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    Engine diesels.

    What causes engine to diesel after turning off. And what can I do to fix.
  2. Yes they do. My wife does the pedal while I bleed it. It moves fine. And no air in the bleed line. And to be honest the pedal seem to loose a bit of the tension in the pedal if that makes sense. It is the same set engine and tranny I had in my 74 chop top. L18 with Z 5spd never had any issues with it. Then I changed clutch while I had engine out. And all seemed fine until last couple of days.
  3. Ok so been redoing my 79 620 I just picked up. So I did a new clutch and throw out bearing. All seemed fine been driving the truck for about 2 weeks. Then all of a sudden it seemed like I lost my clutch. Thought is was slave cylinder bit it seems good. Bled it again. That was ok...any idea of what is going on.
  4. I am getting good squirt of fluid as I bleed. And I have very little peddle. Almost goes to the floor. I don't see any leaking and the wheel cylinders are new in the rear. I am going to play around with it some more. Maybe bleed the NLSV again.
  5. Yes I lost a little fluid when I bled master cylinder. Not a bunch but a little
  6. Yes they bled out fune. Fluid went down came the bleeder fine. Don't seem to be loosing fluid now. I have a small amount of play in the pedal. I did drive around the block a few times. But I sure wouldn't drive it on the open road or freeway as it is now.
  7. I haven't seen any fluid in the cab. And not sure if there is any in the booster. Don't seem to be looking any fluid out of the reservoir. I am going to replace the master cylinder. It is old and they aren't that expensive. But then get to bleed brakes again how fun.
  8. Ok Mike, I did all the bleeding as stated. And I still can't get a solid pedal. Nothing I see is leeking..I just don't know what I am missing?
  9. I am not familiar with the NLSV. This is the first 620 I have had that has had one. How do I bleed that out. And it just went dry as I changed the engine. I bleed the brakes left rear to front. Just can't get them to pump up. So if you can explain how to bleed the NLSV..that may be What the issue is. Thanks Mike you aways seem to have the answers..👍
  10. So I go to bleed the brakes on my 79 620. As I bleed the brakes I just can't get any pedal. They just won't pump up. I can hear some air as I pump the brakes. I am thinking master cylinder took a dump. Or maybe brake booster. Or am I just missing something. I have bleed brakes before and no issues. So I am a bit lost here. Any help or direction would help..Thanks
  11. Well dont I feel foolish...it was a blown fuse. Problem fixed. I looked at them Just not good enough. Thanks Mike..sure I will be back again with questions..soon.
  12. Ok so I got no brakes lights on my 620. I replaced the brake switch thinking an easy fix. But that did not seek to work. All other lights work front and back. Any ideas Ratsun members?
  13. I got rid of that truck ( my chop top) I bought this 79. I put the engine tranny out if the 74 into the 79. Now dealing with electrical issues. I will post pics tomorrow Hainz. Maybe you can guide me in the right direction. Either that or I swap out wire harness from the 74.
  14. So I picked up a 79 620 been sitting for about 12yrs in Arizona. Had some chewed up wires from a dog getting to hanging wires. Got all that fixed or so I thought. Can't get any power to anything except power door locks and alarm. Any help or ideas of what to look for would help. Thanks
  15. 1lo620

    L18 into a 79 620

    I am just getting going on the swap. I am sure I will be needing questions answered. So I will be back for sure...stayed ...lol
  16. 1lo620

    L18 into a 79 620

    The tranny attached to the L18 that I want to slide into my 79 has a Z 5spd.
  17. 1lo620

    L18 into a 79 620

    It is out of a 74. I am keeping the tranny on the L18. So clutch should be no issue.
  18. Ok so i just bought a 79 without an engine. I have a good strong L18. So I am going to slide that in. It has an petronix set up. So what will I need to do to make it work in the 79?
  19. 1lo620

    Weber Rebuild.

    Damn I wish I still lived the NW Hainz I would run it down and have you look at it. I am not a mechanic so a lot of this is foreign to me.
  20. 1lo620

    Weber Rebuild.

    I dont know Steve is my Beater worth it..lol.
  21. 1lo620

    Weber Rebuild.

    Ok what "my beater" as Steve calls it. Is doing is. I will be cruising down the freeway buzzing about 70ish. And if I go to get On it to pass a car what have you. It will sputter and a few times back fired. I thought it was a fuel thing so replaced the fuel filter. Helped a touch but it still does it.
  22. 1lo620

    Weber Rebuild.

    So how hard is it to rebuild a 32/36 weber. I think mine is in need
  23. Still not working. I have been starting it with a trigger starter. Going to try the relay set up. Just haven't had the time.
  24. It doesn't run I can turn the starter over with the bypass trigger. But the truck won't start now. I have no lights no turn signals no dash warning lights. It is just like everything just turned off. It is on my 74. All fuses in block are fine. Hate electronics..
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