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what is this on side draft inatake manifold


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I have a canon dual sidedraft manifold am I suppose to plug this hole with a bolt or put a breather?


Absolutely USELESS without a photo! This is NOT an Austin site! Get real and post some useful info on your vehicle. "Mind readers we are not!" to semi quote Yoda!


Think before you send a post, we are not all on your waveninth or state of cinciounchess the momenth at you hit the send button!

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Blah blah blah someone's having a bad day why don't you look up canon intake manifold.

You sound like a goddamn millennial wanting everyone to do everything for you. Newsflash, the world doesn't owe you fuckall. Take your own advice and Google that shit.

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OP. The hole should have a brass elbow piece fitted to it (3/4 diamter outlet).


Its better to press fit them into the manifold using a bit of sealant to stop air leaks.


Following this, you will need to run a length of hose (make sure it is firmly clamped) from the brass elbow into the passenger compartment.


Do not let the hose foul the linkages or get too close to the exhaust manifold.


The hose should be of sufficient length to reach your ear (left or right will do).


Insert the hose very firmly in your ear and start the car.


The vacuum will hopefully be sufficient to remove whatever it is you call brains from your cranium.


I would have posted pics but im sure a genius like you can work this out.

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