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  1. Evening, you posted a while back you were thinking of doing a 2200 cc stroker on a L series motor. Did you ever do it?


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Z-train


      Cam was Rebello. It's all done by 5500 rpm

    3. Beowulf


      Thanks for the info


    4. Z-train


      No worries.


  2. Possibly-but look around today-he was right.
  3. Nope. Duke effected no-one in relative terms
  4. Nader is one of the biggest shitbags this country has ever produced.
  5. Morinng forecast for the next four years
  6. Why are her pants getting "sucked in"? Too much vacuum?
  7. No off the shelf rack will fit. It will have to be custom.
  8. Never saw a Marauder with a 30MM. Or a 30 MM in WWII service.
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