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  1. I don't think the 521 Deluxe came with the box trim but the 521 Van did
  2. hmmm wouldn't it be the same for a J13 521?
  3. Z chopper

    521 on d21 frame

    some pathfinders even had rear disk brakes.
  4. Z chopper

    My first project!!!

    i was right that ass end does look sexy
  5. it's a truck again, well almost. :rofl:
  6. Z chopper

    521 on d21 frame

    even though you already have the d21 a pathfinder might have a wheel base closer to the 521
  7. Z chopper

    521 on d21 frame

    I think I have a very good idea who you were referring to.
  8. Z chopper

    My first project!!!

    the ass end of the truck is gonna look sexy
  9. Z chopper

    521 on d21 frame

    I'd love to see this done to completion.
  10. what grit polish are you using?
  11. i am still gonna bitch about not enough photos. on that note bitch bitch bitch whine whine whine complain complain complain not enough photos.
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