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  1. We have used wood bleach on a few cars and 3 wheelers https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/motorcycles/comments/34ac18/need_to_figure_out_the_best_way_to_clean_rust/
  2. So good thing I went with a rondavis rad. I must be the only person who got a shitay cx racing rad and sent it back.
  3. Hahaha I feel your pain! I have ripped 2 rubber motor mounts on my Sr car . And as soon as it tears it's wheel hop city
  4. The rear end floats and moves a lot on a 510 especially when you run higher spring rates and double the power. If your under 150 hp you don't notice as much
  5. I need to go work on my car

    1. Digi7al Trauma
    2. 420n620


      you speaking of the KA 510 that makes cookies. MMMMMMMM cookies

  6. If you don't do solid just do the savage washers
  7. http://www.dpracing.co/datsun-510-rear-suspension-1
  8. Those are like the e30 set up
  9. The guys in Australia weld up the heads and re angle the valves They tend to make big horse power
  10. Bearing spacer? I am brain farting . What bearing spacer? Inlighten me
  11. Read this there is a lot of good info http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=407
  12. I was thinking a 323 gtx trapazoid set up would work . But the diff is to small. The rx7 rear end is almost the same . I thought you wanted to try that?
  13. What will the engine be used for ? I ran stock balanced and shot peened l18 rods with upgraded bolts on my old street engine. It regularly saw 8000 rpm . would see 9000 rpm on hard runs.
  14. Miata set up won't work with out loosing the rear seat and moving the fuel tank
  15. I would cancel the mckenny x member and get this http://www.jbcoachwerks.com/shop/cexosa6gsq8q1setcrs2h3m4uvubqd
  16. When I had 336 and did auto x with it I just left it in 2nd the whole time
  17. Well then you got all the bases covered. I wonder what that thing would be like with a 336 rear end in it
  18. What exhaust and intake manifolds are you running and do you have aa external waste gate? Are you using a ebc?
  19. Why not just get a smaller turbo that will spool faster
  20. Is your bov leaking ? Test for boost leaks
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