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  1. lynchfourtwenty

    Matt's 521

    Haha ive kept my eye on this thread Sorry man, just went an did sentra stuff an let my truck sit.. Ive been gathering parts tho.. If i do anything with them yall will know ?
  2. yeah, only reason i bother posting at all is to keep in touch with you an the rest of us "OG's" lol. i've thought of selling the truck many many many times, just cant bring myself to do it.. i've had it nearly 10 years now! can ya believe that? since i was 18..
  3. I won't be on here much if at all guys... I'm not really hip to the Oic talk or the bozoku shit.. I miss the good ol days when ratsun was still small and simple.. I just wanted to show yall how much fun a truck can be when it's not slammed on the ground or all churched up lol...
  4. Trucks been sitting about a year at my friends house because I don't have room for it... Well they managed to set fire to it by accident then it stopped running and they did me a favor and cut my kill switch an tach wiring out then fucked up my matchbox dist.. 4 distributors later and a gm hei module an she's running like a champ! She's now at a different friends house where she has lots of room to run an play and not get fucked with.. @dan ya I took the airdam off ff lol figured I could have more fun without it lol Once I get her tagged again she'll be used for dump runs or hauling sr20s... Like she should...
  5. Got my truck running on GM HEI yay!

    1. bonvo


      lynch you live lol


    2. lynchfourtwenty


      Trucks been down a while.. Some friends were hanging on to it for me cuz I had no room an they decided to "fix" it for me.. Well 4 distributors later and a hei module an its running good again ;) 

  6. dude give me this for free for my truck, douche..
  7. yall fellers think one of these would work to replace a bad matchbox? i'd use the matching coil an shit too.. its some late 80's early 90's nissan shit.. its called a power transistor aka ignitor chip..
  8. fyi the upper core "support" is just a thin peice of metal thats glued on lol. i thought we were cool after the last time we talked? did you get drunk and forget? no need for the trash talk man.
  9. lynchfourtwenty

    The 520!

    i'm getting really familiar with nistune my self right now, tuning my sr20ve-t keeps me on my toes lol. if you need any help let me know.
  10. lynchfourtwenty

    The 520!

    lol told you not to sell this thing, glad ya got it back.. this is the only thread on this forum im even subscribed to anymore.. whats the plans for it now? was it taken care of while it was gone?
  11. i make blue lake every year, but i usually bring the car lately, but for shits'n giggles i might have a friend bring the truck since his z31T swap isn't finished yet. the cars underwent some serious changes since last year..
  12. maybe i'll have one of my fuck nut friends drive my 620 to blue lake, since its probably the coolest datsun in the pacific northwest.
  13. did that truck used to have a KA in it? if so i owned it for a short period before it went to james (LeDevil) and nismopu owned it before me.
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