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  1. fritzdixxon

    A10's U-nite !!!!

    been away for a year or so, here is the current state of my 2dr. Just completed a scavenger hunt style rally against a field of overpriced sports cars. On day 2 we were able to cut cross country on back roads and shave close to 90km from the route. Ended up 2nd overall on day 2 and tied for 6th on the whole rally.
  2. fritzdixxon

    New Wheels and Tires!! WOOT!

    Darker is better! Grabbed these last year, they have been patiently waiting for spring time.
  3. fritzdixxon

    200sx's unite!!!!!!!!

    In a10s the hole for clutch master cyl is there just has a block off plate, also the hole is in the pedal box as well just need the pedal. You would think this would be the same in other models as well.
  4. fritzdixxon

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    Even gandalf died half way through, he just came back.
  5. fritzdixxon

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    My family got pissed at me when I refused to go to a suicides funeral, there is never a reason valid enough to do that to your family.
  6. fritzdixxon

    Found a wonky (but FREE!) roof rack!

    And set it up across the back of the cover so the boards can act as a spoiler lol
  7. fritzdixxon

    Finally back... Dapper Lighting 575

    Any idea as to when the sealed led will be available?
  8. fritzdixxon

    Where are the ratsuns?

    Sweet limo.
  9. fritzdixxon

    Where are the ratsuns?

    You must have an a10 if someone is mocking the shape of your car.
  10. That's aboot 1260 miles, would this put me in contention for farthest travelled? That is IF I don't go bowling.
  11. fritzdixxon

    Carpet kits?

    Spray in truck box liner, waterproof rust proof sound deadening cleans up easy tough as nails
  12. fritzdixxon

    New member, same as the old member

    Nice, I like where this is headed. I have been playing with some day/vw ideas for one of my a10s. I'd love to find away to get an digifant system feeding an l20b.
  13. fritzdixxon

    New member, same as the old member

    Sweet, thanx.
  14. fritzdixxon

    New member, same as the old member

    What trans would go behind the tdi?
  15. Bowling? What? Curious. And I find it offensive that you think I am dumb enough to get married.

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