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  1. Still not working. I have been starting it with a trigger starter. Going to try the relay set up. Just haven't had the time.
  2. It doesn't run I can turn the starter over with the bypass trigger. But the truck won't start now. I have no lights no turn signals no dash warning lights. It is just like everything just turned off. It is on my 74. All fuses in block are fine. Hate electronics..
  3. So it started out with loosing the ability to turn truck over with key. But have been jumping it with hand held trigger. But now I lost my low beams on headlights driving home the other day. Now I have no dash warning lights and my lights won't come on at all. Battery is fine it will turn over with the trigger starter. But won't start.. I am not an electronic guy and just a moderate mechanic. Where should I look start...???
  4. Ok.. So I changed my fan belt and now the Damn truck won't turn over. I mean. Not even a click. But I can start it by arcing the starter with a screw driver. Battery is good, truck ran great before I changed the fan belt. It is a L18 with an petronix ignition installed by Hainz years ago. And up until now never an issue. So any help or direction would help. Thanks
  5. Ok. Several years ago there was a 620 xcab that was chopped and had a frontier front end on it. It was for sale in California. But ended up in Texas. I have talked to the guy who had it in Texas but he sold it. I am searching for the truck if it is still around. Or if there is another chop top 620 running around that can be bought. Anybody out there know anything?
  6. Well the wheel cylinder that I bought which what is what I was replacing didn't come with that bolt. Just the bleeder bolt. I was going to try to drill it out but I don't have a easy out set. I made look and see if I can find a brake cylinder that comes with that part. I have multiple 620s so having it as back up wouldn't hurt.
  7. Bleeder screw I have..it broke off in the bolt that goes into the brake cylinder. That is what I am looking for ..the part that the bleeder screw goes into Thanks Hainz..hope your well.
  8. Thanks for the advice. I use to live in Renton but I know live in San Antonio Texas.
  9. I am in need if a bolt that goes into the brake cylinder and that the bleeder bolt goes into. I had one break off on me. It is for a 74 620 front left if that matters. Any help would be appreciated..
  10. Is there anyone on here that bought or knows who bought a chop top 620 in Vancouver Wa. It is red with a primer front fender. Needs some work and it was posted maybe 6 months back. I am looking for it and need some help. Thanks
  11. So my steering on my 74 620 has gotten really stiff. To the point of I can barely steer now. Have lubed the joints and king pins. Steering box has gear oil. Just looking for some advice directions ..I am at a loss .thanks for help..
  12. Not a welder sorry. But that does sound like an easy way to fix.
  13. Ok probably going to get in trouble from Mike or Steve for posting in wrong place. I am looking for an exhaust manifold for an L series . I am running an old school cast iron one off a 521 But cold weather out in minneapolis cracked it. So anyone have something lying around that might work let me know And if this is posted in wrong place so sorry..
  14. 1lo620

    Blowing fuse..

    Well in will try to clean fuse block first. See where that takes me.. Alternator next. Thanks Mike and Hainz..between you both and Steve (redeye) you keep my Datsun a rolling...thanks for the help and advice.
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