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  1. fastdadd

    Project Binky - Turbo Charged 4WD Mini

    if you watch the new episode of skid factory they say that the bad obsession guys bought the bedford van
  2. fastdadd

    project fast-sunny

    ok i have the motor sitting in jack stands where i want it now i can start making the motor mounts
  3. fastdadd

    project fast-sunny

    i just got the second round of crossmember done.... my welding guy has a 510 wagon sitting in his garage and after looking at it the strut towers arean inch closer to the fire wall than the b210 towers
  4. fastdadd

    fastdadd 79 kc 620

    i just inherited a 1988 f-350 1 ton dually deisel and i want to make fix a few small things on it and i already have 7 cars so something needs to move...still have the b210 going on it looks like my son is going to buy it
  5. fastdadd

    fastdadd 79 kc 620

    i am thinking it is time to sell my truck
  6. fastdadd

    620 Land Speed Record

    cant wait to hear this thing run...
  7. fastdadd

    canby 2017 parts

    if not i have someone headed to apache junction sometime this summer
  8. fastdadd

    canby 2017 parts

    lets start talking about bring parts to trade,sell or buy at canby i have a 620 truck bed i will bring if someone wants it..pm me to talk about price also need a good working starter...lets talk
  9. fastdadd

    CANBY 2017 IT WILL BEE fun 'n stuff

    is there a parts thread for canby this year
  10. fastdadd

    project fast-sunny

    losing your job and needing to do something instead of mopping around
  11. fastdadd

    project fast-sunny

    if i wanted an l motor that would be awesome
  12. fastdadd

    project fast-sunny

    almost an update
  13. fastdadd

    newbie 77 620 build

    this truck is one of the cleanest i have seen..keep the plywood for when you haul stuff
  14. fastdadd

    620's UNITE !!!!!!!!!

    still have it

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