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  1. Great. Now I need to get a Land Rover so I can make frosty margaritas on the bumper, after driving countless miles in the wilderness.
  2. But I wasn’t at work yet. I posted that while making my morning donation to the political parties in DC.
  3. Spotted in the parking lot at work yesterday.
  4. What the hell just happened here? I clicked submit and nothing happened. So I clicked submit again. Still nothing. Clicked a third time and got an error message about having to wait between posts. Then I see the same shit three times.
  5. At least Everett no longer is “That place north of Seattle by I5 that stinks”. Since the pulp mills are gone the only smelly place is Turd Lake between Everett and Marysville.
  6. Color photography experiments began in the mid 1850's, on glass plates. Kodak introduced Kodachrome in 1935, followed in 1936 by Agfa in Germany with Agfacolor. In 1942 Kodak introduced Kodacolor negative film, although black and white remained more popular as it was about half the cost of color film.
  7. You don’t want to put aluminum in a hot tank. It will dissolve it.
  8. I thought it looked like someone was making canna butter with one of those magic butter things and something went wrong.
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