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  1. Yes, it would & will still happen. Any airborne virus WILL RUN ITS COURSE thru humanity. Sure, they can TRY to curb it with a drug, but the majority will contract it. Those that have a STRONG NATURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM, will hopefully avoid the symptoms or avoid it altogether. Maybe the drug will work for others. DRUG......not a vaccine. It has been one big experiment on humanity. FUCK THAT LYING RAT BASTARD FAUCI & FUCK BIDEN & HIS MINONS FOR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF IT 😡
  2. Right here in good ol' Colorado!! Fuck Biden & his illegal fucking mandates! The vax'd are "safe", right? Then why the fear of the NON-vax'd? Because it's NOT about fear, it's about the "administrations" sick agenda for control of the masses. FUCK BIDEN & all of his leftist piece of shit liberal asshats!!
  3. $37 for a GAS TANK? Link or it never happened!! 😉 I don't see a gas tank listed on rockauto for a 1980 720.................what vehicle were you looking up?
  4. We have www.rockauto.com here in the states. Not only is it a good parts source, it is a FANTASTIC part # cross reference source. In your case, if you have a European car online cataloging similar to our rockauto, you could cross reference the ball joints, shocks etc. Hopefully they would list your CabStar, which we never got, so it is not listed on rockauto! You could also get chummy with a Nissan parts person, get them to look up part #'s for your CabStar, then compare to the 78-79 620 & the 80-up 720. FYI the 73-77 620 had a fulcrum pin front suspension (not ball joint), so completely different. Good luck!!
  5. Hmmmmmm I think you should look at the 1990's Previa. That 1980's Toyota van looks kinda like this Nissan van & they did not produce as many as the later Previa. Just my 2cents!
  6. See if you can find a parts blowup like above, but for the 1990's Toyota Previa van, that had the engine in a similar position in the chassis. Maybe Toyota used a similar cable......?? Toyota DID make a manual Previa, but most were automatic. Toyota likely sold many more of the Previa's, so if you can "borrow" a similar manual shift cable, would be much easier to find in a junkyard...........heck, if you think it would work, might still be available from Toyota.......??
  7. Welcome! Lots of good USED parts out there! Check out www.kfvintagejdm.com for patch panels!
  8. Don't see a phone # or email listed! I assume Fullerton CA? I have a 1969 2dr PROJECT CAR here in Denver. If interested in dealing with transporting a car, PM me. If not interested in dealing with transportation, then not worth talking about 😁
  9. Location? Many will not want to ship............ I have a 4spd out of a 1972 521 Denver CO
  10. The 1980 720 2WD uses the same length 5speed as the 77-83 280Z/280ZX. I just pulled the L20B, the 5speed & the rear axle out of my 1980 720 2WD parts truck, to install in my 1972 521...........I have not installed it yet. The 77-83 Z/ZX L series 5speeds will bolt up to any L series 4cyl or 6cyl, but in your case (and mine), they are longer, thus you will need a fab'd trans crossmember & shorten your driveshaft (google local "driveline shops"). Look amongst the Z car guys in your area for a 77-83 5speed.............best to find regionally, cuz shipping them sucks..........big bulky & heavy! There are three different gear ratio's, but they are all kinda close in ratio's, so not sure I would worry about it.......?? As someone says above, the "shorty" 5speeds came in later 720's, so that trans is gonna have the later NAPZ bellhousing. It WILL bolt up to the earlier L series, but the "clocking" of the bolt pattern is NOT correct & will tilt the trans way too far (I think to the passenger side??), thus your shift lever is tilted way too far over! Yes, you can also find a 1972-1978 240Z 260Z 280Z 4speed bellhousing (I usually have, out right now, get $125 + shipping) & swap, but that is just added work/labor..........easy, but 😐 I suppose if you already have a later "shorty" 5speed, find the 4speed bellhousing & go! Wait a sec!! If the 5speed "shorty" you already have, came out of a 1980 720 WITH AN L20B, then you don't need to swap the bellhousing. FYI 1980 was the first year for the 720, the last year for the L20B............1981-up used the NAPZ engine & trans!
  11. We have used a new late model Sanden compressor on two 240Z builds. Sanden & places like Vintage Air will offer a SMALL but way more efficient compressor (technology!), but you will very likely need to fab up at least some small spacers to mount & align the pulley with your tensioner & crank pulley. I doubt you will find anything modern that will bolt in. ALWAYS replace the receiver drier, unless it has been recently replaced. We also had a local AC shop custom make new hoses, to our specs.
  12. See some good trim bits in there! 😎
  13. She sounds like a KEEPER!!! 😎 Welcome back to the world of Datsun's! The biggest change you will find, is the LACK of new parts thru Nissan, compared to 27 yrs ago............so much has been long discontinued, so aftermarket & USED parts will become your friend!
  14. Remember, if you are concerned about the actual trans gear ratio, the Wagon 4spd apparently had a slightly different gear ratio than the Sedan 4spd. Either will bolt right in, but if you grab a Sedan, you MIGHT notice a difference......?? Sorry, I don't have the details here now, maybe datzenmike knows!
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