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  1. In 1975, GM pissed off my Dad for the final time and he bought a 1976 B-210. Then a 77 710 Goon. Then I bought a 73 Z....................................
  2. What ya'll's guess on value of coil-overs with 280-ZX brakes(complete) never installed. Thanks
  3. Possibly-but look around today-he was right.
  4. Nope. Duke effected no-one in relative terms
  5. Nader is one of the biggest shitbags this country has ever produced.
  6. Morinng forecast for the next four years
  7. Why are her pants getting "sucked in"? Too much vacuum?
  8. No off the shelf rack will fit. It will have to be custom.
  9. Never saw a Marauder with a 30MM. Or a 30 MM in WWII service.
  10. http://warbirdsnews.com/aviation-museum-news/collings-foundation-an-important-message.html?fbclid=IwAR1b-abMIaz75TJcfM4rygOnU1fO044e4nekySEFb21TVS4lttMxQb5yszI
  11. 2 inch pipe into a Walker super turbo. Quiet unless your foot is in it. Flowbastards are the worst.
  12. Manifold is done. No , i haven't got around to install. Funny how that shit goes.......
  13. I switched to in-line circuit breakers.
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