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  1. Ok if you count the "take shit out"both handrails on the front of the house, trash can, and a the side of a buick? awhile back...
  2. *hides a complete blue and a complete brown/tan dashes in a lil room somewhere in KY*
  3. I hear ya got a set, what ya need for them?
  4. Assorted gadgets, money, pipes, cds, cash,thumb drive,an 08 monte carlo, loot, the hand rails on the front of the house, I lost count on the trash cans and multiple paychecks...
  5. Sorry gang,long time no hear,I know. I find home ownership makes me miss having a landlord sometimes. I will look into those doors, thanks again.
  6. And roaches the size of a small rat that know how to fly and more than happy to show you. And as far as California, from the fault line west could slide into the sea and not many would notice on the eastern side unless it interfered with them getting coffee... Like Detroit, going belly up because they cannot survive much longer and they are doing nothing to stop it other than raising taxes even more. Can a whole state get a bailout??
  7. can we get back to ricer pics and less chatter...insom could use it over there...ya see an update..hope for some thing funny, and get let down. :fu: :rofl:
  8. i hear a whistling sound...
  9. I got monroe air shocks, they work great and easier than swapin springs
  10. *cue the vikings* :hairy: :hairy: :hairy: :hairy: SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAMITY SPAAAMMMM...SPAMMINY SPAM, SPAM, SPAM! :blink: :wacko: :unsure: :mellow: Sorry for the Monty Python reference... :rofl:
  11. fixed the link, this was past summer, they was pretty messed up but survived as far as I know
  12. http://www.wkyt.com/home/headlines/Unmarked-utility-line-behind-Breathitt-county-helicopter-crash-244389061.html Another reason this "war on weed" is the most stupid endeavor! I wonder how many plants it found vs the loss of a chopper/fuel/time and two badly burns souls and was it worth it? I think not...
  13. Hey guys, this harinarayan bot is hit nearly 12 pages of different forums, Dont we have members in India?? It would be great for one of them to make a house call...
  14. LOL!! Really?!?! :rofl: I was a Mod on a couple p2p DC++ black and death metal hubs years back, it is not a job it is a sentence. :no: And I noticed the fastest way not to be a mod is to ask to be one! Those in their right mind would run! :frantics: It is a bit of work and alot of headache dealing with all the sobbing and crying of the "wronged" members. :baby: But most of the work was chasing down spam, leaches, and other crap I would not want to mention. :sick: Leave the Mods be, If your worthy you will get chosen, :ninja: I wouldn't trust you guys with that kind of power anyway! :devil: Hell look who we got to deal with now!! :poke: Although a different idea comes to mind, maybe a Bot button??? A couple hits suspends the account till a mod can check it, just use it on the new members for the first 10 threads, or create a read a couple threads requirement before you post or lock new members from starting new threads till they post 10-20 times maybe?
  15. I vote for sticky on this, good write up! :thumbup:
  16. Remember, if men could lick themselves the human race would go extinct. :rofl:
  17. Good to hear KingRat! Nothing better than quiet house with the pup sleeping in front of the fireplace. Hell I bought an electric one for mine! :rofl:
  18. plants? soreness? front and back legs have issue? check ears, teeth and gums, nose needs to be cold and wet, if pain try a low dose bayer in a treat. Emma gets them when she is sore or it is real cold. As far as dog food I use Taste of the Wild, its grain free, bit high but I use alot less and the poo is much smaller. Lots of dogs don't do well with grains, many rashes and other issues stop with good food. I would prefer to go back to raw tho.
  19. 620 is worth way more just in the fact it is running, stick with the truck, unless he offers you 2K in cash with the car...
  20. Hit the scrapyard and grab a jack out of a hummer, works great anywhere! +1 on 4x4 springs!
  21. But if the tech makes a smaller v6 twin turbo? Maybe the GTR will have a little mean ass brother? or a 2 wheeled monster?
  22. Try air shocks or bags, that will help with the load, wood and tin will be heavy, I would take a wire feed and weld it together and cut the wood out of the picture to save weight.
  23. If that be the case, find a spot(or make one :devil: ) that would repel him and store it there.
  24. If you can get the Sat night at least to crash with the rest of the Ratsun bunch, then it would be great, but hell I would take a Sunday if that was all I could get!
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