72-73......?? How tall are you? Reason I ask is that the factory "captive nut" is really high up & causes the shoulder harness to ride up your neck, especially if you are taller & have the seat moved back. I'm shorter & it even bothered me! We welded another captive nut LOWER on the B-pillar & installed aftermarket retractable belts. Lowering the mounting point brought the shoulder belt down, which made it much more comfortable! It's my buddy's car, but I see it most weekends. If you want some pics, send me your EMAIL or TEXT.............pain to post pics on Ratsun! I also have a parts car right now with the headliner removed, can send a pic or two of the factory captive nut location via EMAIL or TEXT. TJ
  5. ......But you DO need the MANUAL brake pedal too......auto is a big pedal, manual is a small pedal! Good luck! TJ
  6. Pretty sure the 620 AUTO pedal box has the place for the CLUTCH pedal, so I believe you can bolt the clutch & brake pedals into the AUTO box, so likely not as big of a project as you may have thought! The 510's & Z cars do! I pull them & sell whenever I find them in the junkyards, but I'm pretty sure I don't have any 620 right now. Will let you know if I do! PS make sure you get ALL of the hardware for the pedals! TJ Denver CO
  7. yenpit

    L16 Flex Plate

    I'll poke around, but the L16 flex plates are NLS NLA & many USED are damaged with broken factory welds and/or worn out teeth! TJ
  8. yenpit

    L16 Flex Plate

    Do you have an automatic 510 or are you looking to use the flexplate in a race car with something like a QuarterMaster clutch set up? If an auto car.....what Mike said above! If a race car, I think either flexplate will work, might have to figure out a mod with the starter.......... TJ
  9. They have a U clip on the FRONT of the subframe to remove, another U clip on the REAR of the subframe.......maybe on the control arm (??), then pull the cable out thru the back of the subframe. Sometimes they get rusty where they go thru the subframe, just need to squirt with WD40 & tap out.............
  10. Hmmmmm can't PM you! I do have a pedal box assembly. Please PM me for details! TJ
  11. All USA spec LHD 68-73 2dr 4dr & Wagon use the same under dash e/brake handle assembly. The Wagon will have different hardware & cables at the rear diff. I would venture a GUESS that the handle assembly is RHD vs LHD cuz other side of the car!
  12. You can buy "jute" from an upholstery shop! USED pieces are usually trashed cuz so old!! TJ
  13. The 510 valve has been gone for years. I used to buy the 620 valve, swap NEW guts into 510 valve, but the 620 valve now gone. Only valve I know of still available thru Nissan is the 240Z, which I know that I can swap the NEW guts out of. I do NOT know if the 720 has the same "guts", but I would GUESS yes. If it does, that might be your best bet.......buy NEW, swap guts! The valve bodies themselves generally don't go bad, it's the plastic pieces & rubber seals INSIDE that do! Can you get your hands on a old crusty 510 620 or 240Z valve so you can see if the "guts" are the same, before you go buy a NEW 240Z valve?? TJ
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