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  1. Good points. The boxer is probably out in that case. I'm not really worried about the axle, im going to be running at places like Mojave rd, not the rubicon. I have an 81 toyota for rock crawling. I did look up the ford 4 cylinder aluminum block already as a build option. Spec'ing it out, it could be built up as a nice engine for what I want, and I do have an m5od (don't really want to use that horrible slave cylinder though) The dodge srt4 motor was also an option. I dont want to go mid engine, i'm still planning on carrying gear with me. I was plannin
  2. I really want to build light, so a diesel is out, I also got a look at the 2.8d crate motor for the jeep, and its too tall. I do like the aluminum Nissan/ infiniti motors, I'm not familiar with the turbo gm motor, ill look into it, thanks.
  3. I want to drive it on the road, and keep weight down. I have the "original" dealer converted '75 620 and think I'm just going to change out the shafts to the 297 ujoint shafts and 44 outers also, which also would limit me to 35s. Part of the idea for an oddball motor like the boxer, is that its shorter in length and height, which would give me more room to drop the chassis lower over the axle. The part I hadn't thought of until I started typing this out, is that it's a wide motor that could end up interfering with suspension links, being low. I need to measure this weekend and dra
  4. Thanks, The boxer would fit those parameters, but it wouldn't be my first choice. A lot of what I've built over the years are challenges, and I've built a hybrid motor, put a 350 in a 70's Celica, a 460 in a 73 f100 ranger, worked on competition rock crawlers, drag cars, etc.. Really I want to do some thing different. I know I'm going to try some hydroforming on this project somewhere also (maybe as paneled gussets in some tubing? ), fenders will be cut to keep it low, probably use some lowrider tricks to raise the fender wells, etc... Like I w
  5. Thats what I'm thinking. But I've built plenty of rockbuggies over the years, so I know I can do it, im just trying to figure out which way to go. I'm trying to go with roughly a 35" tire on as little lift as possible. I've bobbed the bed, pulled the motor and front axle mounts, and I'm going to look at input shaft height and what I would need to do to the front and rear frame rails to make something new work. I may Notch the rear rails and do hoops to allow for some articulation at lower height. I'll probably message you or ask for input later, are you still on the other forum at all?
  6. I get it Mike, you don't want me to do it.
  7. Its about 28 inches wide, 24 inches tall and about 18 inches long, with the intake and exhaust mounted
  8. No low end torque in a rotary. Guys were trying to put them in samurais, but they were having to use 8:1 transfer case gears to get them to work off road. The ea82 motor is about the same weight.
  9. I may just go that route, I'd like to do something a little different this time. I still have the hybrid motor in it, but it needs a refresh.
  10. Hey! Good to see you again! I'm really wanting to do something different for a datsun. I'm not worried about the cost of it this time, which is why i thought of the sr. I also thought about going totally out of the box and using a boxer motor. Ea82s are super light, and would make it easy to keep the truck lower with 35's on it. They used a variant of the 3n71, so I might be able to swap input shafts and make it work, the engine might be too wide though.
  11. I'm at 3500 lbs right now with an l20b. For a 4x thats light. I'm just looking to shave a 100 lbs or so on the motor, and then I'll be cutting weight elsewhere as well. (Aluminum diffcover and hubs on the 30, aluminum covers on the transfer case, etc... Ultimately, saving a few pounds here and there, makes up for adding weight later (gear, water, tent, lights, etc...) And a newer engine makes it easier to source parts on a trip when necessary
  12. Hey guys. Long time, no see. I sort of stopped coming around after I sold my custom cab dually to ^#&#,$*?? And parked the 4x4. Anyway, I'm looking to see what you guys can suggest for a lighter weight engine than the stock l20b. I've thought about retrofitting an sr20de from a g20 and using older components, but I know you guys know swaps better than I do. What I'm looking for: ~140hp, more or less Reliable Light Preferably hook up to a 4sp auto or 5sp manual. Relatively simple engine management (or can be retrofitted to
  13. Isn't that one of Mike's (steroid) trucks? Edit: NVM, I just looked up what happened with that guy, I hope his kids get some decent money for it.
  14. Hi guys, it's been a while. I found a unicorn I thought someone might be interested in. I wish I could get it, but I have too much stuff going on right now. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/d/1979-custom-datsun-dually/6569384475.html
  15. You're still lurking over there, huh? :lol: yeah, I'm making some space on the property for the Datto and for a small shop to start doing woodworking again. I've decided to work from home so I can still take care of the kiddos.
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