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  1. SHADY280

    wtb 79 b210 parts

    pm sent, now just need to source the driveshaft. probably an oddball thing being its an auto
  2. SHADY280

    wtb 79 b210 parts

    Well he said 79 210 so I'd go with that. He's a car guy so I'm goin to assume he can get the year correct
  3. SHADY280

    wtb 79 b210 parts

    hey guys looking for a coupla parts for a 79 b210. first is the dizzy and second is a driveshaft for an auto trans. this is for a freind that just recently got the car, i havent even seen it but he says its not an l series motor. i havent been around these and have no knowledge so maybe someone can confirm this as well
  4. SHADY280

    New girl. Hi.

    just had to post a pic of a pussy, you know where thats gonna get you around here.
  5. SHADY280

    what is the lowest mileage 620 ?

    When I got mine it had 35000 original miles on it. I only put 3000 on it before I sold it. The guy has had it up on craigslist now for 2 years starting at 4500 and is now at 3000. I sold it for 2700 and ran
  6. SHADY280

    Frontier wheels

    Yes!!! Those ones. They never came on the xterra but I think they would be excellent on it
  7. SHADY280

    Frontier wheels

    Heys guys I'm on a quest to get some early 2000's frontier wheels for my wifes 2000 xterra. It's the ones I believe for the 4x4 and is 15x7 with 6 spokes. Anyone have a hookup to them and just to double check they will crossover right??? I'm tired of these crappy steel wheels starting to rust and would like her truck to look good. I like the polished Baja wheels but they stick out too far and would rub. I've found the aftermarket rims with 6 bolt to be Chevy based so they don't fit as nice as factory
  8. Where are you located. I have a Datsun shop but it's up here in mission bc. Check out my website. 1guygarage.com.
  9. SHADY280

    lulz... god dang Canadians

    wow, that guy is like 20 minutes from my house. and no im not going to go meet him or see the car.
  10. SHADY280

    distance traveled in a datsun

    in 2007 i went to msa with bleach. from my house and back i put on 5000km. did an oil change before i left and one when i got back
  11. SHADY280

    A Datsun from the Darkside...

    wow a 90 speed limit on that small little road. they would never do that out here. what im trying to say is thats cool.
  12. SHADY280

    The art of shifting gears

    jayden if you ever haul up to b.c. we have the craziest roads around. take the canyon into the north, nice drive but there is a few deaths every month. guys have 140,000 lbs on board with lumber or chips, both b-train. and 600+ hp to match. i got laid off and went back to wrenching.
  13. SHADY280

    The art of shifting gears

    jayden, yes!!! that is what my dad started driving when he was 18. he had the sticks closer together, that way you could use 1 hand and do 2 moves. he now has 10 million miles in a rig, and me a measily million. altho i was silver spoon, 2007 volvo with a 13, but kept it old scool with a c-train
  14. SHADY280

    Ink Thread!

    good thing he left his shoe on. wouldnt want a wobbly tat
  15. SHADY280

    Sleeve over conversion

    i really dont like those cheap sleeves. the spring rates arent all the same and wear out fast. id say the best method is to spend the money on a good sleeve kit, or buy new springs that have a real spring rate. performance costs money, id hate to see someone screw their car up with cheap evilbay crap. dont get me wrong people do it, i just dont know how the longentivity is.

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