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  1. I don't want to think about what happens if you do a hand brake turn in a 1200 that's been lifted 6-8"... 😄
  2. That definitely makes the most sense. 👍 Or if one brake line rusts completely through... 😄
  3. Is this some kind of funky two piston caliper? Just curious why two lines and two bleeders...
  4. And this looks amazing, btw 👍👍👍
  5. Never seen those before... 😄 They are always missing on every 1200 I've seen.
  6. The important one (that I forgot to take), that shows how it mounts for those who are curious...
  7. Lately we have felt like we were doing too many things out of order, so we finally sat down and made a list of what needs doing so we can do it in a more sensible order. We started with a list of everything we need to do inside the car. We first looked at everything that needs doing before it can be painted inside, and started checking things off that list. First on that list was to commit to whether we wanted a hydraulic e-brake, or a factory style e-brake. After much head scratching, we settled on stock and got to work getting a little crafty. Step #1, take a torch t
  8. I couldn't sleep last night so I went ahead and did this today... It's a lot better now. I still am not happy with it...
  9. It does flash off to a nice satin. But... Apparently POR-15 does not love UV, so I did some digging on that front. It needs some sort of topcoat for UV blockage (which they will be glad to sell you for $$$$), but several have reported excellent results from another technique. Put on a coat of POR-15, wait 30-45 minutes for it to get really tacky, then go over it with a coat (or two) of enamel. The enamel will burn into the POR-15 so that once it fully cures you get a very durable finish that is UV resistant. So I did just that, one more coat of POR-15, wait 45 minutes,
  10. Thank you. We both hate welding sheet metal and will do anything to avoid it... 😁 Same. I am rapidly approaching a point on the Galaxie where it needs parts to be purchased that will cost a fair bit more disposable income than I currently have (engine, carb, intake, etc). Having Tim around helps, cause' I can just go work on his car, or a friend's car. For me, our shop is really just a time away from the real world, so I don't really much mind if I am working on my stuff, or someone else's...
  11. I feel this is the cheat I would have used, but I am very impressed you are taking on just making it yourself. 👍
  12. Tim wanted his spoiler to match the rest of the trim on the van, so... It was painted on the van, and it didn't come out quite as nice as I wanted it to, so I'm going to take it off on Saturday and put another coat on it...
  13. Got more wiring done today, but we decided to pause momentarily because Tim wanted some fresh paint on the dash frame. POR-15 was deemed the most durable option, so... This is supposed to be satin black, so here's hoping it's not this glossy when it dries... 😁
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of MG stuff fits on a Roadster. And I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of Roadster guys would turn their noses up at using MG parts... 😄
  15. Could you just step down the diff gears? Or better yet, really big tires? 😁 To me, a lot. But I may not be the one to ask. 😄
  16. Also, I keep forgetting the car has a removable steering wheel,, so... 😄
  17. If you ever weighed one, you wouldn't put it in anything. 😁 We had a friend rebuild the 4 cylinder version of that engine for his Scout at our shop. It bent the engine stand. 😄
  18. On stuff like that, I just run a jumper from the battery to the coil, then another one to the start post. 😁
  19. That was my thinking. And it's not like any thief is going to be carrying one of these around. And it's not like I wouldn't hide another kill switch somewhere else... 😄 Besides, if you know what you are doing, you can can hotwire any old car with a non-locking column in 2 minutes anyway. A lock exists to keep an honest man honest...
  20. Weather did not cooperate with the floor pan repairs so I instead tried to swap the tumbler out in the stock ignition switch with a new one I had that was keyed to the door. That pissed me off, so I tossed it and will do something different... 😁 I am thinking that I will use a master kill as an ignition switch mounted to the dash face...
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