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  1. pharouh

    How often do 620 Dually fenders pop up?

    These are the ones you want. They're from a Datsun motorhome. They come up on ebay,but not very often. They bolt right to the 620 bed. Good luck!
  2. pharouh

    my new 620

    Nice truck! That looks so much like my first one I bought in 76.
  3. pharouh

    I want to build this

    I wanted one too,so I built this model. It's as close as I'll get to the real thing..
  4. pharouh

    Drawing of yours trucks or cars

    What was this thread about? Oh yeah - artwork. Here's a couple of mine I did years ago. Pencil on cheapass poster board.
  5. pharouh

    Doors from a Datsun 620 KC fit a regular cab?

    Thanks Mike!
  6. pharouh

    620 sheet metal?

    Man you are lucky. I've rarely taken a fender (guard to you) off without breaking at least a couple of bolts. And that's with liquid wrench,and being careful. Can't wait to see the pics.
  7. pharouh

    Doors from a Datsun 620 KC fit a regular cab?

    Have you measured the wheelbase on the flatbed? To me it almost looks like a longbed frame-110".
  8. pharouh

    Another question... any tips on removing the cab?

    Take the bolts off that hold the steering box to the frame,and that will let the column move up and down and side to side a little. Remove as much weight as you can from the cab.
  9. I saw this on another site and I thought you guys would like it. I want a 620 this size so I can put it in my living room. http://www.speedhunters.com/2013/07/browsing-toyotas-secret-15-scale-collection/
  10. pharouh

    1973 620 Glove Box Door Disasembly

    Yeah,it's not easy. I got one apart without destroying it. Probably couldn't do it again on a good one.
  11. pharouh

    Rear brake adjusters rusted

    Once again,Mike knows! That's what I had to do to mine. And make sure you put them back on the same wheel.
  12. pharouh

    1973 620 Glove Box Door Disasembly

    I have to fix mine too. I took one apart before. I believe the inner part is glued to the outer by the posts you mentioned. I heard somewhere about using a piece of black polyethylene (flexible) plastic or even rubber to replace the hinge. That's basically what the hinge is,and that's why it breaks after so many years.
  13. pharouh

    Do half dash caps work??

    I put a full dash cap on my because of the cracks. I had to trim around the glove box door and the gauge cluster. Follow the directions and clean the pad really good,and scuff the back of the cap. Use clamps,duct tape ,whatever it takes to hold it in place while the silicone cures. I had the dash out of the truck too,and it makes it easier. If I do it again,I would probably go with a half-cap. It's not going to fit perfect,but it looks better than cracks.
  14. pharouh

    worst motor YOU have ever pulled

    Here's one for ya. This was about 2 years ago. I bought a 620 without an engine on CL. Found an L-16 about 100 miles away. Guy said it was out of a 510 and of course"it was running when I pulled it" Right.... It had been sitting an a barn floor for 10 years,so the Transmission had a hole in it,the alternator was partially gone. Something in the dirt was dissolving the aluminum. The oil pan had a little hole. And of course it was stuck. Took it apart to find this. The first 2 cylinders had this sand-like stuff in it and part of exhaust valve was laying there. The first cylinder was stuck really good,but I finally got it loose.
  15. pharouh

    Leaving for vacation...in 24 hours. FUCK

    Ok,still about 1 1/2 hr drive. Not a whole lot to do in Indiana.

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