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  1. 1lo620

    Steering is stiff.

    So my steering on my 74 620 has gotten really stiff. To the point of I can barely steer now. Have lubed the joints and king pins. Steering box has gear oil. Just looking for some advice directions ..I am at a loss .thanks for help..
  2. 1lo620

    Searching for header

    Not a welder sorry. But that does sound like an easy way to fix.
  3. 1lo620

    Searching for header

    Ok probably going to get in trouble from Mike or Steve for posting in wrong place. I am looking for an exhaust manifold for an L series . I am running an old school cast iron one off a 521 But cold weather out in minneapolis cracked it. So anyone have something lying around that might work let me know And if this is posted in wrong place so sorry..
  4. 1lo620

    Blowing fuse..

    Well in will try to clean fuse block first. See where that takes me.. Alternator next. Thanks Mike and Hainz..between you both and Steve (redeye) you keep my Datsun a rolling...thanks for the help and advice.
  5. 1lo620

    Blowing fuse..

    It has that is how I found out how it was hot it melted onto my leg as I was driving. I will clean fuse block. See how that goes
  6. 1lo620

    Blowing fuse..

    Ok so I am blowing a fuse that is obviously hooked to charging. Every time it blows charge light goes on. So I looked under hood didn't see any loose wires. It stopped for about a week. Now charge light comes on and fuse is really hot in fuse block. Any ideas. I am not a electrical guy..
  7. I need to replace my u joints on my drive line. Can I do this on my own or is a shop needed? If I can do them at home what is involved?
  8. 1lo620

    Headlight question.

    Give that a try thanks Hainz..
  9. 1lo620

    Headlight question.

    Ok so driving down road the other day. Headlights go out. Brights work but not normal lights. Running lights work dash lights etc. Can it be the switch?
  10. 1lo620

    Truck running like crap

    It is my Blue show truck. It has a new condenser and points.. I gapped them etc. I took it to a shop and they did all that and it ran fine at shop then started doing it again. And haven't driven it since it doesn't go out in the winter. I want to go electronic ignition like my chop top. what should I get. Tired of points. I am going to put it back in the shop and have them look at all that stuff. I don't feel like I know what I am doing and I don't want to make it worse. And Hainz I moved to Minneapolis last summer. Need a change and this is where we ended up. My son lives out here.
  11. 1lo620

    Truck running like crap

    Damn Hainz you and Datzenmike make it sound easy..lol. Be easier and nicer if I could bring to you Hainz.. But I don't live in the state anymore. I will do my best to trouble shoot and get it running again. Thanks for the help guys.. I may need more..
  12. 1lo620

    Truck running like crap

    Out of carb and only one I accelerate. The guy at shop said it be jetted wrong. It is a new carb.. But I have been driving it without issue. Then it just picked up this issue..
  13. 1lo620

    Truck running like crap

    It has new points and cap and rotor. I am thinking it might be wires and plugs. Next thing I check before I go internal. Because that involves a shop because I am not a mechanic.
  14. 1lo620

    Truck running like crap

    Ok I know this is generic but I will explain. My truck has picked up and nice sputter and popping issue. Was running decent and then just started sputtering and popping and overall running like crap. I have put new points timed it fuel pump filter etc It has been into a shop and they didn't seem to improve the situation. It does have a 32/36 carb. Offenhauser intake. If that matters. I tried to get it to start today and it won't even start now. I am at a loss. Never had this problem with any of my 620. Any advice or info to check would be nice and appreciated. And not living in the NW anymore sucks. I could always count on Redeye and Hainz to help me out.
  15. 1lo620

    "project truck" value in your area?

    you looking to buy I t for parts... I need some leaf springs for one of my trucks. Maybe we can go in on it together. I can always use a few parts for my trucks.. let me know..

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