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  1. We never start out that way, but the closer it gets to done the more we rush it. 😅 And I feel like this one is surprisingly close to "done".
  2. I dig it with those arches. Doesn't lose any of it's character, IMO. 👍
  3. I know on some vehicles you can buy just the fender lips?
  4. I think you answered your own question. 😁
  5. I think for Tim, it's less about making the flares and more about bending them to the right shape and making it look nice? We have no pattern to trace since we are taking a different route than the factory did. It would take a lot longer to do, for no real gain (other than cost).
  6. Side note, another reason we wanted to do it this way instead of solid lines, is to make it easier to run the lines inside the car instead of outside. 👍
  7. No sir. They do not flex at all. 👍 Not in this application. Most of the lines are too short for solid to be a better choice.
  8. Made a little bracket to mount the rear brake bias adjuster here, where you can easily reach it whilst hooning... 👍 Got the fittings sorted for the bottom of the brake master... And the clutch master... Clutch master line will loop back around and go to the clutch (natch), rear brake line will loop around and go to here, on the firewall... The front brake line from the master will go to here (and another bracket made) and be split out to the front wheels. The forward facing hose goes straight down to the left wheel, the rear facing hose will loop around with the others to drop down to the right wheel... With everything mapped out, it's now just down to cutting hose and installing fittings. Hopefully should get a good chunk of that done next time. 👌
  9. Posting once a month or more? Also know several people who read threads all the time, but never post, so... 😄 I know one forum I admin for, we would go through every once in awhile and remove old dormant accounts...
  10. Wasn't that counter reset in 2007 when they switched software? Mine says 15 years ago, but I know it has been longer than that...
  11. For the application, this seemed most appropriate... 😁
  12. 😁👍 And yes, that's how the original ones are.
  13. Glad to hear it! Did you put in any kind of bump stop on the front?
  14. On the exhaust side? Probably not.
  15. We decided putting the header in permanently should be the next step before reinstalling the brake master. It's definitely looking like installing the header without scratching it would be nigh on impossible with the brake master and heat shield on the car.
  16. After much cussing and fussing, we finally got the pedal springs sorted out... Whilst doing that, the door was fighting me a bit so we decided to go ahead and take it back off for now. The first time we put it on, it was a bit of a faff, so we decided studs and nuts would be better than trying to blindly install bolts in the hinges while also holding up the door. The bolts were inserted backwards to become studs. This should make putting it back on later infinitely easier... We cleaned up and painted (it was quite crusty) the old brake master push rod and Tim got that installed... We also were having a look at the hose routing for the catch can and realized the lower pipe was way too big, so we took it out and Tim welded in a debiggener for it...
  17. But worth every penny. 😁 When you consider they are USA made, come complete with all wiring and sensors, weatherproof connectors, and an options list as long as your arm (including custom logos or images on the gauges face), they are hard to beat. And at what some of the other big companies are charging these days, they are fairly competitive. Obviously I used them on the 1200 (see above photo), and would have used them for this car, but I wanted something a little more "appropriate"... 😄
  18. I don't think I ever said. 😁 Will post a photo tomorrow when that part of the dash is done. 👍 My rocker switches have two lights on them. One that lights up when the key is on, one that lights up when the switch is on. I will be using those for the turn signals and will wire them to flash with the signal. The first two switches on the left will be turn signals, push both for hazards. Same for the high beams, if I choose to run them at all. I'm not much of a high beam user and may just run four low beams instead. And I do have some 10mm LEDs for the purpose of indicators if I change my mind later on. 👍 I bought a dozen when I was putting together my 1200 dash awhile back. Just removed the stock lens and filed the holes out round and installed these.
  19. Weather finally got up to 70ish yesterday afternoon so I decided to roll the dice. It came out decent, not super uniform, but it will still probably be the prettiest part on the car... 😄 Truthfully, that big section on the lower right side, and the bottom edge, is all that will be really visible when it's done, and it came out nice. I did, for extra insurance, borrow a hair dryer to help it along and I'm glad I did. 👍 I think the black wrinkle and carbon fiber will go good together And yes, I really need to clean off my work table... 😄
  20. Also, if you're curious, 7/8" brake master for a 240Z, and clutch master/slave for an A10/HL-510. That is what was on there before (with 1200 push rods), so that's what we went with again. The math says the 7/8" 240Z master should be big enough for the Brembos, and it's a straight bolt-in for a 1200 👍. We did end up taking the brake master back off again because we think a heat shield would be prudent, so we are going to make one of those for it after we double check header clearance. At this time, we are not 100% sure the header will go in/out with the master installed, so the header may need to get installed first.
  21. Got the new master cylinders in last night, with a plan developed for clutch line construction/routing. We originally had a braided stainless line straight from the clutch master to the slave, and will probably replicate that... We also got the pedals installed, but wasted almost an hour looking for the damn springs that hold them up to no avail. Will get some new springs for those before Saturday...
  22. Yeah, born in Calgary, Alberta. Still not sure what makes him think he can run for president...
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