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  1. I love RC cars and airplanes, but, *cough!* Airbus? Come on man! Now here is what you should have posted:
  2. The window tinting can be removed, the overspray cleaned off, but damage from welding and grinding not so much. With the supply of good, usable parts dwindling, taking care to save what can still be cleaned up and reused is important. Even if you don’t see a use for these items, others might and they present a potential source of revenue for your build. But it is your stuff, so do as you wish.
  3. Mountains and valleys. Mmmmm........time for some climbing and exploration.
  4. This was at the motel in Pananint Springs, Death Valley in 2015. A single 20 second long exposure. Panamint Springs Milky Way Under Moonlight by Racer, on Flickr I made some late night images a couple summers back. This one is 225 thirty second exposures stacked and processed. I walked around and painted the house and trees with a spotlight while the camera ran through the exposures. The yellow streak in the foreground across the driveway is the area light on the front wall of the shop, reflecting off the utility room window on the house. The arc cro
  5. I replaced a Chevy Dually, 454/Turbo 400 with my Ram in 2001. Cummins 24 valve, NVG 6 speed manual, heated leather seats, air, blah, blah, blah. Loaded up with camper, race car, tires, fuel, tools, etc, grossed out at 21,500lbs. about half of the 140,000 miles on it (so far) have been like this picture. As far south as Thunderhill, as far north as Mission Raceway, most of the road courses in between, Portland, SIR/PR, Bremerton, Spokane. Never thought twice about all the thousands of shifts I have made. Of course Mrs. Racer doesn't sit next to me like she did in the Ch
  6. More like anti petty criminals. He was just cleaning up the gene pool....... When all he wanted was a cup of coffee with no sugar in it. Those dudes ruined his day.
  7. A well placed shot from a revolver with a 6” barrel is all it takes.
  8. I worked with a guy whose dad was the Starwood police chief way back in the 70’s. Hank retired from the PUD, ten years ago or so. His dad was another guy that was a good cop.
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