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  1. I did post that I got it running Hainz. Sorry if you didn't see that. I appreciate all the help I got from everyone.
  2. Got it running actually drove it. Seems to miss a bit. But nothing crazy.. Well thanks for all the help. I am sure I will be back. But again I do appreciate the help and patience.
  3. Ok I tested as you said. The top wire tested bright when key is on. Also the lower ballast post was bright when I put the top wire back on the top. And when I put the lower wires back on the whole system lite up bright until I put the red coil wire back on then it went dim.. So I would assume that the ballast is ok since I am getting power to it when the only wire on it is the top one.
  4. Ok this is the wiring I have right now. Can you tell by looking if what I have is correct. I know it is tough to tell since it is kind of a rat nest. How can you tell if ballast is bad?
  5. Ok so new ignition in and it started, but minute I let go of the key it dies. Held the key for a second until starter started to grind and it ran again until I let go of the key....now what is up with it. ?
  6. Ok got my new Petronix yesterday. So if I get off early enough today. I am going to attempt the switch to the new one. Hainz said to leave the old magnet in there if It is fine. I am ok with that. Less I have to screw with the better. So let you know what becomes if it. Hope it will run. If not it goes into the shop to get fixed.
  7. Ok so why I wait to get my Petronix. I got a volt meter gauge. (Actually had one in my box of goodies) so how do I hook it up. ?
  8. Ok I can't get it to fire. So I am safely assuming that the Petronix Set up is toast. So I will order one of those and hope that solves the issue. Then I get the joy of replacing the Petronix ignition. Any suggestions on where to order one from Hainz gave me a part number.
  9. Guess my thing is that the only thing on the negative side of the coil is the black wire from the Petronix and nothing going to negative side from ballast. Is that right? That is why I posted pics of my crazy wiring.
  10. Ya I usually do...forgot this time. And yes I have a guide. Need to check it out. Working on this beast tomorrow..hope get it running. Tired of driving all of you guys crazy with my wiring ignorance.
  11. The only wire I have going to my negative side of the coil is the one that goes to the petronix distributor. I think I messed up the wires when I pulled them off to check them. This is how the wires are now.
  12. Did you once have a shop off of Ballinger Way between Mountlake Terrace and Lake Forest Park. I took one of my 620s to a shop called Z specialties way back in the 90s.. May give you a call sometime. We are moving back to the NW..within the next few years.
  13. I have a testing light. And I had power to the ballist. I feel it is the coil or petronix just by what y'all are saying. It was running fine until voltage regulator went out and blew the battery. Now it is being a pain in the ass.
  14. I don't have a volt meter. I could buy one. I just have a test light. I will get a volt meter and figure all this crap out. Have I mentioned I don't like electronic crap..grrrr Icehouse...what up Jeff..hope all is good.
  15. So I have taken a few days off of this before I lost it and pushed the truck off a cliff. So I have decided to buy a new coil, ballast and probably a new petronix ignition. So next question which petronix do I buy. And is there a difference in coils and ballast resistors? And I am going to post more pics of my rat nest wiring later. And maybe y'all can let me know if I am wiring it all correct. Thanks for all the help. Much appreciated.
  16. Yes I understand all is easy for someone who has knowledge of this stuff. I will go back and double check it all. But I did have power to the coil but didn't see spark when I when I turned it over with the plug wire off distributor and held to the bolt in my manifold. If I did that wrong let me know. Soon as I get it running and back to normal it is probably going up for sale. I don't have the knowledge to take care of a 40+ car. And where I live there aren't many datsun guys. So I do and always have appreciated the help y'all have given. And still do and still need advice. And sorry if I am driving you all crazy with what you say is the obvious.
  17. So if it ends up being the distributor that is fried. How hard would it be to swap out a matchbox dizzy distributor. I have one of those that came out of the 79 620
  18. The reason I say wires got crossed is thst I changed coils and I was thinking maybe hooked up wrong. I did check for spark from coil. If I did it right. (Pull center wire off distributor then touch ground like chassis then turn key..no spark.). I think it may be petronix also. But what the hell do I know...lol
  19. I have a Petronix ignition set up installed by Hainz several years back. Amd yes it was running well until the battery and voltage regulator went to crap.
  20. Ok I think I have my wires crossed. But I do have power to the coil when key is on. But coil and ballast is getting hot. Even when keys is off. Which makes me think I got wires crossed. And to top it off I was cleaning ballast a s it stripped. So I got sure need a new one of those. Should I just get a new coil also. The one I have is many many years old. So here is my rat nest.
  21. Well may be I am checking the coil wrong. I will try again after work. I am sorry I am just not real good at electronic aspects of the truck. I appreciate all the help amd advice. And for sure need it. So I will try again later. And let you know how it goes.
  22. This wire harness is out of a 76 xcab if I remember correctly. I had it in my 74 chop top. Then it went into this. I drove the 74 for close to 8 years without to many electronic issues. Just some worn out connection. Hainz added a petronix to it 6 years ago. Been running great since. Then this fiasco.
  23. Ok so here we go. I have power to the white wire going into ignition switch. Without the key on. When I turn on turn on the key the black/ white wire gets power. The black and red wire is dim when I turn key on but gets bright when cranked and the back/yellow is hot when I crank it over.
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