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  1. mark that wagon is going to be a show stopper cant wait to see her finished :thumbup:
  2. its that time again I am going if no one shows up this time I will take it this monthly meet is over :crying:
  3. Dylan and I went waited over an hour no one else showed :mad: :mad:
  4. mark just think if rays truck can take home a trophy lol your wagon will dominate at jccs :thumbup: :thumbup: its got to be done by next year i will help in any way i can
  5. $35.00 for registration
  6. mike was a great friend to me we took a lot of road trips together i had some fun times with him I will really miss him I hope a lot of people with their datsuns show up tomorrow RIP my friend RIP.
  7. good turnout my son and i had a great time great food cool people and some sweet trucks cant wait till next year
  8. mark I cant wait to see you goon finished the color is just sick
  9. had a blast was hot and humid made some cash was smaller than usual but still a good turn out thank you william and his son billy and also ray for helping me set up and clean up made it al the way to mo val and it just poured weird weather .thank you jose for putting this swapmeet on
  10. careful ray don't make john mad if you do you will have to get your cool custom parts made somewhere else at triple the price WAIT you cant threaten ray about paying more he is the Donald trump of the Datsun world lol
  11. congrats mark :thumbup: :thumbup: try to keep the Honey-doo operator down to a minimum and the Datsun restorer at a steady pace let me know if you need any more help just remember i can only work on weekends i am not retired yet LOL
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