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  1. I need the fenders! In Atlanta, anyone want to ship? Been neglecting my datsun since my fenders took a hit in a towing accident when moving. Really need these fenders to get back I. Track.
  2. Cool project! I have always wanted to do a big swap on my b210 but due to funds being short, I never have. I always got distracted by other cars. Is your car a A15? Good shape? I might be interested if the price is right. Let me know.
  3. My post office always has long lines. I did ship the wheels to hawaii today for $100. so it's hard to get an exact quote but i assume 10-255 bucks for things like consoles/ bigger pieces. and i have so 5/10 doller boxes for smaller parts.
  4. sent you a bunch of texts with pics of the 2 valences i have. it hard to say which is better.
  5. ship the door! that sounds crazy, but i will try. i got your messege, will call you tomorrow. Already had a pm about the console, i'll keep you posted.
  6. Heading to the post office tomorrow for shipping boxes. they have the "if it fits, it ships" boxes. i will organize, pull, and get shipping quotes for every part. If you want something shipped tomorrow, be sure to get with me here or on the phone.
  7. . Decent I'd say. I'll get a pic . Key matches, door handles are pretty good. . Headlight relay is gone.
  8. My poor little truck had a tree fall on it a while ago and its time to part it out. I am located West of Atlanta Ga, just a few miles from the city off of hwy 78. please contact at cbr210@live.com for fast responce or text/call at 404-713-0691 or here of course Anything is available, but i will touch on some of the better bits. Stock L18, always ran well. $150 for running engine, $100 for 4-speed, and $75 for the Weber carb with adaptor. Take the whole set up for $200. I Would rather do it like that. Nice early grill with headlight surrounds $50 decent front bumper with brackets, $50 orange lower valence $10 decent shape good passeger door $20 driver door is fine but window frame is completly ruined center console-no mounting brackets $20 Full set of original wheels with hubcaps $100 { i kinda want to keep these!} will throw in the original spare anything else just ask, will do good prices on small bits.
  9. I'll be there. My toyota is already at the shop. I might go get it, but most likely it will stay till the show. in fact if i could ride with you matt, i could drive my car home. Let me know. I think i have the day off tomorrow if you want to get those weels. I'll be in contact soon.
  10. Safety bumpers FTW! With this getting banged in front and back, you have to wonder how skinny bumpers would have fared. Glad everyone is OK.
  11. cool shit, i want at least half of that stuff. Even though its mostly goofy shit.
  12. CharlieBucket

    My S30

    DUde you don't need to be distracted by another! I'll take the new one! $275! good deal. You could sell the carb and header for that i bet. post some pics of the new one.
  13. CharlieBucket

    My S30

    You guys are really making me want a Z. I've had 3 but they all where rotten. I'll count the slots and let you know about the louvers. I feel like they have 8 slots maybe. Any way I am loving all the Z action up there.
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