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  1. I bought both from Nissan just a few years ago...........don't know if still available...........
  2. This or equivalent at AutoZone OReilly's etc 😁
  3. Ummmm, sorry, NO! That is a mental/medical issue & is sad! Had a female roommate that was bulimic (gorge then barf)...........all our food was disappearing, she would eat stuff, then disappear into the bathroom. We didn't figure it out until a year later, but it all made sense after! I prefer lean or slightly thick, no "big" girls for me............😉
  4. FYI all 2dr 4dr & Wagon are the same, however, there are TWO different styles of lower rocker trim. The original had stamped ends that were rounded. The later had square cut ends with a black plastic "cap". You should post which you are trying to match for the other side! Apparently Zcar Depot sells the mounting clips. Good luck!
  5. Google Datsun 1200 White Zombie. That car was built YEARS AGO, but was also a very successful drag car, spanking many other conventional fossil fuel cars! I'm sure there are quite a few EV swaps out there, in all sorts of vehicles, documented online. The way I see just about any powertrain swap, is you can use pretty much ANY existing vehicle, in your case a 620, & just apply the "mechanics" of adapting EV & of course, the longevity of a properly built conversion. LOTS of fab work involved, no matter what you decide to do! Good luck with the project! 😎
  6. I find that FedEx Ground/home delivery is the cheapest to ship big bulky packages...............
  7. FYI for anybody looking at that 520 camper, if I am not mistaken, the front hubcaps are the early production 1970 240Z caps with the "D" canter cap. All of the later 1970-1978 Z caps had a "Z". If they are, they can be worth $250++ each to an early 240Z guy! I can't see if there are the same caps on the rear..........??
  8. Come up to Denver, I have stock 521 steelies. You can send them out for widening, then you can run stock caps & fill out the fenders better! I also have three 8in wide chrome reverse steelies (I'm keeping 2 out of 5 that I have) with patina.......use on the rear! Likely came off of a Chevy or ??, so no way to "snap" caps on. I might try to weld on 3-4 "bungs" to mount caps..............
  9. Keep an eye on the various Colorado's craigslists, as there have been two 620 campers in the last 6 mo's! If in Denver area, happy to check out for you. Where in Maryland? I grew up in Silver Spring. Wonder if David Weitz in SS has any leads on a camper? Do you know him? TJ
  10. Of course, this should really be posted under "Destruction of America"...................😐
  11. You nailed it! We are screwed if the current "administration" doesn't put aside their pure hatred of Trump NOW & re-establish Trumps wall project. Dumbass Harris accomplished NOTHING on her waste of time visit to El Paso..........was just a failed publicity stunt on their part! 😡 Trump is apparently heading to Texas today.............I wonder if he has a plan to help finish the wall in Texas..............?? 🧐
  12. yenpit

    My 1972 521 flat bed

    720 seat had to be narrowed at the top of the seat back, then full on custom red & black Tartan inserts on the seat & the door panels! Will eventually have the dash top pad & headliner done, perhaps with some simple red stitching. I'm hoping I can fit the 1980 720 OEM rubber floor mat, as it's in decent condition, but I also have a NEW carpet set in black if not!
  13. I grabbed this truck up in Fall 2019, found LOCALLY, don't know where it might have come from! In the garage, you can see the tail gate of the 1980 720 parts truck, where I have already pulled the 77k original mile L20B, the matching 5speed & the matching rear axle. I have a Weber 32/36 for it & am currently detailing the engine before poking it in. The original doors are badly cut up inside & both have some rust & bondo, so found a pair of rock solid original paint doors in white. Original lower front valence is the same story, badly cut up (tow behind bar??), so found a nice straight one in tan!
  14. Welcome! My 1972 521 flat bed 😎 I have a 77k mile 1980 720 L20B to go in, matching 5speed, matching rear axle, 8in wide chrome reverse steelies for the rear, custom upholstery & will build a single exhaust stack! To post pics on your PC, pull up your "reply" window, scroll down a little, in lower left corner see paper clip icon "Drag file or choose file.........." (I use choose file), pics must be on the smaller side 😁
  15. .........and yet, all of the illegal immigrant CRIMINALS out of Mexico & South America are crossing into the USA every day................😒
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