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  1. I know the thread is noodle related now, but im kind of thinking that you didnt read my posts very well....
  2. So you understood where i was coming from? No, im glad you were the first one to legitimately tell me it is illegal. I will absolutely get hassled for taping up my headlights for sure. I get hassled already because my daily is too low. Also people were saying that they havent specifically gotten pulled over for tape on their headlights, i was kind of fishing for a straight yes or no its illegal answer. i still have no idea.
  3. :rofl: I love this post. I actually am a fan of Bozozuko. I like it more when Bozo and shakotan styles collide. Thats why i like X's on headlights, a little V in the exhaust pointed upwards, front mount oil coolers, rising sun panels, stupid low cars with shit hanging off of the tow loop. It is all my personal preference. Oh HRH you so crazy.
  4. I think you missed the point i was trying to make. How are X's comparable to this? What about yellow center lights, or rising sun hoods? It seems like everyone has something on their car that is flashy and impractical.
  5. Was there something i missed? This is the second time this week something flew over my head on Ratsun.
  6. Mike was comparing it to ricey things, thats why that was in my spiel. I apologize for getting all bent. My bipolar was kicking in there for a second.
  7. Jesus Metalmonkey, maybe you should ask to borrow one of Red Banners tampons.. And yeah yu did, I'm a bit sensitive lol.
  8. Okay Mike, fair enough. Since we are comparing race cars to project/weekened toy cars I have to ask a couple questions. Seeing as how tape on your headlights has been a common thing for a very long time, everyone who goes on a track with their glass headlights has to tape them. Why is this silly and "ricer" to run on your car for style purposes? This isn't something silly like fake hood scoops and glue on spoilers. This actually has race lineage. Fake oil coolers don't. I feel kind of stupid for protecting a few pieces of tape, but I have a point to make. When you put coilovers (or whatever r
  9. Thanks guys. Sorry if I damaged some of your lives with what I would like to do to my vehicles. Don't lose sleep over it.
  10. That's what I was getting at... I wasn't saying it was legal because people don't get pulled over for it. Also, lowering your car and adding any visual modifications is trendy. Not a whole lot of people are original anymoore so I don't want to hear about what's "trendy" or not. Nice try though.
  11. Well, he can search, find, then chop. Then throw money at the owner.
  12. So I was wndering if it is illegal to drive with black tape X's on your headlights? I have searched and seen a lot of "I've driven my car for years with X's on my lights and never got pulled over once!" Comments on various forums, but never had seen an answer to the question.
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