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  1. Maybe. But I'm not so ashamed of my woman that I make her cover herself up. Looks like they have been drooling too.
  2. What year is your N? Mine is a 48. I've used it for clearing snow, but was always too whipped afterwards to take pictures. I do have other photos of it though, like way back when I used ot for mowing with a 6 foot finish mower. Super Mower by Racer, on Flickr I retired it from mowing duties a few years ago when I picked up a Kubota L260 to take over the mowing. Now the N pulls a wagon when it is time to clean up winter downfall, grades the driveway, or pulls the aerator on the lawn. N By The River by Racer, on Flickr N By The River by Racer, on Flickr
  3. Dunno. It would be difficult to tell, seeing as how they are so fucking ugly their men force them to cover up head to toe.
  4. Been going to the same dentist office since 1970. The original dentist, Jim, used to have the office scene like Mike shared, a bowl you spit into, an arcane overhead rig for the drill, a chair made of porcelain coated iron with an uncomfortable slab covered in vinyl, operated by foot pedals. The gigantic reusable syringe to administer the Novocain. Over the years the office evolved, the chair became more comfortable, Jim offered a stereo headset and a choice of music. Still, the reusable syringe. Jim did my first root canal, right there in the office, nothing more than Novocain administered via that reusable syringe. He even took the impressions and later set the crown in that tooth. Still have it today. Jim did a couple other root canal jobs over the years, repaired a few cavities, and also set eight gold crowns on molars. Jim retired about 15 years ago, after taking on another dentist in his practice, Jennifer, a nice young woman fresh out of dentistry school. He sold the practice to her, and then came back periodically to help out when she took maternity leave. A couple years ago Jennifer told me that Jim had Alzheimer’s. Last year Jim passed away.
  5. By 3 am I’ve been up for an hour and a half. I leave for the Big Shed by 3:30. On weekends I sleep in till 3. Unless I’m working, then I get up at midnight and go in even earlier, so I can get off by noon. No toothache though.
  6. I know, and I was mildly entertained, but also pained at seeing idiots destroy good machines.
  7. Bulldozers? Them’s front end loaders. What the fuck possessed those idiots to use machines that cost a quarter million dollars to engage in a large equipment wrestling match? Bunch of dumbasses.
  8. From Wikipedia: The XB-48 made its first flight on 22 June 1947, a 37-minute, 73 mi (117 km) hop from Martin's Baltimore, Maryland plant to NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, but blew all four tires on its fore-and-aft mounted undercarriage on landing when pilot Pat Tibbs applied heavy pressure to the specially-designed, but very slow to respond, insensitive air-braking lever. Tibbs and co-pilot Dutch Gelvin were uninjured. Nothing is mentioned about what was done with the two prototypes, but they likely were scrapped.
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