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  1. i always have trouble post pics some thing never change
  2. look what i got <a href="http://s1235.photobucket.com/user/wide14u/media/102_0021_zps579a0c47.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1235.photobucket.com/albums/ff427/wide14u/102_0021_zps579a0c47.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 102_0021_zps579a0c47.jpg"/></a>
  3. Wide14u

    My 77 KC 620

    6 min of watching a cable you are killing me lol
  4. thinking I need to get doing something to this
  5. Where are the new pics of it lowered
  6. can a single cam ka harness work on a duel cam ka ?????

    1. flatcat19


      You will have problems around the intake and pin-outs to ECM differ too.

    2. Wide14u


      thanks i was thinking short cut but not now

  7. got this about 2 weeks ago but just started on it now all i need is a intake and a harness and time
  8. got the 3.70 in now if we can get the truck to be quit it should be a go
  9. it was great seeing you out there last night and i loved the take off at the light seeing 2 snake marks coming from a 510 is the best shit
  10. what the are the sparks
  11. you need to start it now now now now
  12. Wide14u

    My 77 KC 620

    i love the garden hose and the cigaret butt 3 motors and they live on
  13. I like having the ratsun call sign on the truck i think we should all have it
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