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  1. Everything worked out, the house was untouched when we got home. Hell, our insurance company gave us a grand for incidentals under our loss of use clause.
  2. Damn James, this one is fuckin amazing. How do you like the lizard skin? I’ve been looking into something better than the shitty jute padding.
  3. Back to Bluey, the car ran much better, but still not like I was expecting. I figured I needed to adjust the valves, carbs, and take care of a small exhaust leak. Two days ago on my way home from work, it wouldn’t idle and stumbled badly...it also smelled of gas. SUs always smell a bit, but it was strong when I pulled in my driveway. I opened the hood and found gas all over my exhaust and engine bay. After inspection, a sunken float was to blame. We’re talking over half full with fuel. A look around revealed absolutely stupid pricing on a new set, so out came the soldering iron and emery cloth. An hour later everything was as good as new, and the car was running amazing. It’ll pull fifth gear hard up the grade now, and idles as good as SUs can idle. All in all, I’m much more happy with the car now.
  4. So, after 2 1/2 weeks being evacuated and staying at my goddamn inlaws place, we got the go ahead from the jackbooted thugs to go home. The neighborhood was a damn mess, the animals moved in while the people were gone. Trash everywhere and the streets looked like an ashtray. I was the first one back in town, it was like a post apocalyptic movie with empty streets and buildings. The smoke was still thick, but it beats living with the inlaws...I’d honestly rather slam my dick in a car door. That’s some thick smoke, oic was taken just after noon, it was as dark as twilight. This was on my way home, smoke was only half as bad as the first day.
  5. I haven’t updated in a while due to the Caldor fire nearly taking out my town. I was at work when customers started calling, insisting that we got their cars done because they were sure there was an evacuation coming. After laughing at first, due to the distance from the fire to town, my wife called and said a fire chief told her and her employees they expected a near Paradise level event in the next three to four hours. Bluey was still sitting at home with the head on and torqued, but basically all accessories, radiator, carbs, exhaust, and hoses not finished. I raced home, threw all the guns, ammo, and herb/herb devices in my wife’s Yukon, then sat down and started shredding on the Datto. I never knew there was more than one water pump option, and I chose wrong. The new pump is super close to the radiator, and the fan wouldn’t bolt to the fan clutch...fuck it, first world problems when the surrounding hills are ablaze. I took it down to the shop in the next town, and stashed it in the back of our side yard. Then I went back up to get my Dodge on a trailer and get it out of town. An hour later when we got the mandatory evacuation order, they said that the area the shop is in might burn as well...fml. I had to drive it all the way to my grandmas house with no fan and a carsick puppy in the passenger seat. Good thing I hate the seats, lolz. Sorry for only two shitty oics, you forget shit with looming inferno.
  6. Shit bro, they’ve already mopped up with this bullshit kung flu. Their economy was on the verge before the rona, it’s now booming.
  7. It’s unfortunate that this once hilariously outlandish film would end up looking like a documentary.
  8. I got this little shit about three months ago, he was about ten grams and 5-6” total length. He’s over a foot long now and around an lb. I call him Sunshine, kids call him Sunny for short.
  9. I own both, Milwaukee 12v kills a DeWalt 20v. Keep an eye on Grainger, they run sales every so often. I got my M12 stubby with a 4ah battery for $192 in February.
  10. Don’t ever buy Snap-On battery powered electric tools, they’re doo doo.
  11. Milwaukee M series. I use mine everyday in a professional setting. My M12 (12v) stubby is much more powerful than my boss’s full size 18v Snap-On. I took my Snap-On mg series air impact home because there’s nothing it can do that my Milwaukee can’t.
  12. It makes me wonder if Ford is thinking of bringing the “Skyliner” nameplate back, and making sure nothing similar sounding comes out. I remember when the HKS drag Skyline first came to America, all the magazines misprinted it as “Nissan Skyliner”.
  13. I hate to be that guy, but I’ve ran many different brands and the only two I was ever impressed with were an older Mac and Snap-On. The new Snap-On’s sound like a fucking Mac10 machine pistol, my boss gets pissed when I light fools up like a gang banger, lol.
  14. Verify there’s no obstruction in the tank or fuel lines. Check any associated electrical parts, relays, solenoids for proper functionality.
  15. A couple quick points: if you don’t know anyone that works at a shop, call a couple trusted shops in your area and ask what machinist they use. If you know someone that works at a shop, see if they can get it in under their shop name, you’ll get it way faster. I just had a little tuning and testing done on a head, I got it back in two days because the shop I work at has a great working relationship with the machinist. The old guy theory is spot on, our machinist is in his 70’s easy, and he’s built most of the local race engines for decades.
  16. Shit bro, try the new 6.7, I was shocked driving one after driving my boss’s 6.0, granted the 6.0 is absolute shit.
  17. I got it from tightie whightie, it was good to see him and bullshit for a while. I had to go cost effective just to get it going, all my money goes into my beast, ‘73 Dodge W100. I’m building a magnum 360 for it due to a collapsed lifter and wiped cam in the shithouse 318. Mine is the one painted like the flag, the black one belongs to my shop foreman.
  18. I got a closed chamber W58 to replace my messed up head, got it cleaned up, and had it pressure and vac tested, and trued. I also got the old head off, gasket surface cleaned up, and the new head dropped on. I know I should be done by now, but I’ll be damned if working on cars all day doesn’t burn a motherfucker out on working on his own car. I got super lucky. The valve seat on the old head contacted the piston just enough to ding it, just gonna knock the edges off and roll that shit. I took the front cover and cam cover to work today, steam pressure washers are amazing. They came out pretty damn good.
  19. Thanks man, now I’m living with the mini monster my daughter picked for her first pup. It’s jack russell, doxie, and chihuahua. Little motherfucking live wire.
  20. Well, it’s been a crazy few years since I’ve been around. I briefly stepped away from the datto scene to re-evaluate what I really wanted to do as far as projects go, I got into the 4x4 scene after buying a lifted w100 snow truck. I considered selling the 510 and buying my brother’s’69 Malibu, but a flattened cam and rod knock in the old 318 necessitated driving the 510. It reignited the fire, and working in a shop the last couple years provides knowledge, funding, and resources to finally start taking the car where I want it to be. A couple days ago, the l20b dropped a valve seat, luckily I’ve sourced one from a forum/sacdat club member. I’m going to pick it up today. Unfortunately, we had a loss in the family that was extremely hard to deal with. RIP to the best damn friend I’ve had, Dolomite. Who knew a pup choosing me could be such an impact on my life.
  21. That falcon ute is fuckin fire.
  22. You can get them at Napa, they’re a behind the counter item and they’ll usually have to order them. That’s where I got my last set about five years ago.
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