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  1. FutoFab & Z Car Depot both sell the same Musclecar GT panels, which are all made in Asia. Some of the panels are good, some are not. All of the panels are full replacement panels ie full rear 1/4 panels etc...............they do NOT make any smaller "patch/repair panels", which is what most people want/need. Sure, some restoration/builds require full panels ie rear 1/4's, but most only need smaller patch/repair panels. kfvintagejdm.com makes his own patch/repair panels, out of Bogata Columbia South America, where is has his stamping plant, already set up for his VW panel pro
  2. Nope, absolutely no info. It was a busy day, quickly read the message, figured go back later.......could not find it again. I remember thinking that the layout of the message page was different 🙄😑
  3. I have all of my known messages..............I simply don't know WHO messaged me & that message is NOT in my inbox! Fudge 🤔
  4. Yer the BESTEST!! 😎 But I still haven't figured out how to do it like you said!! 😝
  5. It was here..........Ratsun has a much more "colorful" background! Was odd, it was a private message page I had never seen before & now can't find again! 😣 It's prolly datzenmike's fault...........🤣
  6. Somebody sent me a private message on these a few weeks ago..............I read it, but now I can't find it..............it's NOT in the normal PM page! TJ
  7. I had a 510 with a similar situation.......PO tried to modify the stock "location" & added some unknown rear calipers. They welded big narly brackets for the calipers, for the rear sway bar & for the coilover rear shocks. To me, it was a gagglefuk of a mess of metal & welding. That car got a stock set of rear control arms & sold the project. I hung on to those welded up control arms for a few years & only recently decided that they were junk & taking up space. We needed a control arm to mock up a set of the FutoFab/Byron adjuster kit, we did NOT need the bulk of a
  8. I'm in Arvada with a 1980 720 2WD parts truck! Come pick anything you want ie door hinges etc. Both doors are pretty rusty, but they are there! I'm mostly a 510 guy, so don't know WHAT parts interchange with your 1984................ PM me if interested! TJ
  9. Looks clean! Many are faded to grey & the white lettering all nasty dirty chipped out etc!
  10. I have an original 510 valve that I "rebuilt" using the guts out of a NEW 240Z valve (exactly the same guts). PM if interested! TJ
  11. 68-73 510 but will fit ANY Datsun shift lever! My buddy likes using these on his 5speed swaps to "fool" people...........😆
  12. yenpit

    Rear lights

    Those are 510 front turnsignals! There is SMALL 1968-1969 or LARGER 70-73. Give a rough measurement, I can tell you! Best to carefully pull the lenses off, to see if the inside is rusty, like most are.............. TJ
  13. Well said! 😎 I simply don't like Trump as a person, but that arrogant loud mouthed SOB got some stuff DONE............and it seems as though most if not all of it was for We The People of America!
  14. I have been lurking here on this thread, I try to stay OUT of the political arena at all times, but I also have my opinions & beliefs. I do NOT watch any syndicated news or social media, other than Fox, but they are basically just as childish as the others. We watch mostly TBN & Daystar for any news, especially on this mess. We were watching "Ministry Now" on Daystar Christian TV last night.........OMG that Dr Simone Gold is one BOLD lady!! She was the doc, I think in LA last year, right after the Covid mess was started, that prescribed hydrochoriquin (sp?), spoke up about it &
  15. .........not disagreeing with checking electrical issues like bad grounds, corrosion on terminals & bulb sockets etc, but you should install new HD flasher units regardless!
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