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  1. Wax it. Better yet, get that “ceramic” coating stuff everyone is going ape shit over these days.
  2. Coming along. So, how did the Galaxy come into your life?
  3. There is the same amount of water on earth today as there was at the beginning of time. It appears that the supply is dwindling, but actually the water is just spread out more than before. The water has been recycled millions of times over. Everyday we drink recycled dinosaur piss. Isn’t that tasty?
  4. For 99% of my transactions using PayPal there has never been any problems. But. I recently purchased some t-shirts from a guy in Arizona. After several weeks I contacted him and he made the same lame excuse everyone is using these days, Covid, and promised to ship the next day. When I didn’t get shipping confirmation and tracking I reached out to him again. He ignored me. So I escalated it through PayPal. Then he made more excuses and empty promises. The time ran out and PayPal closed the case and I was out the money I paid. But wait. I used my credit card through PayPal. So, I filed a claim through the credit card, and didn’t take any of the guy’s shit. Got back every penny.
  5. Try putting the stainless steel trim back into the channel on the windshield rubber. That should get the rubber to lay down at the corners.
  6. At this point it’s all about the details. So close, yet still a ways to go, eh?
  7. By the way, nice job on the Uni. Gonna be a sweet ride when you’re done.
  8. Yes. I ordered a bunch of stuff to fix my Subaru and paid for 2 day shipping. That was a week and a half ago. It finally shipped last Thursday, made it from Tacoma to Everett that day. It sat there all day Friday, and FedEx indicated it would be delivered Monday (not Friday, as it “wasn’t ready”). On Monday tracking said it would be delayed. No reason, just delayed. Finally arrived late Tuesday, after languishing in Everett, a 30 minute drive from my place. FedEx has been like this ever since Covid. Any excuse to underperform.
  9. I have ignored mainstream news media and politics since before this happened, but it couldn't be ignored. Still, I avoid news, and the build up every year. But I never forget. Although I didn't know anyone personally that perished, I have known many who did. Not a day goes by that I don't think about that day, and all the people affected, even if only for a moment. Today, like every year, I spend more time reflecting and thinking of the innocent people who were mindlessly going about thier days, completely unaware of the horrors about to unfold. Everyone I talk to I try to engage them in remembrance and ask that they also take a moment to pause and reflect. If there is one, I hope all those responsible burn in Hell forever for raining their hatred upon our lives.
  10. Today I wept. I wept for thousands of souls I never knew. 20 years. WTC towers 1 and 2. Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The Pentagon. Take a moment today to remember those who perished. Never forget. Weep for them with me.
  11. Wanna tell you story About woman I know When it comes to lovin' She steals the show She ain't exactly pretty Ain't exactly small Fourt'two thirt'ninefiftysix You could say she's got it all
  12. I convalesced for a few days, waiting for the swelling to go down. A buddy of mine had his done about the same time as me. He swore he was out chopping firewood the next day. I called bullshit.
  13. My medical insurance paid for mine. My doctor did it in his clinic. The next day my boys felt like they were the size of basketballs. After a couple days I was doing better, and ready for Mrs. Racer 1.0.
  14. What is all this shit about knocking a woman up? About 30 years ago a one night stand tried that “I’m pregnant and you’re the father!”, shit with me. I told her there was no fucking way it could be mine. I’m a navel orange. All juice and no seeds. No way it could be mine, I had a vasectomy a few years before that.
  15. Those holes are for the air conditioning lines to pass through the firewall.
  16. Not anymore. The starter spins it over quite freely, there isn’t even the slightest huff out the exhaust.
  17. You should be able to get fusible link wire and make up your own fusible links. Any good auto parts store should carry it.
  18. I know. The service interval is 105,000 miles. That belt had 90,030 miles on it when it broke last week. But. After a review of the maintenance schedule I see it says 105,000 miles or 105 months, whichever comes first. I changed the first belt at 100,000 miles, when the car was 5 years old, back in 2010. So, going by time, I was 27 months overdue. Oops. An expensive oversight, eh?
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