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Barn Find? 79 LongBed


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Picked this bucket up tonite up in Poulsbo. We were able to start it up & drive it onto the trailer. Pretty str8 & clean. Has a rusted out drivers side floor but thats the only spot. Needs a good thoro cleaning. Plans are to just get it road ready for my D.D. this winter. Its a 79 so has the front discs, Elec. ignition & a 5 speed :cool:


Pics Bitches :fu:








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Very nice score! How much did you pick it up for?


I paid $400 for it. Needs a new drivers floor. brakes need to be gone thru. Pulled the fuel filter & it was packed with a rust-colored silt :o So prolly have to drain & flush the tank.

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now you got a truck for those chevy blazer rims :cool:


Yah that thought crossed my mind. The fat rims look good on the LongBed. Im gunna keep it as a work truck tho. As a matter of fact myn name for it is "Farm Truck" :cool:

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good score!!!!!!!!!!!


Dont you ever wonder how it takes A TRUE DATSUN GUY very little to get one of these going?????? Then I look at the last owner and say Fuck,I cant believe a woman married him or even has a woman?Then I feel sorry for her


LOL! It was a woman I bot it off of. Her son was the last to drive it. Just needs a thoro cleaning & some routine maintenance. Stoked about being able 2 drive a truck again :hyper:

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how long was it sitting there?


Only a couple of years.


Good news is gas is clear from the tank. Truck started rite up after I adj. valves, changed oil, new fuel filter, fixed leaking heater hose, gapped plugs & charged battery.


Now Ive got to do the front brakes, fix the big hole in the floor, Put on the Weber, Exhaust & wiper blades.

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