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  1. Dolomite

    Len Robertson

    Damn, another great Datsun guy gone. He was always pretty helpful and positive, rest easy Len.
  2. Dolomite

    Are Autometer gauges worth the money?

    Autometer Cobalt digital gauges suck ass. I had the temp gauge in my wife’s old montero limited, the backlight is way too bright, and the gauge started fucking up within a year. Parts of the first and second digit burned out. I’ve had the summit knockoff for much longer, and it works better. The analog autometers are very good though.

    1. 68Datsun510


      youll see why i sent this if you visit the thread

  4. Dolomite

    Datsun 510 2 door sedan "SHAKOTN"

    Haha, that’s my car in the background in the first pic. I remember your car, it’s amazing how far it’s come, great job.
  5. Dolomite

    Datsunville Fauxbird JDM yo

    Fuxed...I mean fixed.
  6. Dolomite

    Datsunville saving Dimes

    Sorry, it was nearly 30 years ago, and I only saw it once.
  7. Dolomite

    Datsunville's Commando PT 2

    Looking good man.
  8. Mike, it’s funny you posted Lois Griffin. A long time ago, my psn buddies were discussing who the hottest cartoon character was, I can’t remember how the conversation got there, probably all the weed and beer. I said a tie between Lois and Francine from American dad because they have that innocuous housewife vibe but are complete whores in a private setting...the perfect wives.
  9. Way to go with the CNN-esque post. Unflattering pics of the ones you’re against and the most flattering pics of the one you’re for...good job.
  10. I got temp banned for posting that crybaby zuckerturd is worth “only” $70B. Yeah, face fuckbook.
  11. I must be the only one that doesn’t think she’s even pretty. Both Jane Mansfield and Betty Paige were immeasurably hotter.
  12. Dolomite

    Datsunville's Commando PT 2

    That hammered tone is so good it would make James ugly mug look pretty.
  13. The blonde on the left ain’t that bad, that style with a poodle skirt and stockings with a seam in the back...c’mon.
  14. That green Silvia is amazing.
  15. Dolomite

    Orange color

    No. The stock oranges weren’t that vibrant.

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