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  1. You just need to loose about a 150 pounds and it will stop rubbing on the driver side.
  2. Please tell me your going to shorten the steering column.
  3. Well it's good to know someone has my back. Fuck all you young little bitches. Yeah that is for rivdat620. I'll still kick your ass.
  4. I'll take it to Sema for ya ray.
  5. Again with the lies. You know that's only going to make you happy for a year at best. Then your going to want more power.
  6. So 50K in the truck 20K in the wagon 30K in the SSS... That's a 100K in rust...
  7. No I haven't... Because he doesn't have a bluebird wagon. He has a 510 wagon with bluebird emblems.
  8. This has to be the highest dollar amount ever spent on a 521 truck. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  9. What no Snap On pressure washer Mr Big Baller.....
  10. I look forward to seeing that badass Z.
  11. Yeah let's powder coat everything so it won't fit after. Are your balls powder coated?
  12. I think I might have one here at my shop. I thought it was for a wagon but the wagon axle is to small. So I'm thinking it might be for a truck.
  13. Hey Mark. Off topic but one of the previous owners of your wagon from Auzzy land was asking about your wagon on facebook. I sent him the link to ratsun. I'm sure he is gonna be surprised how badass your wagon is now.
  14. So now you have resorted to calling me names. I'm really hurt................... Oh wait no I'm not.
  15. Did you paint that fender with a roller or a brush?
  16. Mark. You are not alone. But I think your right it's a Calif problem. When I was in Arizona I put gas in without any issues. And your idea to fill from inside is not a terrible idea. I did it for quite a while before I put in the wood floor.
  17. Man you have some ugly pudgy ass hands tanker.
  18. Hey Mark. The wagon is lookin good. Are you ever going to take it out of the garage? And how you doin health wise??
  19. Damn!!!! Your a picky fucker..
  20. So pink velvet interior??? Looks good man.
  21. Hey FUCKER!!!!! I haven't been on here for a minute. Wagon looks fanfuckintastic...
  22. I say Ray gives you his tail lights. He is never going to make it to the fwy with them tires rubbing. And yes I have your wheels. Just let me know when you want them back.
  23. I don't see an order for you Mr Bigtanker. You must have ordered them from another vendor.
  24. Sorry guys. I get a little butt hurt when the quality of my work is questioned. I said from the start I would NOT make them like the OEM. Just get them as close as I could. And I did as I said I would do. I don't do this to get rich. I just did it for the Datsun community. Just trying to help a brother out. You can go on my facebook page and view the video. Or my IG acct williams_machine_inc they will run $15.00 each plus shipping.
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