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  1. Looks better in person. Nice texture and sheen. And VERY grippy.
  2. Those are cool. My buddy has one with only 65k on it, super clean. Supposedly they only made like 1800 of them...
  3. Touched up some floor spots with dynaglass last night to get the front area as smooth as we can. Hopefully we will be rhino-lining the front half of the inside on Saturday...
  4. Am I the only one who can't see Mike's photos on page 1?
  5. NGK blue wires, part number 8108. 👍 Rockauto.com has them for $12.06 right now. They also have Standard Motor caps and rotors (best version due to brass contacts instead of cheap pot metal). 👍
  6. We are doing this even if I have to buy them myself. Which I just did. They'll be here on Monday. 😈
  7. Now you need the VOLK stickers for them... 😄 In yellow of course... https://www.ebay.com/itm/133861612045?hash=item1f2ac61a0d:g:VwYAAOSwY0hZuRq1
  8. Those are always leaking on these. They seem to only last about 20 years without leaking. 😁 It could probably use a rocker adjustment as well. Since yours is a '78 it should already have electronic ignition, so that and some fresh plugs/wires/cap/rotor should have you right as rain. 👍
  9. I usually wear a zip up hoodie in winter to stay warm, and often have to replace it every year. The old one gets demoted to this job. 😁
  10. It really needs 3". 😁 Never thought I would ever say this, but... While that would be super cool, with even half-assed maintenance the stock engine will also run forever. 😁
  11. Finally put the harness slots back on today... Also got the seat rails remade (decided to start over on them to move the seat back 2" farther) and got the corresponding holes drilled in the floor to mount them. Gonna give them a test fit/sit on Wednesday. Not going to actually install them until the carpet is in...
  12. This is what I was thinking. The article I read about it said the city attorney was going to check and see if they could legally do it, but I am 99.9% positive they can't.
  13. Personally not a fan of any politicians really, but this seems dumb as shit... 🙄 You are only penalizing people who had nothing to do with the decision...
  14. Not to turn this into a political thread, but is this blowback on the abortion thing?
  15. Especially with Amazon. The whole reason I got Prime was for quick shipping. Shipping speed went waaaay down but the membership still costs just as much... 🙄
  16. From Amazon, yes. From Summit, no. 😁
  17. Again, people do really unsafe shit all the time. 😄 I really feel a lot of those UTV tires would be extremely unsafe on asphalt. Their lateral grip level would have to be very low...
  18. And I've done 130+mph on tires rated for 100mph, but it doesn't mean it was a good idea... 😄
  19. And 3, most are not speed rated for freeway use, not load rated for this heavy a car, and often not DOT legal. This was an avenue we considered at one point. 😁
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