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Getting Married

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I know it's a bit off topic, lol, but I proposed to my gf of 4 years on sunday. Anyway, just wanted to share, lol. We've been together since high school, and have been living together for about 3 years, so I guess it's about time anyway. Plus she tolerates my datsun/nissan/toyota addiction, so I can't help but love her for that!


Anyway, just wanted to share :D.


The wedding is August, I'll post some pics, should be a large local nissan/datsun turn up at the reception!

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COngrats man! My wife and me just celebrated out 1st anniversary in January. No matter what anyone says, married wife is cool!




BTW, we were a high school couple also. Class of '97. Yea, we been together for a WHILE.

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congrats shane! i'm getting married April 26th. we have been together for 3 years now and have a 9 month year old boy. plus her daughter who is a little over 3 years old. it's coming up pretty quick. she is slowly learning to deal with my datsuns. i have 2 and she hasn't dumped me!

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Congrats to you both, I've been married for 35 years and my wife does not mind ALL the cars and 4 620 datto . their will be bumps in the road of life now and then but they get smooooother as it goes plus your building good times to remember later in the journey. Never forget to say every night B 4 you go to bed - even if your mad - eye luv u. OK now go do the rabbit habit. :D

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Thanks Ted. I wouldnt say Anice encourages my car habit, but she doesnt get too mad about it, except when I go on one of my "let's get it done" projects, and hang out in the garage every day after work for a few weeks :P. Who wouldn't get angry though, lol.

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I have been with the same woman for over 8 years and happily married for over 3.I am lucky that she sticks with me because I have never gave an inch as far as my hobbies and lifestyle.It takes a great woman to put up with it,but you will find that it will lead to a lot you will have to put up with as well.

Congrats and I wish you years of happiness.

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Congrats. I've been married for 26 years, My wife puts up with my car habit. She lets me hang with my boys, go racin when I want, I'm at my shop now doing a front cover gasket on the wagon.:D

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The only thing worse than being married is being single. :D


That really made me laugh!


Class of '90. Happily single. I'm on the road for work, so single for now. Been married and had a travel job - hence the single.

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been with her for 11 years and married for 2 she like it when i stay out in the shop for an hour or two after work my mood is so much better that way




oh and class of 88



Dang....maybe I should start doing that!!! She's certainly not the one holding my back from doing it(me been lazy!), but she's certainly the one that has to put up with my moods (friggin' work!!) :( I sure wish I could stand the taste of alcohol......I think work would go by sooooo much better if I could toss back a couple for breakfast!!! :)


Class of '82, 25yrs this June, and I blame Paula for starting the whole "Datsun thing"!! :)

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