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  1. If I could find an SR20de for under $500 I would definitely go that route, but so far no such luck and I don’t have enough knowledge of rotary engines to feel comfortable with installing one myself. I plan on doing most if not all the work myself.
  2. The KA is very plentiful and cheap to get, which is the main reasons I’m looking at a KA swap.
  3. The 1200 I’m looking at the engine is shot, so plan on a ka24 swap I figure a brake upgrade would be nice for safety reasons. mike I have been hidden in southern Alberta.
  4. I am looking at picking up a 1200 deluxe sedan and read they only had drum brakes. I figure swapping to disk brakes is fairly straight forward. I want both front and rear disk brakes. Other than sourcing the front suspension from a 1200 coupe, what other models can I source front disk brake conversion from? I remember reading years ago about a late 70s/early 80s Datsun having a solid axle and rear disk brakes, I just can’t remember what model it was, I think it was the 210 or 310. I’ve read as much as I can over on the datsun1200 forum but it seems most of the info there is f
  5. I don't think the 521 Deluxe came with the box trim but the 521 Van did
  6. hmmm wouldn't it be the same for a J13 521?
  7. some pathfinders even had rear disk brakes.
  8. i was right that ass end does look sexy
  9. it's a truck again, well almost. :rofl:
  10. even though you already have the d21 a pathfinder might have a wheel base closer to the 521
  11. I think I have a very good idea who you were referring to.
  12. the ass end of the truck is gonna look sexy
  13. I'd love to see this done to completion.
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