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Your significant other...

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How do they feel? My girlfriends thinks my PU is nothin' but a beater... She doesn't see the inner beauty... The true potential, she rather dream of driving BMW... She doesn't know that she'll be fixing the piece of shit 6 out 7 days and only being able drive it to church... Ha...


So how does your significant other feel...?:D

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She grouches about it, but bought me two 12.5 X 33s for Christmas two years ago... and another two for my birthday!!! Woot! Then got me a license plate! So I take her wheelin' and she drinks beer. I'd say it all works out. In my favor. I wouldn't trade either one in for a newer model.

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My wife understands that my first 620 has been here for 15 years, Through my 1st son, many memorable events through life, and it's still here, waiting for the day when I can devote the time to make my 620 the way it wants to be.


I would give up Datsuns in hot minute for my wife, but she will never ask that of me, and has said so.

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when we pulled up to the guys house where the 620 was she fell in love! i have always loved the bullets on the sides of these things. and now i own one. i love them! i jsut wish i ahd found one in a touch better shape BUT i love the one i have.

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Ugghhh.My wife is tolerant of them i suppose.I had Datsuns long before her as well as other BS but she has dealt with it for 8+years.I know she dont like it.She only rides in one if I take the boat out behind the 620 or occasionally in the dime.

Basically women commonly feel that you should put the same enthusiasm towards them as you put towards everything else.So say you have 4 hobbies requiring tons of dedication they will feel that you should dedicate the same ammount of time equally to them only.

My wife would love it if I liked to hike and travel but I would love it if she could hold a drop light for me or hand me a 13mm box end wrench and a PBR:cool::fu:

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my wife loves the fact that i have hobbies. datsuns being the biggest and speakers being the most in numbers. i can park my rides outside but speakers need to go inside. where do i put all 30 pairs? dont ask.:D now if i could just get some vintabe jbl's to fit in my 521....

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My girlfriend loves me and I think she likes my car okay. I KNOW she'll like it a LOT better when I get her a better seat :D


What matters is that she loves ME and supports my hobby, again, she'd support it more if it were more comfortable


you could say that she likes cars though


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My wife started the whole Datsun thing! Learned to drive stick in a 521 as a kid...always wanted another....so we got her one. She love hers!!! I've wanted a 510wgn since I was 15 and my buddy had one. The NL just kinda happened. I just need to get off my butt more and work on them! My wife is completely awesome!! She's put up with me for 25 years now.....hopefully, she'll keep me! :)

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My wife (of 43 years) learned to drive in the '72 510 wagon I bought for her in 1971, drove my '76 620 (original "Ol Yeller"). she has always been there helping me with my various hobbies/interests..including the 5 '56 chevys I have built, all my years of racing dirt bikes (desert, motocross, etc)...and now the past 5 years with my renewed passion for the 620 truck...in fact as most of you know; the 72 1/4 620 we have named "Truckee" is "her" truck...(as in, "will my truck be ready for Long Beach this year, will it be ready to test drive soon, have you finished the motor for my truck yet...etc"...as I said after 43 years (soon 44) I love her more each day and we are totally the best of friends...

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My wife is awesome about Datsuns, and old cars in general. She grew up around her older brother having a classic car body shop. She even made me a Ratsun B-day cake last year!


She digs most Datsuns, the older the better- but for the life of me I can't get her to appreciate the 610!! And I'd love to have one.


She really wants a Karmen Ghia, cause she had a sweet one her brother fixed up for her back in highschool. And since I already have my classic (521) it would be nice of me to get her a Ghia next... but it isn't a Datsun!


She likes to have one rule though. Finish the current project becore I get another. (Which is prolly smart.) However if the right deal and body style come up, I bet I can get her to cave. She is lucky I live in New England where Datsuns are practically extinct.

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well we are both gear heads and I got him his 620. I fell in love with her at first sight. I know most normal women would have looked at her as a old bucket but I saw that truck threw different eyes :).


Pays to have a dad that brought you up building cars I guess or just like these trucks I am a rare breed :)


LOL well there is my opion on this my hubby love the truck too.....

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i got my 620 from my gf's brother. she likes the old look of the truck and helps me work on it and clean it! she used to think i was crazy for wanting to also get a 521 and a 510 until i took her to one of the eagle rock datsun swap meets and she saw them in person. still says she likes the 620 the most...

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I met my...(x) wife at a Mini Truck run in 87...Se he had a totally tricked out Mazda Xcab...In fact it is at her parents house in California rotting away. If I cant find a good picture of it I will post it...Even to this day she thinks I waste to much money them.. She says stivk to one project do it nice and then move on...no need to have 3,4 projects...Now my Daughter thinks they are stupid. even though she drives my lowered shaved 16v VW caddy...(rabbit pickup). WHo know and who cares they are my crazy vices...:fu:

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in may of 1988 my 72 corolla wagon broke down outside country burger in torrance ca so i pushed it in a parking stall out of breath an exausted from pushing i sat there pissed off this really cute waitress :drool: comes out of the burger place hands me a large ice tea and says you look like you need this then makes this remark you wouldn't have car problems if you drove a datsun she had a 75b210 well in a span of a year sold my toyota bought a 69datsun 510 2 door married the waitress two of the greatest decisions i have ever made in my life and to this day she has no problems with me working on my datsuns:thumbsup:

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My wife tolerates the cars and has bought me tools for Christmas. The fact that 3 (4 counting the motorcycle) are projects and I keep hinting at more doesn't help. :rolleyes:


If they all disappeared tonight she'd be ecstatic. :(

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