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  1. Str8_69

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    So come on and let me know
  2. Str8_69

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    Holy shit Lou, they let u back eh? How are ya? Hey Keith
  3. Str8_69

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    Looks like situation normal around here.. How all you fuckers been doing?
  4. Str8_69

    Posts.... Did You Know????

    Le golden hammer maybe?
  5. Str8_69

    Posts.... Did You Know????

    There's a site fulla banned Ratsun members? Ollz
  6. Rock it on breast cancer awareness day/month and score points with the ladies. And the man upstairs?
  7. Here's Bella mid-air catching her ball, this dog will do 360 back flips to get it, she'd make a great goalie.
  8. Now don't be such a negative nelly, maybe someone will listen. Or maybe,, uh.. well, I'll know where to find ya when yer gone.. :rofl:
  9. That was my first thought but I figured it goes without saying, really.
  10. Str8_69

    posting pics

    OK, Do NOT post pics of a body-dropped bagged 620 titled as a '70, or a 510 Limo, and you'll do fine. But you gotta post pics, and not leave us hanging. This is the rule.
  11. Str8_69

    Have you seen him?

    been wondering wtf was up with that guy, I think of him on occasion when I shift into 5th Get out fumunda yer rock, Skib
  12. Str8_69

    R.I.P Paul Newman August 25 '08

    Great guy, had the honor of meeting him at the IMSA races here back in the day, when you could walk around in the pits and check shit out. Most personable guy I ever met. Genuine article. RIP
  13. Why this is a big deal escapes me entirely other than the fact that everyone freaks the fuck out whenever China does anything even remotely modern. India has been the forerunner in Thorium energy utilization since the late 50's. China is still building their FIRST GODDAMN AIRCRAFT CARRIER. Hmmm, the worlds LARGEST industrial polluter is thinking about using Thorium as a clean(er) alternative power source which will most likely still be used in part with Plutonium. Well isn't that fucking marvelous? We should buy them a puppy and plant sunflowers in our yards, cuz it's all gonna be all right.
  14. Str8_69

    Favorite drink, besides beer.

    Arnie Palmer's Half and Half. MMmm good.

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