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  1. Doctor510

    Two Distributor questions....

    It is not broken enough to worry about.
  2. Doctor510

    720 suspension

    I'd get an estimate in writing for the repair and what is "shot"!
  3. Doctor510

    L16: Rocker Arm Pivot Guide popped out!!

    Use the one for an L18 or the L20B If the gasket bore hole is .020" (.050mm) larger than the block hole you are good to go. Good read above.
  4. Doctor510

    L20B Teardown Help

    Please check your post. The valves on the cam should point UP (10 & 2 / valves closed) for compression. If they are pointing down the valves will be OPEN.
  5. Doctor510

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    What machine work was done to the distributor?
  6. Doctor510

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Sounds like a bad distributor bushing.
  7. Doctor510

    1974 260z motor mount

    Since the bracket you need is/was not available (read not removable) as a loose piece, find a cross memeber and install it.
  8. Doctor510

    A 521 in Massachusetts

    Not a good idea, NGK makes a WIDE gap series (example B6ES 11). Those you can gap to .043". Use the wide gap plug only if you have the the right coil. 1.0 ohms or less. If you wide gap the std plug, it throws the gap angle off.
  9. Doctor510

    I need some help please

    Very often, you can be ambushed by a vacuum leak that is tough to find. If the Vacuum advance unit diaphragm is cracked, it will cause a big vacuum leak. Pull off the hose and plug it. (disable the vacuum adv unit)
  10. Doctor510

    82 720 very low oil pressure

    I am voting for the loose tensioner body, good catch.
  11. Doctor510

    L20b Front Cover Issues

    Pull another pin from the orig cover and use it
  12. Doctor510

    Engine shake at shut off

    AKA Clutch Kill
  13. Doctor510

    84 720 starter or ignition problems?

    The hot start relay is a super cure.
  14. Doctor510

    Better Carb options

    Check with these guys: https://www.piercemanifolds.com/Default.asp
  15. Hit it right in the center.There is no 510 brake drum puller. Get a friend to PRY the drum while you are beating on it. Lots of PB Blaster or WD 40 around the center,

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