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  1. jastrunk97

    Port Orchard A&W meet Oct 10

    How's the truck coming Rick? Anybody else gonna come join us? Invite friends! Would love to see a lot of faces!!
  2. jastrunk97

    *Giveaway* - 620 KA24 Motor Mounts

  3. jastrunk97

    Port Orchard A&W meet Oct 10

    Rick-rat, if I finish my truck in time for the meet I would be more than willing to come help you out! Lunch provided? Going to get my swap done and then i can help others out...
  4. jastrunk97

    *Giveaway* - 620 KA24 Motor Mounts

    Much want!
  5. jastrunk97

    erratic engine temps and failed emissions DEQ

    BE CAREFUL WHEN REMOVING THE RAD CAP!!!! Ended up in the ER the other day with 1st and 2nd degree burns on my entire chest. Not fun
  6. jastrunk97

    74 620 4x4. Dana and datsun to all toyota drivetrain

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a 85 4runner with a 84 frame and its a beast!
  7. jastrunk97

    620 wheels

  8. jastrunk97

    Juliet, trying to find Romeo...A love story

    Updates!: Moar low.... Small meet
  9. jastrunk97

    72.5 datsun 620 project lucy

    He has the torsion bars basically unbolted and bump stops cut so one of them is probably shorter...
  10. jastrunk97


    Watch this... http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/posting
  11. jastrunk97


    Haha Its because I tend to have more pictures of my truck on my phone :P
  12. jastrunk97


    You have to have a Instagram account. Bryan, I made the IG account so I have no idea...haha
  13. jastrunk97


    Everybody go follow the Ratsun Instagram. It's Ratsun_net Tag me in the photos and il post them
  14. jastrunk97

    (INSOMNIACS) balls deep.

    Haha thats my desk and I got it from Costco
  15. jastrunk97

    (INSOMNIACS) balls deep.

    Anybody know what this is? HINT, its from a sewing machine

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