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  1. So after all this time sitting under the tree..( Only been 3 years).I was going to fire it up and let it run for awhile and take it around the block. But one of the hood hinges has rusted closed on me.... And.... I can't get the hood up... ... So any suggestions on how I could open it without causing any real damage?
  2. Sad when one reaps the benefits of another...  Sometimes I wonder how they sleep.... 


  3. I'm tryin too...Probably forgot more than I knew over the years. Right now I am reinventing a linkage for the DCOE. The ones I found are a little more than I thought they would be and wanna spend right now. Plus the 3-4 week shipping... I need to get it goin so I can Sell me G and maybe a Datsun. Or my Sailboat.
  4. So I'm putting a DCOE carb on the 78. I'm working on mounting the throttle cable and I noticed a relay on the pedal side. What is it for?
  5. So anyone know whatever happened with this car??
  6. The 411 is on air bags no springs in front and a few leafs removed in the rear. I can drag a pack of smokes down the road. It needs a little love still, but I need a better daily than my G.....The wheels were givin to me from Pumpkin. Amazingly it turns pretty good. Those wheels will be going on the 78, once I have the the swap done and all the bolts double checked. Yeah there is a few things need to do to the 411 still. But it's gong to wait until I have the 78 going then my Squareback.
  7. So I was asked to make a post. Some of you might known me from over the years... I grew up in Spokane Wa. I ran into Creepy Cruiser while I was in High School. He had a 2dr 510. I feel in Love instantly with his car!!! I had to have one!! I then got in the Datsun seen about 5 years later. I have had a few over the years. My first Datsun. I found it in a field outside of Spokane Wa. While building a custom home. It was a 70 2d. The previous owner told me he just had the motor rebuild and it was making a funny noise and he was done with it. So I picked it
  8. Time Left: 11 days and 27 minutes

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    Looking for a oil Dipstick tube for a 78 L20b. The front sump style


  9. Would someone give me the link for swapping dipsticks tubes from the rear hole to the front hole? I just wanna make sure I think I know what I am doing....

    1. datzenmike


      What's wrong with the hole you have? Some JDM import engines have a front hole and a pinched off tube that is not used. There are no holes at the front but there may be a casting boss for one. The alternator or the distributor would be in the way.


      And why ask here when there are forums that will get your question read more often by more people? Like the 510 forum... https://ratsun.net/forum/9-5101600/  ... or engine forum... https://ratsun.net/forum/16-engine/  ... or start your own build thread in Project Datto...  https://ratsun.net/forum/6-project-datto/  ...

    2. freaky510


      I am changing from a rear to front sump. Just wanna make sure my memory serves me well. Well kinda sucks.... The blown motor has the "JDM" tubes on it.... But who knows who pinched it. I have searched those pages and haven't found what I am looking for... Hence why I am asking,..


  10. And the Dumb Guy Question of the day.... I am swapping motors from my 72 into my 79. I have a stage 2 Norris cam(Don't remember the specs) and a Weber DCOE 45. The timing has been advanced like 24 degrees and  jetting for it has been done.I had it dialed in by the local machine shops son. I have ran this motor HARD!!   So.... Can I just TDC it and not have to re-jet or ???

    1. datzenmike


      What engine is in the '72? L16??


      What '79????? Truck, car???? what????



      Static timing on an L series is 12 degrees. It won't run at 24. Total static and centrifugal timing should be limited to about 32 degrees when revved up.


       You say you 'had it dialed in' but are you talking about the '72???? If just swapping the '72 engine into a '79 you don't need to re-jet or set to TDC.

    2. freaky510


      It's a L20b out of a 79 620 we put in my 72 510. We spent a few days and some coin on all the jets and emulsion tubes, cam tower shims and what not to make it work. As I stated his Dad owns the local machine shop and he is well versed in the Datsun world. I am waiting to hear back from him to confirm the settings we did on it. But from memory it was pretty advanced to bring the power in at lower RPM's. I can honestly say I have Never had it out of second gear but once. Just to say I made it.  It has been about 6-7 years or so since I had it dialed in. It worked Great, until my divorce and it had got pushed to the side while I did the single Dad thing.. 

  11. Would someone tell Izzo to check his message's!!!!

    1. 420n620


      He was on FB this morning. Message him. Tim's moving so you know. 

  12. Any members in the Ellensburg area ?? Needing to have some battery cables changed on my daughters 510. Willing to pay.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. freaky510


      She got it and thanks for all the negative input !! When it comes to your kids needing help I hope they get the same. This is the shit that keeps from asking for help in this group!!


    3. Rick-rat


      I would have gladly helped, but I am 2 1/2 to 3 hours away from there.

    4. freaky510


      Ahhh the infamous Deleting your negative comments.......

      Thanks Rick she got it


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