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  1. None of the DCOE Weber have acel diaphragms, they use a brass barrel
  2. I have a bunch in AZ, there are 3 types. Is your dist a non-electronic type?
  3. The chain oiler looks like that because of a stretched chain. As long as there aren't holes in the grooves it's OK. New ones are available through the dealer. I have some NOS ones in AZ.
  4. Take the throttle cable piece off the Hitachi and put it on the Weber.
  5. If the price is right buy them
  6. YES and take the "pistons" out clean and lube! You do not have to remove the adjusting screw/bolt, clean and lube.
  7. O65 Best bang for the buck 280/.480 Call him, Joey Bray Should be under $100.00 You will need lash pads too. As I remember they are .180"
  8. You do not need to take it apart, lube it as suggested and under stand how it works.
  9. They are dished, get the Z pistons and drive the crap out of the for a year!
  10. Manifolds will fit, the head on the L20b may have round exhaust ports, no issues.
  11. It is not broken enough to worry about.
  12. Doctor510

    720 suspension

    I'd get an estimate in writing for the repair and what is "shot"!
  13. Use the one for an L18 or the L20B If the gasket bore hole is .020" (.050mm) larger than the block hole you are good to go. Good read above.
  14. Please check your post. The valves on the cam should point UP (10 & 2 / valves closed) for compression. If they are pointing down the valves will be OPEN.
  15. What machine work was done to the distributor?
  16. Sounds like a bad distributor bushing.
  17. Not a good idea, NGK makes a WIDE gap series (example B6ES 11). Those you can gap to .043". Use the wide gap plug only if you have the the right coil. 1.0 ohms or less. If you wide gap the std plug, it throws the gap angle off.
  18. Very often, you can be ambushed by a vacuum leak that is tough to find. If the Vacuum advance unit diaphragm is cracked, it will cause a big vacuum leak. Pull off the hose and plug it. (disable the vacuum adv unit)
  19. I am voting for the loose tensioner body, good catch.
  20. Pull another pin from the orig cover and use it
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