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On 5/26/2021 at 10:45 AM, 73240z said:

I’m actually married to another man and I’m not as gay as this.

Being a datsun owner I am somewhat envious. If you ask a wife to help bleed the brakes or clutch you will be "paying it back" with three pages of honeydoos. Anybody train a dog to press a brake or clutch pedal?


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2 hours ago, angliagt said:

    Have you tried a piece of hose with a one way valve?

Actually I followed someone else's advice and ordered a dozen one way check valves that are used for aquariums and clear aquarium hose. Cheap on Ebay and it works great. Just joking about sometimes it would be handy to be married to a Man.

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Hose into bottle of fluid keeps air out but fluid will sometimes see saw back and forth. Needs to go one way only.


Last time I couldn't get any movement of air or fluid so I took the bleeder out and stuck finger over the hole as the one way valve. 5 or 6 pumps and it farted some air out, then fluid. Once I got movement started I put the bleeder back in and bled normally. By 'normally' I mean just shooting fluid onto the lawn. 

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3 hours ago, angliagt said:

         I thought that the 50's were in Black & White.


Color photography experiments began in the mid 1850's, on glass plates. Kodak introduced Kodachrome in 1935, followed in 1936 by Agfa in Germany with Agfacolor. 


In 1942 Kodak introduced Kodacolor negative film, although black and white remained more popular as it was about half the cost of color film.

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8 hours ago, bananahamuck said:

picture was labeled 1957 so I think that puts it in the heydays of color picture use. 


           I guess you never saw that Calvin & Hobbes cartoon about that?.

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6 hours ago, ratpatrol66 said:

I was in Aberdeen last Sunday also. Didn't see anything like that but it smells like Seattle. 


                Is that Triumph/MG dealer sign still there?

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5 hours ago, angliagt said:


                Is that Triumph/MG dealer sign still there?

Not sure but I'm going back to Aberdeen in a couple weeks and will go find this corner. Report my findings later.


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On 5/28/2021 at 8:36 AM, bananahamuck said:

Went to Aberdeen the other day and this pretty much sums it up 






I can't breathe.

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Why is there shredded tire on the Interstate 77 (Ohio) for only a 2 mile span? Its not just trucks that are dropping tread, even the lil chevy spark had his whole rear passenger tire blow out completely right in front of me.  Its insane, I switch over to the far left lane and its even worse. It goes both ways South and East, both directions equally littered with shredded tire. Didn't see any nails or anything. Road was clean and it was humid out. ,,, hmmmmm

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