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  1. I actually thought they were a place to run straps to so you can strap down a bike. 😁
  2. For a second, due to the weight, I wonder if those were tow straps... 😁
  3. I figured as much. Your instagram has been kinda dead. 😁
  4. Oh yeah. Lots of Falcon suspension bits, lots of Fairlane/Galaxie trim pieces, etc. 😁
  5. Pump did fit/plug in, and seems to work well. We did have a stalling out issue early on that I think was attributable to not having enough fuel in the tank, since we initially drained it down to empty when we swapped pumps but only put a few gallons back into it. We got another 5 gallons from the gas station and it fired up and seemed to run fine. We took a test drive back to said gas station to fill it up and that was uneventful. A few more short test drives are on order before considering it fully fixed. And we still need to sort out the check engine light that arose from earlier. Code shows it's not getting a proper signal from the temp sender, which the internet says is often due to low levels of coolant. We did have a coolant leak at the neck due to a faulty radiator cap, which we have since replaced. A few more drives/heat cycles may make the code go away. If not, we have to dig into the wiring deeper to see if it's a bad sender, bad wire, or faulty ECU. Fingers crossed it was just low coolant...
  6. Funny, looks a lot like a Galaxie tail light bucket... 😁
  7. datsunfreak

    12" tire options?

    Well, you'd never find wheels that fit, and at 18" they'd be ridiculously small even for a 1200... 😁
  8. Finally got the diff where I wanted it, but perfect alignment means shortening the panhard rod by a bit since it was at the maximum adjustment point to achieve that. I took 1.25" out of the middle and Tim rewelded it for me last night. This should mean when the diff is in the right spot the panhard rod will be in the middle of the adjustment range. 👍 Whoever took those measurements the first time was an idiot... 😃 As my friend Marty used to say, "if you can't make it right, at least make it adjustable".
  9. Perhaps you've blocked it out... 😁 So do you want to slide it for a video?
  10. He'll never do that. 😁 I did it once with him in the passenger seat. He was not stoked. 😄
  11. Wagon and sedan have totally different rear bumpers. You can put a sedan bumper on a wagon with minor mods, but it really does not look/fit right. You cannot put a wagon bumper on a sedan. It hits the valence in the middle. Problem is the wagon bumper center section is more straight, sedan is more curved. Wagon bumper is also a bit wider, as a wagon is wider in the rear than a sedan. In my experience a wagon and a 4dr sedan do not share one single part from the B-pillar back.
  12. FWIW, I can see them fine on Chrome.
  13. If it matters, I think the guts/door panels are slightly different also? Something in my memory is telling me either the door handle or the window crank is in a different spot...
  14. If they ratchet strap them down to the deck, it usually pulls a stock 510 down at least 2". 😁
  15. Side panels installed... Close-up... Front black panel in... The new front panel is a little heavier than the old one, so to prevent sagging (and relying on the stock front plastic trim to hold it up) we made these metal tabs that hold it up super tight to the roof skin...
  16. Since the wood we used on the roof left a bit of a gap, which we put purple LEDs in, we made a filler piece from the same wood. And so the light will shine through, I took the wood fillers home and made some mods to them... First I made a template with a 12"x1.5" hole, and then used it and my router to make four identical holes in each panel... Now we wanted something to tone down the brightness and diffuse the LED lights a bit, so we got some plastic and made diffuser panels from it... Then glued all of those in place... It seems to do a fair job of diffusing harsh lighting... Hoping to install them tomorrow and see how it does...
  17. The factory used butyl tape, so why not that?
  18. Somehow I figured in a place like Eugene, you didn't get these spots on the floor? Every Texas 1200 has those spots, only twice as bad... 😃
  19. The width is good. I'm only angling for a 245, nothing crazy. They should fit fine on this wheel. And widening them introduces the problem of making sure your welds are leak proof, at least up to 40 psi. 😁
  20. I know that feeling all too well... 😁
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