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    Finally a 521

    Where I live awd is highly recommended for winter, I just heard of a Nissan GTiR that might end up being parted out. Got me thinking of an awd 521, way too much work for me to accomplish but.......
  2. Z chopper

    Auto for 320

    Wow been awhile since I got notifications from this thread.
  3. Z chopper

    Finally a 521

    Got it in one
  4. Z chopper

    Finally a 521

    Well after over 10 years of searching, I finally found a 521 to call my own. Last fall I saw a guy with a ‘71 521 on a trailer, he had just bought it at action for dirt cheap. He had plans for it, but he gave me his business card so I could send him my contact information. A couple days ago I decided to inquire about the truck, well he’s moving and renovating and needs to downsize his car collection 🥳. I made arrangements to buy the truck and to get it to it’s new home. It’ll be a couple weeks till I have it at my place so unfortunately no pics yet.
  5. If I could find an SR20de for under $500 I would definitely go that route, but so far no such luck and I don’t have enough knowledge of rotary engines to feel comfortable with installing one myself. I plan on doing most if not all the work myself.
  6. The KA is very plentiful and cheap to get, which is the main reasons I’m looking at a KA swap.
  7. The 1200 I’m looking at the engine is shot, so plan on a ka24 swap I figure a brake upgrade would be nice for safety reasons. mike I have been hidden in southern Alberta.
  8. I am looking at picking up a 1200 deluxe sedan and read they only had drum brakes. I figure swapping to disk brakes is fairly straight forward. I want both front and rear disk brakes. Other than sourcing the front suspension from a 1200 coupe, what other models can I source front disk brake conversion from? I remember reading years ago about a late 70s/early 80s Datsun having a solid axle and rear disk brakes, I just can’t remember what model it was, I think it was the 210 or 310. I’ve read as much as I can over on the datsun1200 forum but it seems most of the info there is f
  9. I don't think the 521 Deluxe came with the box trim but the 521 Van did
  10. hmmm wouldn't it be the same for a J13 521?
  11. some pathfinders even had rear disk brakes.
  12. i was right that ass end does look sexy
  13. it's a truck again, well almost. :rofl:
  14. even though you already have the d21 a pathfinder might have a wheel base closer to the 521
  15. I think I have a very good idea who you were referring to.
  16. the ass end of the truck is gonna look sexy
  17. I'd love to see this done to completion.
  18. what grit polish are you using?
  19. i am still gonna bitch about not enough photos. on that note bitch bitch bitch whine whine whine complain complain complain not enough photos.
  20. green seems to be very common, but blue (except for the sky blue) isn't that common at all. Though I am partial to the gold/yellow tones
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