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  1. Thanks again mike for the shirts this year! Put me down for 2 xxl! See everyone soon!
  2. Hey guys! Im in and totaly looking forward to being their and having another great time with everyone. .nice rides, great food and good people! I can bring chips, dips and drinks! Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!
  3. That cajon is a beast. .got stuck on that cause of snow and black ice for literaly 6 1/2 hrs going to work a few yrs back! Had breakfast, lunch and almost dinner in my car! Just a few weeks back it snowed and took me over 3hrs just to get to work in fontana! LOL
  4. WOW! Now thats 1 beautiful truck and restoration my friend! Love and thanks for all the pics and cant wait to see whats next!
  5. datsun dreamer

    Newbie 620

    Welcome! Nice truck and diggin' the rims!!
  6. Hey guys! Should be their by 8:30-9ish :D ! Having issues with my brake lights but definately will be their :cool: !
  7. Hey guy's! What a awesome day it was :cool: ! Tha caravan was so cool and the number of rides that made the caravan was amazing :D ! I love how spectators heads turn to see everyones ride on the drive from surface streets and the freeway(easily a half mile long or longer!)to the show :cool: ! I seriously cant wait to do it again next year! Robert, thank you for setting this caravan up and as always(and im sure i speak for all of us here that made the caravan) this was the best part of the show :D :cool: !!
  8. Ok gentlemen! Ill be at the 5am la sierra exit on the 91 in the morning :)! Looking forward too seeing everyone and the caravan :cool:!
  9. Hey guy's! I had to hacksaw off about about 1 inch on the new master cylinder push rod to make it work for me! When i started bleeding the systym the clutch pedal had no pressure and fluid was not moving/draining from the cylinder. I beleive when i had to push the rod in to connect to the clutch pedal about a inch it was disturbing the flow of fluid and pressure and i couldn't adjust correctly cause my peddle bolt pattern was to far back. My original cylinder bolt was 2" and the new cylinder bolt was 3"! By cutting off the extra inch of bolt it matched up perfectly like my original and the pr
  10. Alright guys! Just replaced my master clutch cylinder :) ! The rod was a little longer than the original one(hope this doesnt affect the clutch when releasing :unsure: ?) but everything else was a perfect match! Old cylinder.... And new cylinder installed......... I will bleed 1st thing in the morning and do any further adjustments if needed :cool: !! Wish me luck gentlemen....JCCS is only a day away!!!
  11. Thanks guy's! Its my master clutch cylinder! My carpet is soaked and its dripping from from the master inside the cab! I got the new master cylinder just have to install now!
  12. Hey guy's! I just replaced my slave cylinder on my 620 and i bled the lines 2x with a full 12oz of clutch fluid and it still has air in the lines! I noticed after filling the cylinder with fluid and driving around the block or just letting mt truck sit long enough the cylinder drains by itself and i have no more clutch!!! What can be the problem here?? It shouldnt have that much air in the lines to go through 2 whole bottles when bleeding?? Need help!!!!
  13. Thanks for the tip adam :) ! Couldn't beleive how soon it broke...must have only had 2-3,000 miles on it when it started to give me problems again :rolleyes: !
  14. It has ben along time mark, didn't drive it for a long time 2 cause of alot changes but im glad im back and in my 620 again :D ! U know, i lost alot but couldnt part with my datsun and im truly glad i held onto my baby :) ! Adam, how did u know it was from autozone? :unsure: ..now u got me worried caused this is the 2nd 1 ive replaced from them :rolleyes: ! I hope this 1 last me through the winter at least :rolleyes: !!
  15. Hey guy's! Been having problems with my slave cylinder holding pressure so i went ahead and replaced it 2day :rolleyes: ! Luckily i still had a warranty on the 1 i replaced a year or so ago ;) ! Heres the old 1 that actualy fell apart when and b4 i took it off my 620.............. It actualy fell apart :huh: ........ And the new 1............... And the new 1 now installed :cool: ............... If it will last me to JCCS and SWDP'S bar-B-que...Mission accomplished :D !!!
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