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  1. Where are you guys getting good quality door squeegee sets? I need inner and outer (my car came in boxes, lol) and I'm having trouble sifting through the bs and cheap incomplete Thailand kits
  2. I have absolutely no idea unfortunately.
  3. I'm not a huge fan of flares. I will if I have to, but I'd rather not, lol.
  4. Thanks! PM'd about the quarter panel, that would really help alot. Now I need a windshield and quarter glass and I've got most the parts I need!
  5. I'm starting to dick around with my recently acquired 510 project. The previous owner was planning to run some bubble flares and unfortunately already mangled the driver's side wheel arch and tossed the scrap. Any ideas where I can get a full replacement arch for a 2 door? Another option I suppose is to chop up one of the many extra front fenders I ended up with and try to sub that as the rear arch. The downside is I would likely have to do both to make it symmetrical as I doubt they are the exact same shape as the rears. Any suggestions?
  6. I didn't even notice the pulley was larger, lol. I need to have someone who knows l-series motors alot better than I do take a look at this thing and tell me exactly what I have. I'm sure its atleast somewhat built, but I don't know the extent. I did notice that it does not have the correct oil pan on it. Looks like the 510 oil pan has a clearance near the bell housing for steering linkage. I have the correct bell housing, but it needs to be installed so I can hook up the steering. I am in no way expecting a comfortable or practical car to come out of this project, lol. I've got a daily and a backup, so I can just play with this.
  7. Ok. My motorcycle is mostly done. Honestly, I've been kind of contemplating selling this thing, but I can't bring myself to do it. I know once I get it semi-reassembled it's not going to take up much room, and I've been seriously thinking about selling my mx73. So my current plan is as follows... sell the Cressida, fix my pickup and daily that, and then put the rest into "finishing" this 510. Slow progress will be documented!
  8. I'm thinking about doing my 510 with the camo tan plasti dip. Only thing that sucks is that it's solvent based, so it doesn't get along with gasoline, among other things. I'l be using a fuel cell though, so I should be okay.
  9. Haha, no worries. I am actually about 3 blocks away from where that guy lives, just up the street. You in the area? I might autocross a bit with this thing when it's done, but it's mostly going to be a street car, though not a daily most likely.
  10. In Hoquiam? No, his name is John. He's had that thing for like 25 years, but it's all rusted out now. He's got it in a shop getting repaired and repainted.
  11. Been wanting to get back into Datsuns for a while. So when this retired local race car came up for sale, I scooped it up for next to nothing. Got the car and shitloads of parts for $500. Thinking I can make my money back and then some on the extra parts and then start tinkering around with this thing a bit. I'll post pictures of the stockpile later, but here's some nasty shots of the car in the meantime. It looks alot worse than it is in these pictures. The huge fire damage looking spot on the quarter is actually shitty orange paint with black primer dusted over the top. Floorpans are newer, driver's side rocker is new, passenger rocker and kick are gone, and the driver's side quarter is in serious need of work, possibly replacement. For some reason, the previous owner mounted that awful rivet on flare on it too, so that's doesn't help. He even cut it out already, so unless I replace it, I'm going to have to run flares (probably nicer zg style flares if it comes to that). Supposedly the engine runs, but I'm planning on it needing a rebuild anyway. Came with the hood, 3 sets of fenders, 2 sets of doors, some extra glass, an extra rear sub-frame and rear-end, 2 sets of su carbs/manifolds, 3 sets of wheels (including a nice set of staggered 13" slots) and a very old school looking personal steering wheel and old old hub/adapter. Also bins and bins of parts including most everything that is missing off the car. Going to need quarter glass. front valance and wiper linkage for sure, prolly some other smaller stuff as well. All I could get out of him about the engine is that it's a "frankenstein L-series that really screams", so I guess I'm going to have to do some research on what it is exactly. The valve cover has some weird oil squirter setup on it that I've never seen, I'll post a pic later. Anyway, that's the headache I inherited, I'll post more pics soon, and updates eventually. I'm trying to finish my motorcycle before I start this (a promise to the wife), so hopefully that'll get done really soon!
  12. PICS!!! Car is pending sale tomorrow night, unless he flakes, then it's back up.
  13. City: Hoquiam State/Province: WA Country: USA Price: $900 Item Description: Looking to sell my og project :(. It's a 1978 toyota mx32 cressida. Car is in decent shape, there's a basketball sized dent on the driver rear quarter, and the fenders were rolled by the previous owner, but could use a little cleaning up. The car starts and runs great when warmed up, but is severely cold blooded, the choke seems to be stuck open. Once warm it runs awesome. With a rebuild or weber replacement, there would be absolutely no mechanical problems that I am aware of. The interior could use some work. The previous owner removed the seats and carpet, and bolted in an mx73 driver's seat and rear seat that dont fit very well. It is getting hard to find these cars anywhere, especially at teh junkyard, but I have been told that the carpet and seats out of mx63's swap in directly ('81-'85 cressida). The dash and door panels are still there, but the dash has a few weather cracks. The car sits about 2.5" off the ground of ae86 springs, it is very low. Also the panhard bar is stock length, so the rear axle is pushed over about an inch to the driver's side. Because of this, the driveline tends to rub a bit on the driveline tunnel when the tranny shifts gears. An adjustable panhard for an ae86 corolla will bolt in, or you could have the stock bar permenantly shortened by any fab shop. I have had this car for about 8 months now, and just havent had any time to work on it, or any extra money to put into making it nice again. I would highly recomend towing!!, this car sits very very low, and with the factory length panhard the driveline sits at a hard angle the driver's side and rubs on the driveline tunnel. If you want to drive it, it does start and run well, if not very cold blooded, but I dont know how far you'd get on I-5 with this car the way it sits right now. My name is Shane, and you can call me with any questions or inquiries @ 360/581-3308, no trades please. I don't come on this site very often anymore, so phone is the best way to reach me, I may overlook a pm :) Here's some pics. None of these wheels are currently on the car, it comes with stock mx73 15x6.5 +10's
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